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Tuesday 21 January 2014

Michael le Vell returns to work at Coronation Street

Michael Le Vell was pictured back at work on the Coronation Street set yesterday.  There are pictures in The Star which show him smiling and clearly glad to be back at work and with his colleagues again.

The Star quotes Michael saying: "I'm coming back to a job and a family I've loved for the last 30 years. I've really missed everyone and it's such a buzz to be working together in the new Coronation Street Production Centre. It's a wonderful place and it feels like new beginnings for all of us.

“I've had the most amazing support from cast, crew and members of the public over the last 12 months and I couldn't have asked for more. ITV and Coronation Street have been first class and I'm really delighted to be back at work doing the job I love."

Le Vell was later seen arriving in a silver Mercedes at the set, where a crowd of photographers had assembled to await his arrival.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Kevin "smiling"? That has to be a first. Not looking forward to this character's return, not been missed and to my mind been pointless for ages. What for him? More shouting in the Rovers? Beating up Tim? No thanks.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the character, either, but I'm glad a person found not guilty of the charge is back to their normal work.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Frosty - in spades!

Humpty Dumpty said...

This character's reappearance will take us back a couple of years. IMO, MleV should do a year to tie up the character's loose ends and get some new acting jobs lined up. He was hardly in Corrie for months before the hiatus, anyway. I hope he chooses to move on.

Dubcek said...

Frosty is right they've turned Kevin into a thug who when he isn't beating someone up is lusting after Sally with his tongue dragging on the ground.
And if he beats up Tim is he going to go to gaol or are they going to ignore his previous conviction and incarceration for beating up John Stape and why was nothing done when he barged into Michelle's flat and beat up Ryan?
And can someone explain to me why when Tyrone has obviously been running the garage on his own we need Kevin back and Steph's brother in the garage as well?

Zagg said...

While it looks like I am in a minority here, I am glad that Kevin is coming back.With all the story lines centering around Orange Tina and soon again the Windasses and all that lot, it's good to have one of the old guard back in the show. It's the same way it felt good to have Liz and Dennis back. I'd take a Kevin over a Gary or Owen anyday.People complain about his thuggish character but let's face it. There are men like him in real life...the pubs are full of them.

Let's see where they take his character.Personally I'd like to see him and Sally back together for good.Who else can really put up with her? Who else can really put up with him? Maybe pool their money and open up a new business at the still vacant butcher shop?

Tvor said...

While i wasn't much of a Kevin fan, it will be good to see him back. I really hate that they'll probably put him back with Sally eventually and that's so boring. Same old same old. She really has moved on but they'll drag her back.

Newfy Pearl said...

I was a Kevin fan and I can find excuses and explanations for all of his behaviour. Keep in mind he is the only man on the street that has not turned into a serial killer when he has every reason to be - married to Sally!
I am disappointed that he is not coming back with a new woman and starting a new life. The WRITERS are so stuck in some instances. I blame them not the actors

Anonymous said...

Hate the character and not looking forward to his awkward reintroduction to a Street that has moved on a lot since he's been gone. He wasn't missed and wouldn't be if he never returned.


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