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Tuesday 21 January 2014

Corrie newcomer Amy Kelly reveals Maddie's a big softie

Amy Kelly, who plays Corrie newcomer Maddie Heath, is interviewed in this week's fab Inside Soap magazine.

It's a good read and Amy reveals a little more about Maddie.  After pushing Sally Webster's face into a trifle at Christmas, we're going to see more of Maddie when she snogs Sophie.  But there's more to her than a hard-nut from a drop-in centre for the homeless, as Amy explains:

"Maddie has been kicked out by her mum, who has a mental illness.  When you see Maddie with her family, whom she still visits occasionally, you see a different side to her.  She can be really soft with her mother ad works hard to keep her calm, but can easily flip from that to being harsh and telling the likes of Sophie to back off. Maddie cares a lot for her little brother, but she's not used to letting others into her circle of trust."

Amy says that Sally Dynevor, who plays Sally Webster, has taken her under her wing on the Corrie set. And she says that her "Corrie-obsessed" family are over the moon that she's been given a part on the show.

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Defrost Indoors said...

No offense to the actress but...who cares? Another gobby down and outer who will no doubt be miraculously transformed, oh joy. *yawn*

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY agree with Defrost Indoors. Maybe it's me, but the character seems to be a streetwise, thieving, lying little git and somehow I do not find characters like this to be either endearing or "softies". Seems like this is the new "acceptable behaviour" in UK soaps.

Frosty the Snowman said...

This is a vulnerable young girl about to be corrupted into the Saphhic ways by the diabolical Sophie who seems about to be stalking her like she did with Jemma.

John McE said...

So yet another "street wise" character that starts off as plain nasty, yet miraculously gets a personality transplant when they decide to keep them on. Yawn.

Anonymous said...

Frosty, as I gay woman I have to say I find your comment to be really rather offensive.

But then I read through some of your other posts on here and as most of them appear to be nasty, bitter and sad I won't take it personally.

maggie muggins said...

Yes, I have to agree with Anonymous above, that Frosty's comment saying "vulnerable young girl about to be corrupted into the Saphhic [sic] ways" is rather offensive.

Sophie hasn't had much luck with women in the past. I hope this relationship turns out to be less shallow than the first two. She is young though, and it's understandable that she will act more maturely over time. This is a soap though.

Rosie said...

Maggie, You think they'll allow Sophie to mature? Don't bank on it!

Zagg said...

I am so NOT looking forward to this storyline at all.I could care less about Sophie and any new girlfriend for her. I am sick of the teenage angst stories, gay or otherwise. The Sophie actress is not strong enough to sustain a big story line. She is in my opinion one of the weakest links on this show.
I'd rather see Jenna meet a nice mature woman and explore that.

Anonymous said...

As I'm not a fan of Sophie, I'm naturally not bothered about any new storyline for her. However, it would've been nice if she'd found someone similar to her own situation and they could grow together in their maturity and personal goals. Sophie has been involved with women with more education and ambition than her so it would've been nice to see her with someone in the same boat as her rather than someone similar to Becky/Kylie. Besides, that whole redemption thing has already been done with Becky, Fiz, Leanne, Toya, etc. over the years. Something new, please.


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