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Saturday 18 January 2014

What will be Corrie's next big storyline?

I'm sure we're all dreading next Monday evening. Coronation Street is about to lose one of its most normal, thoroughly decent, thoughtful characters of recent years. The moral centre of Weatherfield is about to be seriously depleted. We all know Hayley is leaving us once and for all and we've known it for some time. It just doesn't get any easier.

Certainly the next few days at least will be dominated, quite rightly, with praise for Roy and Hayley's storyline and the actors involved. However, what of Corrie once this long running, heartrending story is over? I know the effects of Hayley's death on Roy will continue on screen for some time to come and that will be painful and yet impossible not to watch. 

But what of Corrie as a whole, what will be the next big attention grabber?

The Platt family have dominated screen time for well over a year now and although David and Kylie are back together (remarkably quickly given the depths to which they both sank), Nick and Leanne are still in a pit of despair. Jane Danson is always superb but I for one have reached my limit when it comes to her stomping moodily through the Bistro. Stella is also doing her interfering mother bit again, she'll obviously never learn. And as for Gloria and her acidic little remarks, one can only hope someone's fist eventually lodges itself in her irritating clack.

The Windass crew are also rather worryingly gathering once again in their mismatched new build living room, primed for another drawn out storyline. Viewers across the land will wither faster than the cash leaves Owen's bank account. We all know how this tedium will end. Katy was particularly spiteful and annoying to Anna the other evening. I'm not quite sure what she knows about anything really, but it didn't stop her sticking her oar in. Spiteful and thick - a menacing combination if ever there was one. 

Amidst this new Windass tale, the viewers are left to ponder whatever happened to the Faye/Grace/Simon bullying story. It was commendable in what it set out to do, however Grace seems to have vanished and Faye is back to sitting poutily on Anna's horrible couch as if nothing had happened. Some follow up on this would have been good, however sadly it all seems to have petered out...

Which, strangely enough, brings me to Peter Barlow. He's been skulking about in the background since Tina left, rather like a well-groomed, tattooed skunk. It's been lovely to have a break from Tina - I wonder what she's up to in that London. Anyway, she's bound to career herself back into Peter's arms before too long. Cue much wretching in our household. I hope Rita gives her short shrift when she does return - the least Tina could have done was say goodbye before she fled into the night. 

Another thing I don't understand is how upset Liz was when Tina departed. Never mind Tina, Liz should be round at number 1, sharing more scenes with "Come to Deirdre".

So I think the next big attention grabber will be the fallout from Tina and Peter's affair and Tina's subsequent demise. The only good thing about this as far as I can see is the prospect of more screen time for the fantastic Alison King. She has played a blinder throughout Hayley's farewell and Carla is now a much more rounded character. 

I'm preparing myself for more of Michelle, Dev dancing round Stella like a school boy and toxic Todd leering over Marcus like the snake in the Jungle Book. I might take myself off to Youtube to be in the company of Annie, Elsie and Hilda while all that plays out. I do hope we find out exactly why Todd has turned into such nasty, unbearable creep and that the subsequent revelation softens him a great deal. At the moment I've had more than enough already.

So what do you think will dominate Coronation Street over the next few months? 

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Peter said...

Hayley comes out of the shower? Anna in jail for serving Owen bagels last night? Sophie and Dev enrol at acting school?

As for unbearable Todd Grimshaw, I hope if McIntyre is gunned down by a sniper, another bullet is saved for Grimshaw. Have known people like him in real life. Vile.

Newfy Pearl said...

I think we will see a lot of the Windasses. The Platts may take a back burner except for Nick and Leanne. I bet she will have an affair with someone - Simon will proclaim he hates her and she is not really his mom - this will lead to huge decline and Jane Danson will take a holiday for a few months.
As for Dev...can't see where this is going with beige woman as she is on her way out the door.
And why oh why is the butcher shop still not taken on???? Very annoying.

Carry On Blogging! said...

Yup I agree, put Gail and Sally in there with their own business

Unknown said...

My only complaint about "Corrie" is that so many story lines play out over many months and are dropped immediately after a key event occurs -- the Faye/Grace fiasco is just the latest example of this.

