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Monday 27 January 2014

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 27 January

Such a sad sight – Roy sitting in the darkness of the caf√© in the early morning - the embodiment of a lost soul. Anna does her best with him and listens compassionately as he says, ‘She should be still here now with me. I could have talked her out of it.’ But as Fiz arrives it is clear to her that Anna and Roy abruptly stop talking, which of course makes her highly suspicious. This suspicion takes hold and when Fiz is invited into Carla’s office for Carla to ask her how she is coping,  Fiz tells Carla that when Fiz last saw Hayley it was as if she was saying goodbye, as if Hayley knew that that would be the last time. Carla swerves the thought and emphasises how Hayley is no longer in pain, hoping Fiz will be satisfied by that.

Gail obviously feels that the fault for the breakup of Nick and Leanne’s marriage lies firmly with Leanne. Arriving at work to face Leanne and Stella, Gail doesn’t hold back, telling the mother and daughter that while they are all 'suited and booted' fully made up and ready for the day, poor Nick languishes at home. Leanne, all considered, is very restrained in her comments to her mother-in-law. She points out that it was Nick’s decision, but Gail believes that all Leanne had to do was throw her arms around Nick and tell him how much she loved him. Gloria chips in, to protect Leanne and says that she knows Gail is annoyed, so, ‘go and take it out on the toilet floor.’ At home, Gail asks Nick how a bread and butter pudding would make him feel, to which he replies, ‘About 5,’ which, it must be admitted, is one of Nick’s very best lines. Nick tells her to get a kitten but Gail says she’s allergic to them. Cruelly he tells her, ‘I’m allergic to you.’ 

While on the subject of daughters and protection, how gratifying it was that Amy refused to go with Tracy and preferred to stay with Michelle. Who can blame Michelle for gloating?  ‘She turned out lovely in spite of you,’ spits Michelle.

 Not a good couple of episodes for Gail to say the least. Along with the upset amongst the in-laws and with Nick, Gail shows herself to be a snob when she notices that the Tinkers and Kirk are moving their stuff to Chesney and Sinead’s house. ‘That Beth is from the bottom of the gene pool,’ she tells anyone who will listen.

Tracy has no idea that Amy had been to the doctor until Mary asked Tracy how her ‘little poppet’ is and then pointing out to Tracy how lovely Michelle is with Amy, and how Tracy has no need to worry about wicked stepmother behaviour. Tracy gets no sympathy from her own mother either. Thank goodness the ‘Tracyluv’ days are over and now Deirdre sees her daughter’s character for what it is. Deirdre tells her daughter that Amy will probably get more sympathy from Michelle than she would from Tracy. Bridling at this, Tracy says, ‘I thought mothers were supposed to provide sympathy.’ Slowly and deliberately, Deirdre replies, ‘Yes, that’s right and you’d do well to remember that.’

Maddie is still feeling annoyed that she was ‘tricked’ by Sophie and Sophie works out that it was not a huge, strong man who broke into their house, but it was Maddie. So amusing though to see Sally boasting about her ‘have a go hero’ and to see Tim milking every opportunity, including a night out at the bistro. He will be exposed though, as ‘well pretty’ Sophie and/or Steph/Maddie will somehow reveal the truth and the non-existence of the huge monster who attacked him.

So Kirky, Beth and her son Craig, not forgetting Darryl the rat, are now ensconced at Sinead and Chesney’s and so far the cooking isn’t going so well.- a past meal had been tomato soup, tuna and peas, which doesn’t sound too bad until you learn that they were all served as one. Please Carla, give Beth another go at the factory. 

Stella has her eye on Kal and Kal has his eye on Leanne –intriguing - as is the planned opening of the gym with Kal and Dev as equal partners. Kal tells Leanne not to say sorry as often as she does. A little repartee develops. When Kal books for two in the bistro, Stella asks who the lucky lady is. Clear relief spreads across he face when he says he’ll be dining with Dev.

Fiz is so upset to learn that Hayley took her own life and rails at Roy that he should have stopped her. That must be extremely hard for Roy as he is already in a fury with himself that he was not able or didn’t do enough to stop her. But we know, we witnessed Hayley’s determination and it would have been cruel to stop her. Fiz’s distress is understandable – she wanted to tell Hayley just how much she loved her, and she feels she didn’t have the chance. Carla guessed what Hayley was planning. She sensed it from Hayley’s evening visit to the factory.

