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Sunday 26 January 2014

Corrie weekly awards, January 20 - 24

Perfect Present award: Roy bought Hayley a model of the pump car from the wedding day.

Performance Perfection award: Not only was Julie Hesmondhalgh's goodbye scenes superb, but David Neilson's performances the whole week were unsurpassable.

Tribute award: The workers decorated Hayley's machine with lace and pretty things. Nice.

Futile award: It's so difficult for Nick and Leanne and he's right, they really did try but it seems futile at this point.

Pay it Forward award: Chesney reckons it's time to give back after relying on others to help him all his life. Bless.

Ninja Award: Tim went from sleeping to quicker than a ninja grabbing Maddie's hand.

Decorating WTF? award: That lampshade of Nick and Leanne's is creepy. It's watching you!

Lines of the Week:
Gloria: "Suppress a man's passion and it just might pop up somewhere else." Rita "If anything pops up, I'll give it a whack with me handbag"
Anna to Gloria: "But I shouldn't push it because you'll be getting another gesture and it won't have anything to do with good will"
Roy: "There's still joy to be had! Why turn your back on it?" (gulp)
Roy: "Goodnight.. my love"
Katy about Joseph: "He was that loud I thought he'd wake the dead" (oops, but then, life goes on)
Dennis to Norris: "You have got the wrong end of the stick so many times, you wouldn't know the right end if I poked you in the eye with it"
Leanne: "Why should I feel better because someone else is in more pain?"
Roy: "I should have stopped her!"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Tired of it now award: Nick with his ‘pained’ face and hunched shoulders wallowing in self pity Why isn’t he getting any counselling over this brain injury?. Leanne and her constant sucking a lemon face, now they are set to break up for the THIRD time – who cares????

Morphing into another character award: Beth started off as a good character and she proved popular so was made into a permanent character. Now she is just sneering and unpleasant and is even looking like the horrific Cilla. Now she wants to bulldoze herself rent free into Chesney’s house just like she did with Marcus and Maria – yawn – change the record writers.

Butt out award: I know everyone wanted to help but really, Fizz lisping in that silly voice to the bereaved Roy – that everything THEY wanted was right, had Frosty shouting at the telly. Roy was Hailey’s next of kin so it’s up to HIM! Sheesh!!

Pointless character of the week award: Silly little Katie with her ridiculous Cuprinol tan, not sure why she is there apart from to replace the actress who plays Tina in the good looking girl stakes. Difference is that Tina can act.

Creepy award: Phelan, anyone with half a brain could see he is bad news. Surprised Owen has been taken in a he is usually pretty on the ball. Another big story with the tiresome Windbag clan for us all to look forward to then!

Anonymous said...

Let's do this again: How tiresome was it watching Leanne and Nick go through the same scene yet again. It's dead, over, kaput - bury it and move on already.
And the point is? Maddie - already under my skin. I couldn't give a rat's about her and Sophie's blossoming romance. Sophie's character needs an overhaul - preferably a scene written in where she leaves for another country to do missionary work.

Humpty Dumpty said...

We could be due for another Nick/Leanne reconciliation in a few months' time. Nick will be further along the road to recovery and Peter will have gone, meaning Simon needs a father surrogate. If that's the case, can it be please be the end of this on/off story.

Katie and Sophie are simply not interesting enough. I already leave the room when Tracy is on; looks like I'll hardly be in there from now.

abbyk said...

Resistance is Futile: refusing to go to therapy and then saying I'm never going to be nice again please divorce me. What drivel! Nick, if you have time for a gym trainer but your real problem is emotional, guess what, you have time for psychologist.

And everything Frosty said!

Anonymous said...

I missed a lot of the Nick and Leanne breakup scene. I couldn't tear my eyes away from that lampshade. What were they thinking?

Anonymous said...

Why are the writers not bringing up the advantages of regular therapy at a brain injury clinic? This could help viewers who have no idea what or where they could get help.


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