For example, whatever happened to Audrey's house and Owen's repairs?

I can abide the reboot of characters -- as with Owen who was a nasty piece of work or Scary Mary -- but do not understand the motivation of Todd 2.0 at all.

And, of course, the return of the murderous Tracy still makes me roll my eyes. She killed Charlie in cold blood -- there was no getting around that.

As for the pleats of the Platts -- I really like Kylie and David together again (I never understood why David was the baddie in that storyline while Nick, who cuckolded his brother, was the saint).

Jane Danson is an amazing actress -- please give her more to do then just looking sad.

Unknown said...

One last thought -- Allison King has done wonders turning Carla into a rich, well-rounded character. The scene Friday with Hayley was outstanding work by both women.

I remember seeing Julie H. being interviewed a few years back -- around the time of the Tony Gordon storyline -- and she talked with affection about how Ally the person is SO different from Carla the character.

abbyk said...

Things I'm not looking forward to:
- the Pat Phelan story. Owen is going to lose his shirt, Anna will be shrieking. Did he mention something about mortgaging Anna's house? The only win would be if he lost it and the whole lot of them left town.
- the Tina exit: I've been a fan of Miss McIntyre up until this ridiculous affair (okay, the surrogacy was a pretty bad idea as well, but more because Gary & Izzy were totally annoying). It's going to end in a lot of hurt for innocents Simon, Carla and Rita. She could have just gotten a fabulous offer in London, had a party and left, the way real people do.
- Marcus leaving: what a waste it was, keeping such a likable talent in the cupboard.
- Meaningless street brawls, pettiness, yelling, immaturity, irrationality: Gloria, Tracy, Stella, Kylie, Mary, yes, I mean you.
- Shape Shifting Characters and Dropped Story Lines: David & Kylie getting back together much too quickly, what happened to Faye & Simon post bullying, Christian and the money, Mean Rita. Consequences!

Looking forward to:
- Anything with Andrea: which way will she go. Like her with the entire Street Cars gang. I wonder if she has a job. Wouldn't she be fun at the Rovers, um, if Michelle left (wouldn't that be awesome?)
- Kal's Bromances: a sensible middle aged guy, he's the friend Dev & Nick need. Hope they have more than just a professional relationship.
- Carla and Roy: two compelling characters, where do they go after Hayley and Peter?

Not sure where I fall on the return of Kevin Webster. I guess it depends on how they put him back with Tyrone -- they were great as friends.

Defrost Indoors said...

The Plattilsley thing needs to wrap up; it's been months and months of the same old crap and it's really tedious to watch. It needs some kind of resolution and to either be pushed to the back or moved in a new (non-repetitive) direction. We have also had way too much Tina lately.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that a storyline in another couple of months will be that of Deirdre adjusting to life on her own, after receiving the news that Ken collapsed and died of a heart attack while still in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Liz has been given all of Stella's lines and scenes while the character of Stella is relegated to a couple of idiotic repeat scenes with her annoying daughter, Leanne, and Dev of all people. Him shrieking while trying to buy some razors at the shop before his big 'date' with Stella was cringe-worthy. What was that all about anyway?
I am also hoping that Ken doesn't come back. He was just a prop IMO and any storyline was just him trying to shag someone else - completely unbelievable.
I am hoping the next big storyline is Tracy's kidney finally failing and she's gone for good.

Anonymous said...

Tina and Peter also unbelievable. Tina went ballistic when Gary tried to make a pass at her - acted like he'd almost raped her and when Izzy found out that was almost the end of them. Now, without so much as a bat of her heavily made up eye, she drops her drawers, bangs Peter while his wife is consoling a dying friend and then bops off to London.

Anonymous said...

The next big story will be that fans have dropped in droves. The program is so cliched, so monotonous and without any redeeming characters that no one cares anymore. Granada decide to sell off the newly built set to a theme park. The series is cancelled. Most of the so-called actors find rewarding and appropriate work stacking shelves at their local Asda.
Sorry of this offends. The truth is often hard to bear.

Tvor said...

