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Friday 31 January 2014

Top 50 Corrie Couples - Nos. 42 and 41

42. Ray Langton and Deirdre Hunt/Langton, 1975-1978 (24 votes)

When Deirdre Hunt arrived on the cobbles in 1973, she was hired by Len Fairclough and Ray Langton as a secretary in their builder’s yard. Romantically, she became involved with publican son Billy Walker, much to the annoyance of his mother Annie. By 1974, they were engaged but Billy fled to Jersey in 1975, leaving Deirdre on her own. She found comfort in her boss Ray. Although Deirdre’s mother Blanche disapproved their relationship, they married the same year.

Ray quickly found out that his wife wasn’t the quiet and submissive type and she wasn’t afraid to stand up to him. In 1977, Deirdre gave birth to Tracy and they moved into N°5. Their wedded bliss didn’t last long as Deirdre was sexually assaulted under the viaduct and she contemplated suicide. Ray didn’t believe that she wasn’t raped and this damaged the marriage, so much that Ray had an affair with Janice Stubbs. Deirdre found out and struggled to forgive him, and when he was offered a job in Holland, she refused to join him. He left and only returned in 2005 to make amends with her and Tracy before he died of stomach cancer.

Did you remember Ray and Deirdre as a couple? Should they be at 42?

41. Alan Howard and Elsie Tanner/Howard, 1969-1973 (25 votes)

After two failed marriages and a long string of men, Elsie Tanner met Alan Howard in 1969. Fancying his chances, Alan hired her as manageress in his newly opened hair salon. Although uninterested at first, Elsie agreed to a date. After many dates, Elsie married Alan in 1970. But the marriage was fraught with financial difficulties – Alan’s mainly. She found a rival in Janet Reid who tried to start a relationship with Alan, but Elsie saw her off.

The marriage was tested in 1972 when Alan started drinking heavily. Elsie feared that he was an alcoholic after he nearly burned the house down after sleeping with a cigarette in his hand. Alan sobered up and recovered. In 1973, Elsie heard that son Dennis was in prison and, ashamed to admit to Alan, went to London under the pretence she was visiting old friend Sheila Crossley. In London, Elsie was knocked down by a taxi and when Alan went down to identify her, he suspected her of having an affair. Later that year, the Howards left for Alan’s native Newcastle. Elsie returned alone in 1976, now separated from Alan and divorced him in 1978.

Do you remember Alan and Elsie as a couple? Should they be at 41?

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1 comment:

70sStreetFan said...

Slightly surprised that both of these couples are relatively low. Can only put it down to many current fans not being around in the 70s when these were two of the most interesting partnerships in the show. Always thought that Ray was more suited to Deirdre than Ken.


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