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Tuesday 21 January 2014

Tinker family move into Coronation Street

Great news for fans of Beth Tinker, her son Craig and his rat Darryl.  It looks like we're going to be seeing a lot more of them as they're moving in with Chesney and Sinead. 

They're currently living in a flat in Victoria Street and will be moving to Coronation Street soon.

Yes, the Tinker twosome along with Kirk are moving in with Chesney and Sinead, says Inside Soap magazine.

The mag says that Chesney agrees to let Sinead's family move in as Sinead's aunty Beth is out of work and skint.  The Tinkers turn up on Chesney's doorstep laden down with their belongings - and Craig's pet rat.

Can anyone remember who actually owns the house?  I recall it was a housing association house when Les and Cilla lived there.  Any updates on this most appreciated, Corrie fans!

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Tvor said...

As far as I know it's still rented from the council. When Don Brennan died, it was taken back by the bank and sold to the council and the BAttersbys rented it. Nobody's actually bought it since then. I wonder if Fiz changed the rental once she moved out? I can't imagine where they're going to put everyone in a 2 bedroom house esp. when Joseph is there overnight too.

Rosie said...

Great news, love all the tinkers! But... How many bedrooms are in that little terrace? There isn't even a separate front room. I thought those houses were two up two down! Maybe during the move to new premises they increased the size of all the homes to four beds!

Anonymous said...

I love Kirk and Craig but Beth... she needs to dial it down and keep her opinions to herself. She is starting to act a lot like Cilla a character I intensely disliked. Having said that I am watching in Canada where in last night's eppie she said some very cruel and insensitive things. Hopefully she will keep her mouth shut!

Frostty the Snowman said...

I like the Tinkers, especially R'Craig but they need to tone Beth down a bit or she will soon just become annoying.

Joseph said...

Now that's the best news I've had Corrie-wise for a while.

I agree that they need to tone Beth down a bit though. They are overdoing it a little. Just have her apologise to Carla for the whole machine debacle or something, that might help.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Beth at all. IMO just another big mouth on the street who thinks the world owes her something. New character material badly needed. There are enough beyotches on the street as it is. Tone her down a bit.

Anonymous said...

Beth screeching the odds in the middle of the Street at Carla, whinging on about how she's out of work due to her cruel boss (when Carla was sat nearby in the Rovers) was just ridiculous! How on Earth can anyone we're supposed to take seriously as an adult behave like that and expect to get her job back. She needs to swallow her pride ASAP, especially when she learns of Hayley's death and sees the impact on Carla. Otherwise, she's just another Cilla and we don't need that!

NZ Coro Junkie said...

Er, does anyone remember a character called Vera? She was as gobby as Beth (as soft as marshmallow underneath too). And she was probably 20x more OTT than Beth is! Lucky we didn't have fan forums back in the day, otherwise she might have remained just the loud-mouthed machinist next to Ivy who made the odd cameo appearance.

Me, I'm loving Beth . I thought for a while that she was just another walking caricature like Cilla, but she put those doubts to bed during the Craig/Karl story.

Let's hope she gets a job behind the bar at the Rovers next :)


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