The way i saw it, Stella didn't interfere. Nick badgered her and dragged out of her, her agreement to what he'd already pretty much decided then *he* presented it as her idea in the first place.

Carry On Blogging! said...

I tend to think she's always sticking her beak in mores the pity. It's unhealthy for them all to behind the bar of the bistro together too.

Anonymous said...

A well groomed,tattooed skunk! Love it Graeme..
Rebecca in TO

Newfy Pearl said...

Gail and Sally in business...I like it.
Yeah...Stella was thrown under the bus by much for 'family'. Grrrrr....Leanne is getting on my nerves now. She is putting Nick before everyone and everything and she is going to implode.
And yes Dev acting so silly was irritating. I liked the mature reflectived Dev while Mary helped with his healing. Where are those two lovely characters gone?
P.S. Funny how the harshest critic of this show is Anonymous. I think if you are afraid to put your name then the comment does not hold any consideration for me. Just saying.....

Billy Niblick said...

Well, I'm very keen to see what Roy will do next. This logical, rational, and fundamentally decent man found love in perhaps the most unlikely place in the shape of the utterly unique Hayley Patterson. It's the view of some that Roy operates somewhere on the autistic spectrum, possibly living with Asperger's syndrome, and I think this likely. He will be torn to pieces with grief at Hayley's passing, and as been adumbrated, suffer feelings of anger at Hayley's decision to end her own life as she chose.

But I'm thinking that he will recover from the grieving eventually, and be ready again to play a full role in the community of which he has become such an important part. He may never find love again, but perhaps he can. Whoever it is will need to be as special as Hayley was, and then some. If ever there was a challenge for the writers, there it is - but it's an absolutely cracking opportunity for any writer worth their salt. Go for it, guys!

Anonymous said...

a: Carla dumps Peter because he's a douche.
b: Rob dumps Tracy because she's a douche bag.
c: Peter and Tracy cry on each others shoulders, get into the hooch and end up in the sack.
d: Tracy ends up pregnant..but who's kid is it?

Ooohhh that would be dastardly!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post!

To be honest I am bored of the Platts/Tilsleys. I have no interest in them because I think they've all been overused to the point where they are just going round in circles now. Maybe if they are given a rest, I will start to care about them again but for now, I'd like them to fade into the background.

Then again, what are we left with?! I can't bear the Tina and Peter thing. Even the actors seem confused about it! For me, too, the fact that Alison King is involved in the storyline is the only appealing thing about it.

The writers got Carla and Hayley's friendship so right. Alison and Julie are superb and I doubt that it would be possible to find such an unlikely and beautiful friendship on any other show. Only Corrie could do it.

I also thought Liz crying over her barmaid moving to London was silly. She has only known the girl for 5 minutes. Like you said, Liz should be spending more time with Deirdre!

I don't know what 2014 holds for Corrie but I hope it's a good year!

Canuktuk said...

After years of endless smoking, Deirdre learns she needs a lung transplant. Desperate to live to ensure the well-being of her grandchildren, Deirdre runs down Tracy in the Street - instant donor.

lizzieizzard said...

Hope Anna has put her house under her name but didn't I hear Owen state that he had used it as collateral for the loan? I see tears before bed time and that aweful business collegue walking away with more money in his pocket under his nail hard wive's name. Katy was very rude to Anna she's only been doing a bit of office work and now she knows whats best for the business. Poor Anna I felt for you the other evening being talked into the business deal... thankgoodness Roy will have work for you at the diner... rule one Look after yourself first....

Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing how Roy copes with the loss of Haley and hoping some new friendships develop from this

Would also like to see more of the Tinker crew and Kirk and Chesney

Look forward to seeing how the Maddie character is developed with Sophie

Laura said...

I've seen a couple of comments here about Owen putting Anna's house up as collateral - but I thought it was his house. He bought it from Jerry and became Anna's new landlord, and that's how their relationship started - he was always coming in to fix the kitchen pipes, etc.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on that one.

Anonymous said...

Laura, I think you're right. Owen bought the house and I don't think he ever transferred the title to Anna.

Newfy Pearl said...

True Laura...Owen owns the house. I imagine she stopped having to pay rent when he moved in. lol


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