Friday, 24 January 2014

Gary Windass to kill Pat Phelan?

Corrie producer Stuart Blackburn has already alluded to a "massive" storyline for Anna and Owen.  Stuart revealed that just when it looks like their family fortunes have completely turned around and they may finally make something of themselves - it doesn't go to plan.

He said something will happen that will change Anna's life forever.

Well, thanks to today's Daily Star, we can tell you a bit more about this storyline with a Coronation Street spoiler.  The Star says that Gary goes after Phelan after discovering he has made a string of sexual advances to his mum Anna, leaving her petrified.

Things get out of hand between Gary and Phelan and Gary is convinced he has killed him.

Debbie Rush, who plays Anna says: "I think it goes through the whole of the year. Anna has a horrible time and it gets worse. The Windasses think it's going to be amazing. They think they're going to have an amazing year ahead, but they don't! Anna is very vulnerable, but she's very solid on the front and she's very protective. We see her being very protective with Roy, with her family, her children and with Owen.  While she's busy being strong and trying to hold everything together, everything fractures more and more around her. Anna would go to the ends of the earth to protect her family, and that's what we'll see."

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if this storyline has got something to do with Tina's exit. I know Peter, Carla, Tracy and Rob are supposedly involved but Tina's very much involved with the Windass/Armstrongs too.

abbyk said...

So not interested unless it becomes the Big Windass Armstrong Exit story.

Mary said...

Well before they start on this story line what happened to the Faye story?? I saw her in the police station admitting that she bullied Simon and that was it. Where is she?? What happened to the horrible Grace? Did she get her comeuppance or what? You know, this kind of thing is absolutely stupid - to just stop a story before questions have been answered. One would think that they just got fed up with the story and dropped it like a hot potato. I wanted revenge in a big way. I wanted to see Grace - well I don't know what I wanted but something, anything would do as long as it was satisfying to me. I didn't get my sit back on the chesterfield with a very loud satisfying "YES" serves her right the little witch.

Chewy said...

I'm glad this storyline is leading to a different place than I thought it was, I reckoned Phelan was just going to do a runner with the money.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Not looking forward to more of the Windbags either. So Phelan who has a trophy wife lusts after lank haired plain not overly bright and very annoying Anna? Hm only in soapland.

Anonymous said...

Please, not another murder!

Anonymous said...

Coronation Street has become a very dangerous place.

In its first 4 decades there were 7 murders. From 2001 to 2013, there have been 12 murders, with 2 more coming up in 2014. Time for some sort of official inquiry, I should think.

For those interested in the details:

Steve Tanner

Lynn Johnson
Ernest Bishop
Brian Tilsley
1995 Samir Rachid
Tony Horrocks
Jez Quigley
Patricia Hillman
Maxine Peacock
Tommy Harris
Charlie Stubbs
Liam Connor
Robbie Sloane
Colin Fishwick
Charlotte Hoyle
Joy Fishwick
Frank Foster
Toni Griffiths
Sunita Alahan
Tina McIntyre
Pat Phelan

Anonymous said...

Haha. Excellent comment anonymous. It would be good as an actual blog. Including this year, there will have been 9 murders in 5 years. And people joke about Midsomer Murders. At least that has murders in the title.

Newfy Pearl said...

How explosive is the Tina murder going to be? With another one already planned I see it watered down already. Please! Give the viewers some credit Corrie writers.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see they're doing something with Gary other than having him take a back seat to Anna, Owen, Izzy and the ever annoying Katie - who, by the way serves no purpose other than to push Joseph around and give business advise to her father. She must have gone to the same business school as Michelle - you know - the one that requires zero credentials and you're top of your class. Anyway, Mikey N. is too good of an actor to have him wasted on meager storylines.
I there one family on the street that hasn't had a family member killed? If he does kill Pat, I hope he gets away with it. Why not? Tracy did. Why doesn't Gary do away with her too?

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