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Friday 24 January 2014

No more nasty Norris?

A year or so I wrote a blog post about how it seemed that Norris had gone from being a comedic busybody to a nasty piece of work.

I've noticed lately that we finally seem to be seeing the nicer part of Norris again. Especially concerning Roy and Hayley.

The Norris of 2012 would have likely made some dig in the Rovers when the news had broken about Hayley's death, but he came across as genuinely sad about her passing.

Tonight we saw him questioning Dennis how he usually does, but this time he came across as concerned for Rita, instead of just trying to cause trouble between Rita and Dennis.

With Dennis soon leaving, I'm hoping we get to see some more of the classic Norris and Rita scenes.

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Llifon said...

I noticed that as well. I think we're getting glimpses of the old Norris.

I had to agree with Dennis about being left out - Rita knows now how it feels. But I feel that Norris and Rita have got a better relationship than Rita and Dennis.

Billy Niblick said...

The end of Norris's nastiness? I do hope so. The nasty stuff from Norris, much like Tracy, made no logical sense. I remember being particularly annoyed at the way he treated his poor brother, Manuel.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if Rita and Norris finally became romantically involved after Dennis leaves. Give both of them a reason to cheer up and maybe do something with the time they have left. Travel, see the world, take up a new hobby together. Goodness knows one of the may un/underemployed on the Street could mind the shop.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I felt Norris was actually being considerate tonight, too! Even on Monday and Wednesday, I felt he was not being the usual jerk. I hope they re-evolve him back to a comedic busy body, as you say. I think they pushed the character over too much with Mary and got stuck getting him out of it.

Sunny Jim said...

I hope you're right but the 2 recent examples aren't neccesarily an indicator of the future.

Norris & Hayley have been dance partners in the past and so his sadness would be genuine. And when it comes to Rita, I'm sure he still holds a candle for her and so is always protective towards her.

Mad Hatter said...

Well, remember a few months ago when he gave Roy some dancing lessons in order to prepare him for his trip to Blackpool with Hayley knowing it would mean the world to him? I must say I am glad they aren't just reverting to a one dimensional nasty busybody.

Although I must say Rita is really bugging me right now, especially when she made fun of Dennis for being homeless about a month or two back.

Newfy Pearl said...

I think we can chalk up Norris' nasty spell to being jealous of Rita with Dennis. Hayley's death could have softened him. (Awww...that's better because I like Norris and love the hard outside soft in the middle Norris.)
As for Dennis feeling left out with Rita and Norris...glad it was said out loud. Now if he would only add the - you talk down to me, you make me feel like a misbehaving lad, a piece of dirt you just stepped in, etc.
I do not feel bad for Rita. She has been so nasty to Dennis as of late...saying things the old Rita would never have said to anyone!
If we have to lose Dennis (who I do like) then I hop he leaves with Gloria...teach Nasty Rita a lesson. Then I can accept her taking comfort from Norris who she should have been with all along. :-)

Humpty Dumpty said...

It just shows the power of the pen. I can't abide total personality transplants but, done sensitively, characters can be rescued. I hope Norris is rescued with some good writing in the way that Deirdre has. Too many of the characters have been chucked on the 2-D character heap.

A bit off topic, but the writing was lazy in parts on Friday. There were two instances where someone needed accommodation and was subjected to teasing before being allowed to stay: Gail & co, and Beth & co.

Anonymous said...

Norris has always been in love with Rita - it's written all over his face. I'm sure he'll be the one to stand by her when Dennis bogs off with Gloria. I hope they don't tone him down too much though - he's the neighborhood busy-body - we all have one of those.


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