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Friday 24 January 2014

Behind the scenes at Coronation Street with Amy Kelly

The official Coronation Street site have released a behind the scenes video with Amy Kelly, who plays Maddie Heath.

She roams around the new set and studios talking about what it's like being the new girl and what's in store for her character in the coming episodes.

There is some lovely footage of Amy in make-up, her dressing room and wardrobe, poor thing only has one costume, and some excellent shots of the Webster house indoors and the set outdoors.

Sorry, but it's probably not available to overseas Corrie fans.

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Zagg said...

I despise her character and story line already. I was totally turned off with her pushing Sally's face in the food on Christmas Day. It was disgusting...especially when Sophie I Can Not Act Webster laughed. Yeah, yeah people will say it's pretentious Sally and she kinda deserved it, was her mother. Who does that?
I don't give a furry rat's behind what her back story is. Thankfully we record Corrie so she and Sloppie Webster are on permanent fast forward.
I am so disappointed that they have chosen to give a big storyline to these two Snipey Sisters. My level of disinterest is astronomical.Do they think their biggest audience is 15 year olds? Once again, they have gotten it WRONG.

Anonymous said...

Zagg, I totally agree with your comment.
I inwardly groan when I see spoilers involving these two, and I cannot stand Sophie, did the writers think the pie in the face slapstick was at all humourous?
Yes, probably to a ill-behaved or wanna be youngster sat squealing in delight, and for me, couldn't care less what happens next in the friendship of these two; yawn.

Chewy said...

I don't mind Maddie, obviously we've only really seen the bad side to the character so far, but remember when Becky was just that homeless friend of Kelly's too?

Unknown said...

I disagree with anonymous and zagg. It is good to have some thing exciting every now and then. Sophie Webster can act otherwise she wouldnt be on the show. Give them time.

Laura said...

I agree with Zagg totally. How do you get romantically involved with someone who not only robbed your mother, but the blackmails you for the return of the stolen watch, and then enters your house illegally to steal the item again, and assaulting Tim in the process? What a joke this is! Horrible storyline in my opinion.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Yep she and the story certainly are vile but before you know it this skank will be given the usual job at faktray and become one of the community. Just what message does this tripe send out? Repugnant.

Newfy Pearl said...

I too am disgusted. If Sally was to get a pie in the face it would have been funny from a cast member who has history with her.
For an upstart to come in out of nowhere and do was unacceptable.
I hate that some people are brought in with such outrageous behaviour and we are supposed to be gullible enough to welcome them in. They compared her to Becky....remember when Becky came in?
She was 'friends' with Kelly Crabtree. You felt bad for her because she was from the wrong side of the tracks, no breaks in life, genuinely cared for Kelly and Kelly treated her like dirt. That was a likeable character....not this shoved-down-your-throat character who is to be a mate for a character we don't really like to begin with!
Sorry for rant....but thanks for letting me have a place to do so. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Becky set Kelly up and she was arrested because Kelly didn't want to have anything to do with her - she ended up with a criminal record. Becky was a thief, liar, drug dealer and stole money after the tram crash to buy her equally brain damaged sister's kid. Then, she bops Steve and after a month or so, he, out of the blue, gives her an alibi and proclaims his undying love for her. What a load. St. Becky? I don't think so.
I am also not looking forward to another gobby mare on the street. If someone had assaulted my mum like that, I'd have put a few of her teeth out, not stand there smirking like some 5 year old. The character of Sophie has a lot of growing up to do. She's really a nasty piece of work - the two near death experiences she had over the past couple of years taught her nada. She's selfish, judgmental and cruel - especially to her mum. I'll be skipping this little romance - thanks.

Newfy Pearl said...

Correction Anonymous....Becky and Kelly originally met in jail. So she already had a criminal record. It was this past association that Kelly wanted no part of...she was ashamed of knowing Becky and treated her cruelly.

Newfy Pearl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barrie.T said...

For overseas viewers you can see it on you tube at this link

Or search for "behind the scenes with amy kelly, get to know maddie"


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