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Monday 27 January 2014

Top 50 Corrie Couples - Nos. 50 and 49

With thanks to everyone who voted in all of our polls here on the Coronation Street Blog over the last few weeks as we aimed to find out some of your favourite Corrie couples of all time. And now... the poll results in reverse order.

50. Karl Munro and Stella Price/Munro, 2011-2013 (7 votes)

The fact that this couple is at the bottom poll is a clear sign that fans didn’t take to them!

Karl and Stella moved into the Rovers when Stella became the manager. Karl then got a job as a cabby at Streetcars. They later bought the pub from Steve when he was in financial trouble. Karl then later developed a gambling addiction, which included stealing from Stella and the pub profits and was helped by Sunita Alahan, who he then had an affair with. They were found out and Stella kicked Karl out of the Rovers and he moved in with Sunita, who he really only saw as a bit of fun.

He then attempted to woo Stella back – he started a fire at the Rovers and blamed Stella’s boyfriend Jason. But it backfired – Stella was in the pub – he thought she was out! A panicked Karl ran into the fire and saved Stella. Fearing Sunita was going to expose him, he finished her off at hospital. Stella saw Karl as her hero and fell back in love with him and planned to marry. They married but after the wedding Karl was found out as a killer and arsonist. He kept Stella hostage in the Rovers but was later arrested and jailed. Stella was left humiliated and heartbroken.

Should they be in bottom place? Were you a fan?

49. David Barlow and Irma Ogden/Barlow, 1964-1968 (12 votes)

Considering it’s 46 years since they last appeared together, it’s incredible that David and Irma received 12 votes!

Different to his brother Ken, David only married once – to Stan and Hilda Ogden’s daughter Irma. They first met in 1964 when David was visiting the street. Fun-loving Irma was flattered by David’s interest in her and when he proposed to her, she gladly accepted. David wanted a quiet wedding and convinced Irma not to tell anyone. But they were found out and surprised them by showing up at their reception. David soon retired from his career as a footballer due to injury and Irma convinced him to buy the corner shop from Lionel Petty.

Irma later fell pregnant but suffered a miscarriage and this put pressure on their marriage as Irma was convinced that she would never have children. By 1968, David had grown tired of the shop and when he was offered to join a football team in Australia, as his leg was better, he jumped at the chance. Although reluctant at first, Irma agreed and they emigrated, selling the shop to Les and Maggie Clegg. Irma gave birth to Darren the same year. In 1970, they became involved in a car crash and David and Darren were killed. Irma returned to the UK, a widow and childless.

Do you remember them running the Corner Shop?

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