Sunday, 26 January 2014

Australia Day! Exciting news for Coronation Street fans in Oz

Here's some exciting news for Coronation Street fans in Australia.  With thanks to our friend Nick who has sent us this news today, on Australia Day!

See also: Coronation Street's Australian connections.

From May 1 2014,  UKTV in Australia will bring fans Coronation Street just one and a half weeks after the show is broadcast in the UK.

To catch up, Australian fans can enjoy more of the latest twists and turns with UKTV screening
double episodes weekly throughout February-April.

Coronation Street will kick off double episodes each week night at 7pm from February 10 until March 16.

7:00pm Monday – Friday: Coronation Street
7:30pm Monday – Friday: Coronation Street

7:00pm Monday – Friday: Coronation Street

Tim Christlieb, Head of Channels at BBC Worldwide Australia and New Zealand, commented ‘We’re delighted to be bringing loyal followers right up to date with the latest storylines from the UK. And what better way to catch-up than by treating fans to double helpings through February, March and April.”

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Anonymous said...

Not everyone has pay tv (Foxtel) so it's a waste of time mentioning it.

njblas said...

Cheer up Anonymous! You can still enjoy older episodes free to air on 7TWO. This news certainly isn't a waste of time to the many viewers who do have Foxtel, where Corrie is one of the top rating programs. They wouldn't be bothering to bring us up to date if it didn't have a huge following.

Poida Pete said...

Wow! This is AWESOME news! I've always read what is coming up in the UK, regardless of spoilers, so to know that it'll only be a week and a half difference is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Pity New Zealand isn't getting the same... We're 2 years behind.

njblas said...

It's terrible, in this day and age, that the TV station in NZ has let Coronation Street get so far behind - they only show 4 episodes each week. Shame on them - a few years ago, NZ was closer to UK screen dates than either Canada or Australia. Now it's so far behind it's ridiculous - especially given its continuing popularity!

Barrie.T said...

Thats great news for us that do have Foxtel. Last Thursday Corrie was No:1 in the pay tv ratings so it is definately the most watched show on Australian pay tv as well as the most watched soap on pay tv. I only wish it was shown earlier as once all the regular shows start for the year (the voice, my kitchen rules, the block) less people will watch as these shows start at 7.30pm and get close to 2 million viewers. Corrie & EE should start at 6.30 & 7.00.

Anonymous said...

But Barrie you could get IQ and record it. I never watch anything on Foxtel while its actually airing - the adverts shit me to tears!

Anonymous said...

Sad news this morning - 19 Sept 2014: free-to-air Seven Two announced that it was the last episode of Corrie they would be broadcasting. Even though we are only up to October 2006, with Claire just home from hospital, it's still nice to actually be able to see & hear the actors! Unfortunately can't afford Foxtel.

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