Monday, 27 January 2014

Listen: Interview with Coronation Street Story Associate

A little while ago, we had an exclusive interview with Coronation Street Story Associate Furquan Akhtar.  You can read all about him here and find out what he does on our favourite show.

Now, Furquan's been interviewed on BBC Radio Manchester.  He talks about his work as a Story Associate on Corrie, what he does and how he does it.  It's very interesting stuff indeed.  He says there are 18 current writers on Corrie and he has to remind himself it's not real life!

Furquan reveals a little about the new Muslim family that will be joining Coronation Street too.

You can listen to the interview here.  Furquan comes in around the 44 minutes mark.

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Anonymous said...

He didn't say how many Story Associates there are, and their ages and genders. I'd like to know because sometimes it seems like the plotlines are created by a bunch of shallow teenagers with no life experience.

Barrie.T said...

I think he said there were 6 story associates but i totally agree, it does seem like the story ideas are coming from young people with no life experience and no prior knowledge of corries history. It's a shame

Anonymous said...

I heard 6 too, but I wasn't clear on whether that was the total or the number for each storyline. If it's 6 in total then perhaps they need more, or they need to find another source for story ideas. Six doesn't seem enough to come up with story ideas, as well as shape and develop the plots for each story arc, with all the ins and outs required. No wonder so many plotlines are full of holes and mistakes, and some seem to get dropped in mid-telling. It also would explain the apparent recycling of old plots, or those from other soaps.
I wonder how the current methods compare to how things were done when Tony Warren was writing for the show, especially now that there are 5 episodes a week, compared to the original 2.

Zagg said...

It definitely seems that this group of Story Associates must be young, inexperienced and lack knowledge of real Corrie history and characters. They just keep jamming the cheating stories down our throats and making the characters so unlikeable or just plain stupid.

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