Anna of course did know what Hayley planned but it was not her place to reveal it. Whatever people’s views are on the right to die debate, there was no doubt in Hayley’s mind that that was what she wanted. She really didn’t want to prolong her life and instead died at home with her husband beside her. It was a death better than most    

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Beth said...

Oh my, Gail have very unpleasant children. No matter what Nick's injuries are the way he spoke to his mother tonight was dreadful. David isn't any better towards her - remember the way her threw nuts at her. Yet she lets them walk all over her. I'd have packed my bags, got a flat and let them get on with it. Awful behaviour!

They all claim to care about Nick yet despite his brain injury there is no mention of hospital appointments or even GP visits. Strange! Does this mean this is it, there is no medical care at all. Just running with Kal? Do me a favour!

I'm so sick of this story - and Nick please get rid of the beard!

Anonymous said...

Both Gail and her kids are terrible people and I wouldn't want to know any of them let alone remotely live in the same neighborhood -- Gail scrubs toilets for a living and she looks down on Bethe... hahahahah! But then this is a soap that portrays people who by and large create their own problems by being overly controlling, nosy, petty and over-act on their "family loyalties". All of them basically tow the line when it comes to "family loyalty"... the only one at the moment who seems to have snapped out of it is Dierdre when it comes to useless daughter and mother to her own daughter little Amy. Family members CAN be jerks, too --- which in that case, you should indeed leave them to it when they are adults already with children of their own -- and let life and the business of living take its course. As it goes, life has a way of turning on itself and more often than not, the chickens do come to roost/the shoe drops/the shoe goes on the other foot and people eventually have a way of realizing for themselves the error of their ways.

Unknown said...

Anyone else think they're giving Michelle an early menopause storyline? Maybe that would explain the perpetually sour mood and possibly pregnant thing?

Anonymous said...

Kym Marsh has described Michelle's behaviour as "feisty" so we can only presume that means she and the writers think it's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

If Gail had cut the apron strings years ago and let her children develop as their own, adult selves, she would likely have a much better relationship with them. Respect breeds respect, so does the reverse.

John McE said...

Oh please get rid of creepy Kal. He can't open his mouth without touching the person he is talking too. He's already touched Dev more times that Sunitta ever did!

Anonymous said...

I don't like Kal either. I like the actor, but he seems to be over-acting this part.

I wish he wouldn't try to spike up his hair either, it doesn't work!

Newfy Pearl said...

Kal is one of those characters - like St. Ella - that is forced into several lives too soon - Dev, Nick, Leanne, etc
I did not think Fiz overly upset Roy with her 'railing' was not something that he wasn't already thinking....I like that they are close enough that she could talk to him this way. I loved the scene with Carla and Fiz. I liked that at the end Fiz comforted Roy and in return (in Roy's odd way - just by letting her in) he comforted her. This storyline has been so fulfilling.
HAHA michelle tried to block Tracy from entering behind the bar...if she had unfolded her arms - she may have succeeded. lol

Newfy Pearl said...

Oh by the way..I figured out Nick's beard. The writers are leaving it so that it will signal to us poor dummies when Nick makes a complete recovery. lol

Laura said...

I don't understand where Fiz gets the nerve to think that any of this is any of her business? ? This was between a man and his wife....she made it all about herself. She should have been told? It was about Hayley and HER illness. Oh, so poor Fiz didn't get a chance to say goodbye. How selfish can you get? Oh yes, Fiz "would have stopped her"!! Gimme a break...leave the poor man alone, and poor Hayley. Roy should not have told anyone at all. Fiz is really doing my head in....
And let's not mention Michelle....or should we call her "Step-mother of the Year"??? Please! Like we really believe that Amy would prefer to be with her.....yes she's not a murderer like her mother, but she's no Betty Crocker either.....she's a mardy old cow and probably the worst actress going.
One of the worst episodes I've seen in a while.

Anonymous said...

While Gail is cleaning up, she might have a look around for her gonads - she lost them about the time Joe M took a swim and hasn't been the same since. She needs to get her own place and leave those rats she calls children on their own for awhile. See how they cope. That would be funny.

Anonymous said...

You think Kal is over exposed now? Wait till his family arrives.

