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Tuesday 28 January 2014

Top 50 Corrie Couples - Nos. 48 and 47

48. Jason Grimshaw and Sarah Platt/Grimshaw, 2005-2007 (15 votes)

Although they’d had a schooldays fling, they embarked on a real relationship in 2005, after Jason was dumped by Violet Wilson. The relationship didn’t please Eileen or Gail as Sarah had already had a failed relationship with Jason’s brother Todd. Sarah’s insecurity about Jason’s relationship with Violet was an early problem with Sarah dumping him in the Rovers. But, determined to be with her, Jason proposed. The wedding was a disaster as Jason jumped through a toilet window.

But they reconciled and despite David’s sabotaging and scheming, they married on Halloween 2007. But by the end of the year, the marriage was over as Jason decided not to join Sarah and Bethany in Milan when Sarah was offered a job there by her uncle Stephen Reid.

Should Sarah return and put a spanner in the relationship of Jason and Eva? Should the Grimshaws be at 48?

47. Harry Hewitt and Concepta Riley/Hewitt, 1960-1964, 1967 (15 votes)

Considering it’s 50 years since they were in the show as regulars, I’m surprised the Hewitts received 15 votes! I’m glad some older viewers read this blog.

After wife Lizzie was killed in a road accident in 1959, Harry found himself a widower and a single father to Lucille. He put Lucille in an orphanage but by the end of 1960, she returned to the street. Coincidentally, Irish barmaid Concepta Riley returned to Weatherfield after spending some time in Ireland and began a relationship with Harry. He proposed to her in Blackpool and the couple married in 1961. Harry didn’t settle down easily into his second marriage with arguments and his choice of drinking with old pal Len Fairclough rather than spending time with his new wife.

Soon enough, Concepta fell pregnant and Christopher was born in 1962. Christopher was kidnapped on the Hewitts’ first anniversary by Joan Akers but was saved by Elsie Tanner. By 1964, Concepta was worried for Christopher’s health and wished to move to Ireland. Although reluctant and first, Harry agreed and they emigrated. Lucille refused and moved in with the Walkers at the Rovers. Harry and Concepta returned for Elsie’s wedding to Steve Tanner in 1967 but Harry was crushed when a car jack gave way, leaving Concepta widowed.

Should the Hewitts be at 47? Would you like to see Concepta return to the street for a visit?

Check out who was at 50 and 49.

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Rosie said...

Yes of course Sarah should come back, she should have come back a long time ago, with all the problems the Platt family have had its inconceivable that she hasn't visited. Her daughter has never met her mothers family. I think the writers have painted themselves into a corner with this one, they've left it far too long, there must be a load of suitable pretty blondes out there to take on the role.

Newfy Pearl said...

I liked Sarah with Jason...never a dull moment. I felt that pairing him with Rosie Webster was a close second but I would love to see Sarah come back and shake up the street. lol

NZ Coro Junkie said...

Didn't the actress who played Sarah have a messy, Tabloid-frenzied, break-up with the actor who plays Jason? While that could lend itself to some explosive life-imitates-art onscreen dynamics, I'm not sure how it would go down in the green room.

Newfy Pearl said...

NZ Coro Junkie....a lot of people have loud breakups that quiet down in time....


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