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Sunday 26 January 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - Goodbye Hayley

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“How on earth do I condense Hayley’s death into a paragraph?” I’ve just wondered aloud.  How can we say goodbye to one of the most important fictional characters that UK TV has ever had? How do we say goodbye to Hayley?  A re-telling of events just doesn’t seem enough,  but needs must for the weekly update - and so here we go as I try my very best to keep the grief brief.

Hayley tells Roy it’s time for her to go. But Roy’s not ready and begs for just another day. “We could start today again, better,” he cries. “Tomorrow. Do today again, tomorrow.” But Hayley is insistent, she knows the time is right. “I said it was today and I meant it. Sorry. Waiting’s just making this harder.”  And with that, Roy helps her to the bedroom where she downs a lethal cocktail, telling Roy he must, under no circumstances, touch the glass or her drugs otherwise he’ll be implicated in her suicide and that would never do.  Now, I don’t know how the law stands on this so I’m not sure what’ll happen. But just when Hayley has passed and she’s lying on the bed next to Roy, Carla and Anna force their way into the flat to find the Croppers together, lying on the bed.  Was this done so that Carla and Anna can be called as witnesses to Hayley’s right-to-die suicide? I’m not sure.  But Carla and Anna soon realise that Hayley has taken her own life although they keep the news to themselves for now.  

As Roy tries to cope with the enormity of what’s happened to Hayley, and to him, his grief overtakes him. But instead of conforming to what Carla and Anna and everyone else on the Street expects him to do in his grief (cry, scream, go into denial) Roy does what he has always done when dealing with difficult situations. He goes on as normal as best as he can, while Carla and Anna try to hug him and fuss him. Roy doesn’t want any of this, but it’s not yet clear to him what he does need. Hayley’s left him a list of things to do to prepare for the funeral and he takes comfort in the order and precision of the list while being forced into organising Hayley’s funeral. “It’s what needs to happen,” says Fiz. “You need to do it for Hayley.”

In other news this week, Chesney asks Sinead to move in with him and she agrees.  When Beth gets wind of this she gets herself, Kirk, Craig and Darryl the rat invited to move in with them too. I don’t think it’s exactly what Chesney was expecting but it could turn out to be fun.

Rita’s not best pleased when Gloria and Dennis get their heads together again to organise another band night in the Bistro.  She’s feeling left out, is Rita and when she puts this to Dennis he replies that he often feels like a spare part between her and Norris too.

Homeless girl Maddie steals into Sally’s house through the back door to try to nick Sally’s watch.  Tim’s asleep on the sofa and he wakes up when Maddie walks in, so she wallops him and gives him a bloody nose. The cops are called but Maddie’s long gone and Tim lies through to his teeth about his attacker to the cops: “He were a big ‘un. Six foot. Strong, a big bloke.”

And finally this week, Nick and Leanne split up, which to this fan is of little consequence.  Of more interest is that fact that Nick’s moved back in with his mum.  And Gail’s delighted to have her golden boy back.

And that’s just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Joe Turner, Debbie Oates, Chris Fewtrell, Susan Oudot.  Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Anonymous said...

Great post!

Poor Roy.

I'm not sure Carla and Anna have been trying to hug Roy, though. I think they're just very worried about him and they don't want him to think that he's on his own for one second. It might not be what Roy wants but at least they are there for him and I'm not sure being on his own, is what he needs. I'm sure if they just left him to it, people would accuse them of not caring. So they can't win, really.

The Leanne and Nick stuff is dire. Even though they've split up, I suspect they are going to have the same scenes where they wonder if they should get back together or not, and I suppose Kal will decide he likes Leanne now, which will cause more problems for Nick.

I like Chesney and Sinead and David and Kylie winding Gail up is always funny.

I'm not enjoying Sophie's storyline, though but then it's early days.

Poor Rita can see what's happening with Dennis and Gloria. Feeling sorry for her already.

Anonymous said...

I thought that some time had passed between Hayley taking the drugs and Anna and Carla coming in. It had seemed to me that Roy had been lying there with Hayley for a while and that she had already died.

On the subject of Nick - so he just moved back into DAVID and KYLIE's house without asking THEM?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Rita and Dennis don't behave like lovers. Maybe they're not: Rita is 81 and Dennis is 72. Dennis may have been grateful at one time to have found a loving partner and home. Could be he wants more now, and Gloria can provide it.

Naturally, Corrie wants viewers to debate the ins and out of Hayley's death but I think we're in danger of analysing too much. Given the relationship between Hayley and Fiz, I'm convinced Hayley would have been open about her time being near, but wouldn't have spelt our her plan. But then we wouldn't have Fiz's anger about not saying goodbye, and Roy going off on his own. I do feel that sometimes we look for motivation and come up with answers amongst ourselves when events have been played in a certain way simply because it makes good TV.

Frosty the Snowman said...

So tiresome Nick who is supposed to be a succesful businessman and is not short of money and drives an expensive car moves out and where does he go - back to Gails without even a bye your leave, where there are already 3 adults and 2 small kids living and the sister in law he slept with and the brother that tried to kill him - just stupid and raking this tedium all up again. Just a
very boring merry go round I am afraid.

Anonymous said...

Will Nick sleep in the boxroom or the shed in the back yard?

Newfy Pearl said...

I think that Nick could have gone to a hotel for a night or two until he made other arrangements.
I agree that Hayley had been dead for a while.
Do not feel bad for Rita....remember she was in the habit of belittling Dennis as of late....I could not believe it when she referred to his homeless state!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it have made more sense for Nick to go to Audrey's? She has that big house all to herself. I'm assuming that she is no longer staying with Maria and Marcus, although that story seems to have dropped into a black hole.

Newfy Pearl said...

I know! And why did Audrey give Owen such a hard time about the amount of work that had to be done? I thought that was going to develop into something as well. lol

Rosie said...

I would have thought, under the circumstances, David and Kylie's house would be the last place on earth Nick would want to go! He should have gone to Audrey's. Tiring of this story now, but I don't think it's going to end any time soon.

Anonymous said...

When Nick claimed that he was a different person now, I laughed out loud. He's just the same, except he shouts a bit now and again. This storyline is utterly tedious and when he turned up at his mother's/David and Kylie's strayed into incredulity.

Anonymous said...

Not only did Nick not ask David and Kylie whether he could move into their house, he didn't speak to them at all, or even look at them.

Anonymous said...

I think Nick has the hots for Kylie but just won't admit it.

Anonymous said...

Nick most definitely should have gone either to a B&B or Audrey's. The idea of him living under the same roof with Kylie and David (without their permission) is just outrageous! Let's hope he finds somewhere else to live very, very soon.

Confused said...

Anonymous said...
Not only did Nick not ask David and Kylie whether he could move into their house, he didn't speak to them at all, or even look at them.
26 January 2014 20:58

There was one point where Nick was crossing the room and gave David a look that seemed to say what are you doing here.
And I can't believe Gail still thinks the house is hers and she can invite Nick to stay.
If David and Kylie didn't need a baby sitter they should throw her out.
And aren't all three of them working so who is minding the baby?

Anonymous said...

If it isn't safe for Nick to be around Simon, why is it okay for him to live in the same house as Max and the baby?


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