Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Coronation Street boss Stuart Blackburn on Corrie 2014

Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn was interviewed on ITV's This Morning, today.  There's some lovely clips from the show in the video interview and in a nutshell, here's what he said...

He talked about the public reaction to Hayley's upcoming death, her right-to-die story and the responsibility of ITV to get this story right. "It would be an insut to anyone out there who's going through this, for us to rush the storyline," he said.

On the move from Quay Street to Media City, he says: "I've never seen the cast and crew so happy!" and talks about the small but subtle changes that viewers will see on screen. "We had to do the move to future-proof the show," he said.

David Platt's return to the nasty side was touched on and the transformation of David and Kylie getting back together while Nick and Leanne's relationship look to be hitting the rocks.

Will Becky be returning for Hayley's funeral? "We're gutted, absolutely gutted" says Stuart. "No, Becky won't be coming back."

Humour versus drama needs a good balance, he say and hinted at "loads coming up with Steve, Lloyd and Andrea - proper, belly-laugh stuff."

Any big stunts coming up? No stunts, he says, but Tina's exit will be spectacular, when they kill her off later this year.

Watch the interview here.

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Mary said...

Well - let's hope for the belly laughs and sad to see Tina leave the show. Glad David and Kylie get back together - I like them together and would someone please tell Nick to shave his face as it makes him look older. Men don't seem to get that - beards and shaved heads age men:)

Laura said...

Not sure that shaving the beard will do much to make Nick look younger - the actor is simply too old for that part. Although I'll take his portrayal any day over the previous age-appropriate actor who had the role. *shudder*

I'm really looking forward to seeing more of Lloyd and Steve (particularly if it includes a breakup with Michelle!), and I'm very interested to see Roy work through the loss of Hayley. There are many interesting options for his character.

I must admit, I will also enjoy seeing the Windasses suffer a bit - they annoy the bejesus out of me with their hypocritical ways!

Anonymous said...

I too hope this includes a break-up with Michelle for Steve. Please let Steve have a romance with Andrea!

Anonymous said...

I hope Stuart brings back Kathy Jones as Tricia Hopkins for a few episodes to hook up with Gail again. Kathy deserves a long over due return, loads of viewers want to see her again as Tricia so please mr Blackburn bring Tricia back for a bit.

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