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Sunday 19 January 2014

Corrie weekly awards for Jan. 13 - 17

We be jammin' award: wonderful stuff, Emily vs Carla vs Mary!

Gwok thingy award: Eva really thinks Jason can help her pick out the perfect outfit for the birthday party?

Butterfly net award: Todd was snide to Marcus at the bus stop but it sailed right over Maria's pretty little head. Eva's too.

Got your number award: I'm pretty sure Eileen knows very well that Todd is causing trouble with Marcus. and he admitted it. "Sean's not a challenge". There it is, right there. Slimy Git!!

Deja Vu award: Dev used the same complimentary line on Stella that Kal used on Liz.

True friends award: Hayley wanted her hair done. The whole salon was determined to give her a full, free makeover

Weather fail: Hayley was on the street in her wheely. The passing car lights clearly showed it was raining, youcould hear it, Stella got splashed but Hayley, Roy, Chesney and Sinead didn't seem to be getting wet at all.

Eagle Ears award: Hayley thinks you can hear the trains at Picadilly station in Weatherfield when it's quiet. Trust me, if Weatherfield is Salford, you can't hear the trains at Picadilly. Victoria station, possibly.At a stretch.

Puddle duck award: There is no way that taxi was going fast enough to splash a puddle six feet high over Dev and Stella.

Lines of the Week:
Dev to Nick "Looking good, Mr. T" Nick "if a sweaty bloke floats your boat!"
Eva about Marcus "He's straight" Todd "So's spaghetti til you boil it"
Leanne "You can't have rainbows without a bit of rain"
Hayley to Roy "You'd make an absolutely rubbish spy"
Emily "It isn't a competition, Mary" Mary "And yet you have elbowed me in the ribcage four times!"
Izzy "My condition is no bearing on whether we jump into bed with a gangster"
Stella about Leanne "she's just having a hard time at home" Nick "Which I fully understand, because I can't stand living with me either"
Stella "I look good in black" (yes she seems to be less beige these days but still not colourful)
Katy about Anna "Sometimes she sets the bar low"
Dev "this is NOT a date!!" (you're acting like it is)
Tracy "And who are you? Ps and Qs police?"
Hayley to Tracy "Your mother's ashamed of you. Your daughter barely knows you. Your own kidney would reject you if it could but here you are still buzzing around like the queen bee passing judgement."
Hayley "I'm embracing my inner cow today"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Cringe scene of the week – the “jamming”. Ridiculous buying £500 worth of strawberries when – dah – it would have been cheaper for Kirky to drive down south and buy them from my local Tesco. Is Carla so well off she can stump up for this nonsense? Then instead of selling the jam for charity, they don’t know what to do with it and is just given away to anyone that will take it. Emily was very wooden in that scene and would you really be screaming JAMMIN at the tops of your voices while a cancer patient rests upstairs. What is supposed to be “Corrie humour” has just descended into farce I am afraid.

Absolutely Loathsome award: Really would anyone sneer at the hairstyle of a dying woman sitting in a wheelchair??. The stealing coat scenes were ludicrous, again the excuses for writers obviously think this is ‘hilarious’ stuff. You would never leave your wallet in your coat while you put it in a public cloakroom either.

Irresistible award: Todd stripping off in the supposedly ‘upmarket’ Bistro, the sight of his skinny body is supposed to get Marcus back on the turn ho hum.

As sure as badduns is badduns award: We all know where this Phelan story is going, Bully boy Owen is going to get duped out of his cash that of course he has gone to a high interest lender for . Does Gary have a brain? All so predictable and I don’t care a jot about the Windbag clan.

Pointless award: Spray tanned Katie, pops again with her ‘opinion that Anna sets her bar low and Owen should go for it with dodgy Phelan. Yeah right - sound advice from a little thickie that hasn’t done a proper day’s work in her 18 year old life.

Bored award: had enough of Nick now with his self pitying face and Leanne with her sucking 10 lemons face. Lets move on please.

Laura said...

Spot on as usual Frosty! Not to mention how long it would really take to cook 500 punnets of strawberries! Certainly more than a couple of hours and a half dozen pots! What a load of rubbish!

No point to Tracy at's embarrassing now...when will they get rid finally??

Mary is annoying as well....a caricature of herself...

Tvor said...

But the real question is, why are Spanish Strawberries available from a farm in Lichfield?

Anonymous said...

Not to mention Dev shrieking like a little girl all excited over his 'date' with Stella. Bah...

Anonymous said...

The sad truth these days is that having a well written and acted storyline like Roy and Hayley really exposes some of the dross going on around it.

Canuktuk said...

Agreed about selling the jam. Why wouldn't they have made some reference to Hayley and raised money for cancer research in her name or something meaningful? Completely wasted opportunity that turned the story into something silly instead.


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