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Friday 31 January 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 31 January

Coronation Street, FRIDAY 31st JANUARY 2014 at 7.30pm
THE COMMUNITY BIDS FAREWELL TO HAYLEY Tyrone’s shocked to learn that Hayley took her own life and Roy’s boycotting the funeral. Carla orders him to get dressed and they join the other residents as Hayley’s cardboard coffin arrives in the hearse. At the funeral, Fiz speaks about her memories of Hayley but Roy feels he can’t remain silent anymore. Is he about to reveal Hayley’s secret?
SOPHIE REACHES OUT TO MADDIE Sophie visits the shelter and is alarmed to see Maddie sporting a bruised face but Maddie’s annoyed to find that Sophie’s been checking up on her background and dashes off. Just wanting to help, Sophie chases after Maddie but will she get more than she bargained for?
LEANNE MAKES A SACRIFICE TO HELP NICK Nick feels like a burden to his family so Leanne suggests he moves back into Victoria Court while she and Simon stay with Stella.
ELSEWHERE Rob’s put out when Tracy shuns his offer of a night out to spend time with Amy and when the caterers fail to deliver the food for the wake, Steve improvises a spread at the Rovers. Andrea drops by and lends a hand.

Coronation Street, FRIDAY 31st JANUARY 2014 at 8.30pm
ROY’S SUFFOCATED BY HIS LOSS Despite Fiz, Anna and Carla’s pleas, Roy insists on speaking out. To their relief, he tells the congregation that Hayley had her flaws but she was brave. At the wake, Roy feels besieged by well-wishers and is desperate to escape the barrage of sympathy. Noticing Roy’s absence, Anna and Fiz call at the caf√© where Roy has left them a note...
SOPHIE’S REELING AFTER MADDIE’S KISS Sophie confides in Steph about Maddie’s kiss.  Steph is quick to realise that Sophie finds Maddie attractive, and thinks she ought to track her down. Will Sophie take the plunge and ask Maddie out?
ROB STEPS UP TO THE PLATE Tracy’s taken aback when Rob asks to join her cosy night in with Amy and is even more surprised when Rob admits he’s enjoyed himself.
ELSEWHERE Michelle and Lloyd arrive back at the Rovers to find the food situation under control, and Steve singing Andrea’s praises.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Stupid Sophie and Grubby Little Maddie snogging - yuk - there are special tv channels for those that want to watch this sort of thing. Frankly I dont.

Gilles27 said...

There are special 'snogging channels'? I never knew. My 8 year old daughter hates to see people kissing on tv and tries to cover my eyes when such scenes appear, but I'm sure she'll grow out of it. Maybe you will too?

Mary Whitehorse said...

I think Frosty is talking about Red Hot Lesbians Channel rather than our favourite soap Gillies.

Anonymous said...

Frosty, well maybe you could make good on your oft-repeated promise to stop watching?

Seriously though, why do you still watch Corrie? Not trying to be funny, I'm genuinely interested as going by your comments there's absolutely nothing you like about the show.

Laura said...

I think it's called constructive criticism! When you hold something dear, you want it to be the best it can be! (Also, he has a name and is not just "anonymous")

Gilles27 said...

No. I think you're wrong Mary. I have spent ages looking at every site that came up after I Googled 'Red Hot Lesbians' and I didn't see Sophie and Maddie snogging. I conclude that the the only place you can actually see that sort of thing is Corrie. Also the storylines and acting are better on Corrie!

Hannah said...

Haleluegh some andrea scenes!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Andrea wasn't in the show - which was good, it would have spoilt a bit if she was because it was nice to see a bit or "niceness" between Steve & Michelle and the focus would have shifted from Hayley's storyline slightly onto the apparent forthcoming love triangle so yeah

Newfy Pearl said...

Frosty...I don't always agree with your comments...but sometimes you hit the nail on the head...either way I respect your right to have them.
I also appreciate - as I am sure you do - the freedom of sharing your opinions on the show, as I do. At the end of the day...we are fans of Corrie. Sometimes we need a place to share our amazement at a show well done...and other times we need to vent. Carry on my friend!
Anonymous comments are to be taken with a grain of salt I think.

Rosepatch said...

For me this was the saddest episode of all - it was so hard to see Roy lost without his beloved Hayley. The only person in The Rovers who seemed to help at all was strangely Mary. The whole atmosphere in the Rovers was turning into a party - which is often the case when alcohol is allowed at a wake - very distasteful, but excellent drama. Unfortunately the singing at the end was just AWFUL, and not in keeping with a very involving episode.

Kira Thomsen-Cheek said...

Seems like a little healthy snogging is one of the mainstays of all soaps? Why don't you want to watch Sophie and Maddie? (whistles innocently, stubs toe in ground). :-)

Newfy Pearl said...

Sophie is annoying and shows no loyalty to her family....and Maddie needs to wash her hair once in a while.


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