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Friday 17 January 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 17 January

Coronation Street, FRIDAY 17TH JANUARY 2014 at 7.30pm

ROY’S HOPES FOR HAYLEY ARE DASHED Unhappy with her appearance, Hayley insists Tyrone escorts her to the salon to get her hair done. Although shocked at her deterioration, the guys in the salon are thrilled to see Hayley and insist she has the works entirely for free. Knowing her time is almost up, she decides to have a word with Roy. Is this the conversation he’s been dreading?
STELLA THROWS CAUTION TO THE WIND Leanne’s forgiven Nick but is still angry at Stella for interfering in her marriage and they end up rowing in the Bistro. Fed up with her whining she tells Leanne to stick her job. In need of cheering up, will she take Dev up on his offer?
OWEN CONTEMPLATES PUTTING EVERYTHING ON THE LINE Anna’s worried when Owen announces he’s taken out a loan with another company and the mill conversion is a goer.
ELSEWHERE Marcus and Maria excitedly put in an offer on a house. Todd’s bitter as he muses to Eileen that he doesn’t know where they’ve got that kind of money.

Coronation Street, FRIDAY 17TH JANUARY 2014 at 8.30pm

HAYLEY STARTS TO SAY HER GOODBYES Roy’s devastated when Hayley says she’s reached the end of the road and it’s time to start saying her goodbyes. As Roy wheels her round the street she bumps into old friends and even finds the strength to have a go at Tracy, much to Roy’s amusement. Back at home with Roy, is Hayley really prepared to take her own life?
DEV AND STELLA’S NIGHT IS GATECRASHED Tracy’s furious when Steve agrees to drive Dev and Stella to the Retailers’ Ball, leaving her and Rob to wait in the rain. Soaked to the skin and bent on revenge, Tracy steals Stella’s cloakroom ticket. Will Tracy’s meddling be enough to ruin Dev and Stella’s night?
OWEN AND ANNA TAKE THE PLUNGE A reluctant Anna finally agrees that Owen should go ahead with the Phelan project. 
ELSEWHERE Nick and Leanne plan a holiday and Marcus and Maria are downbeat having had their offer refused on the new house much to Todd’s delight.

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Anonymous said...

Having just watched the first half of tonights double, I am moved to tears as I have been throughout the whole cancer storyline. If ever there was a story about true love, loyalty and devotion, Roy & Hayley are it.
I thought there would never be another couple on the street that would ever share that same feeling as Jack and Vera - I, and many others, have been proved wrong.
Never mind prestigious awards, the fact that they're pulling tears from our eyes is worthy of higher honours - a true testament to not just the writers, but the actors too. By this time next week, I feel I will have gone through more emotions than I ever thought possible, but every step of the way will have been worth it.
To the entire Coronation street team - you have pulled something amazing out. Something powerful, potent and utterly brilliant - there is no thank you big enough.
If I can get through tonights 2nd episode without a tear, then this write up would've been worthless.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone over the age of fourteen ever as randomly unpleasant as Tracey is portrayed time and again? The issue I, and many others who have commented seem to have, is that her rudeness is not particularly rooted in anything people say to her at the time or in her past. Having watched for 35 years, I can see that she was nothing like this as a child but became difficult as a teenager around the time of her parents' divorce, having had a stable childhood with Ken and Deirdre. She didn't become like this until well into adulthood when Kate Ford took over the role, which leads to the conclusion the choice of actress is determining the portrayal of the character.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how they've written for Roy in the next while. He lacks the emotional skills to handle such a crushing event as this. This is an opportunity to show the difficulties faced by people with his type of social disability. I hope the writers have consulted experts, like they have done for Hayley's storyline. Roy will no doubt be surprised at the amount of support he'll be offered, but whether he can accept and use it remains to be seen. It's unfortunate that Stephanie Cole was unable to continue in the role of his mother. That could have been an interesting relationship to explore under these painful circumstances.


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