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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Coronation Street Weekly Update - the dirty bacon slice

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Happy New Year and welcome to another Corrie weekly update.  

Deirdre’s having problems with her eggs on a morning, what with Rob wandering round the house in his pants at breakfast and calling her “Dee”.  Tracy wants Deirdre to let her and Rob move in to No. 1 to save on paying rent for Vicky Court, but Deirdre’s not keen: “No, I don’t like him!”, and so Tracy hatches a mad plan to get her mum to relent.  Tracy and Rob stage a break-in at the Barlow’s, they chuck Deirdre’s hand-made ceramic pot (not the ceramic pot!) to the ground, trash the Christmas tree and make a right mess.  Deirdre’s shocked and appalled when she sees the mess that the ‘burglars’ have made but when Rob’s story doesn’t stack up, Deirdre knows immediately it was Rob and Tracy who’ve done this to the house. Does Deirdre chuck the gruesome twosome of her house? No she does not. She lets them move in.  Deirdre, you’re your own worst enemy, you really are.

Hayley’s news that she’s only got weeks to live filters around the Street after she and Roy agree that friends should be told.  Roy takes his shopping bag and goes to break the news to Carla in the flat.  Carla demands to see Hayley, barges into her bedroom and gets into bed with her for a cosy little chat. Meanwhile, back at Carla’s flat, Tina turns up, barge into the bedroom and gets into bed with Peter for a cosy little chat, and that.  But Roy’s left his bag at Carla’s flat!  He heads back and gives Peter palpitations when he hears the door go and thinks Carla’s returned.  So it was a close shave for Peter and Tina. After they’ve done the sub-duvet shenanigans, Tina tells Liz who threatens Peter in the men’s loo at the Rovers to stay away from Tina.  Tina’s all over the place, not knowing where is with Peter who declares undying love for Carla.  As neither Tina nor Carla have known Peter Barlow for as long as some of us Corrie fans have, neither of them know better, but we all know he’s a lying, cheating, bigamist who should be left well alone, even if he is gorgeous to look at.

Roy asks Hayley when she intends to take her own life.  “It won’t be today, it probably won’t be tomorrow,” she replies, unwilling to give Roy the answer he needs to know but dreads to hear.  “When, then?” he asks her.  “Soon,” she replies.    Susie the humanist funeral celebrant pays Hayley a visit to discuss arrangements for the funeral and up in the flat the Croppers talk through Hayley’s wishes for her final send-off.  They talk about Hayley’s character and she reveals she’s not the goody-two-shoes that everyone thinks she is, saying she once dropped a bacon slice on the floor in the cafĂ© but kept it specially to serve up to the person who deserved it the most. “Tracy Barlow?” asks Roy.  Hayley nods. “Good work,” he responds.   

And finally this week, Jason’s dad Tony returns and no-one’s best pleased, not Jason, not Todd and it certainly hasn’t put a smile on Eileen’s face either, as you can imagine.  

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Anonymous said...

I hope the writers do a super job of salvaging this Tina/Peter spectacle.
When I saw the photo of the two of them in bed, I didn't think 'titillating', I thought 'sleazy'.

Anonymous said...

Great post!

Loving Deirdre but I am disappointed that she's letting Rob move in even after she worked out that they had staged the break-in.

Sick of the Tina nonsense.

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me why adult children continually sponge off their parents. They never seem to get their own places and then when they hook up with someone they move them into their parents home as well! Why do the parents put up with it. I'm so disappointed in Diedre why she would put up with that bitch Tracey who is a crap mother is beyond me. Talk about being a doormat.

ChiaGwen said...

Maybe Diedre has a few tricks up her sleeve to get back at Tracy and Rob - hope so!

Rosie said...

None of the young adults in the street have any guts or ambition, they're all not just still living at home with their parents but their spouses and partners are there as well. And the houses in the street seem to have elastic walls, where on earth do they all sleep? It's about time they packed up and moved out. There are plenty of empty flats.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I think like ChiaGwen. Deirdre didn't seem particularly submissive when she said Rob could move in. Perhaps she'll make ridiculous demands or make their lives unbearable. She could have said 'no' outright but the three of them under one roof might give us some laughs.

Anonymous said...

I hope Deirdre succeeds in splitting Tracy and Rob up and Tracy storms out in a huff - she'll not be missed by anyone!


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