Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 29 January

ROY STRUGGLES TO KEEP IT ALL TOGETHER Roy remains inscrutable as Suzie the celebrant visits to discuss Hayley’s funeral.  Fiz is worried when he finally erupts and bemoans how everything has to be how Hayley wanted; she even scheduled her own death. Feeling completely at sea, can he bring himself to attend Hayley’s funeral?
STELLA TURNS HER ATTENTION TO KAL Stella’s impressed as Dev and Kal work on their business plan for the gym and Kal’s left amused when Dev gets tongue-tied in his attempt to pay Stella a compliment.
SOPHIE CONFRONTS MADDIE Sophie and Maddie row when Maddie demands the £50 Sophie promised her and Sophie’s left curious when Maddie admits she needs the money to help her little brother, who’s worse off than she is.
ELSEWHERE Kylie tells Nick he needs to stop feeling sorry for himself and Beth gets her job back.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Not more of the skanky Maddie - a repulsive character brought in for a boring and tiresome character. Who cares about either of them? I dont quite know what the writers are thinking.

Zagg said...

Could not agree more Frosty. This is a horrible story line with horrible characters. I don't understand why the writers think that a "Maddie" could endear herself to the public. She is a nightmare. Should all of her despicable actions be excused because of a bad background? Stuff that. I do not care. They chose the worst character on the show to showcase in a big story. Boo Hiss.Sloppie Webster should either leave the show or always be a background character. She is just not interesting and let's face it...her acting is pretty second rate.

Anonymous said...

You all kept forgiving David and Becky for their ban behaviour and Becky was a skank as well what's the difference

Anonymous said...

Maddie and Sophie - I see ratings dropping.

Anonymous said...

Could they not have created a more interesting character than Maddie? A blind person, someone with a missing limb, someone with mental health or body image issues, someone who'd recently been released from jail? Something, anything more interesting than this character?

Anonymous said...

I wish they would get rid of Eileen, Sophia, Peter Barlow,Carla, Shawn, Marcus. There's nothing interesting about them. All their story lines are boring.

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