Anonymous said...

Why is it "safe" for Nick to live in the same house with Max and Lily, but not with Simon?

Tvor said...

Good point, last anonymous!

abbyk said...

Its a good idea in a world where a married man can ask his mommy's permission to move into his brothers very crowded house.

@Laura, Fiz isn't just an overly emotional neighbor. She was fostered by Roy & Hayley and considers them not just family but her parents. I get that she's upset with Hayley, I'm pissed that in spite of a great relationship, I never got to tell my dad he was wrong about something important. For now, I think she's in the realm of reality.

I do like that Carla figured it out, and had the common sense not to blatantly tell Fiz like a silly gossip. A smart person acting smart, more please.

Anonymous said...

Presumably Nick will not be alone with Max and Lily, whereas he was sometimes with Simon. Also, he's not in a parental role with Kylie's kids, but he was with Simon.
What I can't understand is, if noise and confusion upset Nick, and over-protection annoys him, why would he choose to show up (uninvited) to stay with his overbearing mother, his hated brother, the wife he cuckolded his brother with, her active school-age son and her squalling infant daughter?
-Yet another gaping plot hole! Careless storylining!

Dubcek said...

abbyk said about Fiz
She was fostered by Roy & Hayley and considers them not just family but her parents.
She was also the foster child that accused Roy of molesting her maybe she's forgotten that bit.
She is so unbelievably selfish - it's all about her - she didn't get to say a proper good-bye to Hayley and reckons that she could have stopped Hayley from committing suicide.
All I see is a person who would rather have Hayeley suffer for an indefinite period of time drugged to the eyeballs than allow her to peacefully go and end her suffering.
As long as Fiz could say a proper goodbye that's all that mattered to Fiz not Hayley's pain and suffering.

Anonymous said...

I think Carla has been brilliant throughout this storyline.

Laura said...

I haven't seen this episode yet (I live in Canada), but based on the description I agree with the general sentiment that Fiz is being selfish. She had YEARS to tell Hayley how she truly felt about her. She's also known for months that the time for whatever glorious declaration of her love that she feels was needed was running short.

There have been many times in Hayley's life that she could have used Fiz's support, and I saw her there none too often. Where was she when Hayley and Roy had to give Patience/Amy back to Tracy? When Roy attempted suicide? When they were having troubles with his sleepwalking? When Hayley was in Africa? When she was thinking about leaving Roy? When Christian came on the scene the first time and the aftermath of that?

Where was she in general, in terms of bringing the kids over for visits, having Roy and Hayley over for supper, socializing, etc.?

No where.

Now after a few months of hyper-involvement in Hayley's waning life she, Fizbomb Supreme, thinks she was the one person who could have talked Hayley out of her plans? When Roy couldn't?

Don't make me laugh.

If Hayley had wanted Fiz to know in advance, she would have told her. She didn't, and that has nothing to do with Roy, Anna, or anyone else. It wasn't their place to spread that information around.

Newfy Pearl said...

I am not understanding the anger towards Fiz. I think her reaction is well written, believable, and exceptionally presented by Jenny McAlpine. As for the 'where was she when' stuff. The writers decided to include Becky in the Christian storyline for example.
I think overall the Croppers are interactive with a lot of people on the street. Take Gail for example...except for Sally, is there anyone she is actually friends with on the street?

Dubcek said...

Newfy Pearl said...

I am not understanding the anger towards Fiz.

For me it was that she seemed more concerned that she couldn't give Hayley a proper goodbye and thought she could talk Hayley out of committing suicide rather than accepting that Hayley only had a limited time left that nothing could be done to cure her and that she was in considerable pain and required increasingly higher doses of pain killers and wanted release.
But Fiz was so selfish that she would rather see Hayley linger on in pain and suffering just so her (FIZ) conscience was soothed by denying Hayley her choice to commit suicide.

Newfy Pearl said...

Did you watch the end of the episode? Fiz did calm down after talking to Roy. Her upset was natural due to the end she tried to make Roy feel better.
I think the writers deserve kudos. How unreal would it be if everyone just smiled and accepted Hayley's death.
I bet there are a lot of people who would feel the way Fiz did and Roy does about losing Hayley. I like that Corrie is showing more than one response to a very interesting and thought provoking story. To do otherwise would not do it justice. :-)


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