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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Sunday 1 September

SUNDAY 1ST SEPTEMBER (one hour-long episode)
JASON SEES THE DARK SIDE OF KARL. When Karl laments to Dev it seems wrong to have a stag night without a wedding date, Jason enjoys taking the mickey and suggests Stella's having second thoughts. Karl fumes but Leanne assures Stella she must go ahead with her wedding as it's what Nick would want. Karl's stag night takes place in the Rovers but when Jason continues to goad Karl he flips and grabs hold of Jason, making a shock admission in a bid to scare him off.
HAYLEY STRUGGLES TO REMAIN OPTIMISTIC. Hayley's moved to tears when Roy surprises her with a special meal in the cafe to celebrate their third wedding anniversary.
CHESNEY’S IN A DILEMMA OVER FINISHING WITH SINEAD. Chesney admits to Fiz he's been an idiot and wishes he hadn't messed up with Sinead. Fiz meets Sinead for a drink and explains how Chesney only went back to Katy to be with his son and deeply regrets splitting up with her. How will Sinead respond?
Meanwhile Katy bumps into her friend Steph who talks Katy into going clubbing in town.
ELSEWHERE Under pressure from Gail, Kylie contemplates a DNA test.

JASON ROUSES DEV’S SUSPICIONS. Shocked at Karl’s confession, Jason threatens to call the police but Karl points out they’ll never believe him. Jason lashes out at Karl and a fight ensues before Dev enters the toilets and pulls the two men apart. Accusing Jason of jealousy Karl tells Stella she’s making a mockery of his stag do by refusing to commit. Grabbing Karl, Stella leads him back into the bar and announces they’re going ahead with the wedding. Everyone cheers while a shaken Jason confides in Dev, Karl admitted to torching his van, does that mean he was capable of setting fire to the Rovers too?
HAYLEY BRACES HERSELF FOR HOSPITAL. When Carla finds Hayley on Maxine’s bench, clearly worried about her operation, she does her best to reassure her before Roy accompanies Hayley to the hospital.
CHESNEY AND KATY ARE PARTED… FOREVER? Katy and Steph set off into town with two of Steph’s male mates. Sinead meanwhile laments to Beth how she misses Chesney and knows he’s split up with Katy. Sinead’s clearly in turmoil but when she spots Katy, Steph, Ben and Naz return from town, and then watches as Chesney steps in to protect Katy from Naz who’s coming on too strong, she’s more confused than ever about what’s going on.
ELSEWHERE Under pressure from Gail will Kylie agree to a DNA test?
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Anonymous said...

Run Sinead - Run!!

lizzieizzard said...

Yes run Sinead as fast as you can you'll never have happiness if you hang onto if only dreams.

Frosty the Snowman said...

So the Triangle Dull drags on, Chesney now prefers Sinead and Katie has a mardy face yet again. WHO CARES??

Carry On Blogging! said...

I agree with Frosty - Katy is dreadful and the character has long had nowhere to go! Sinesd I do like, she just needs a bit more oomph

Mad Hatter said...

Who in the production team or writers think this merry go round of the Chesney/Sinead/Katy love triangle is interesting? Actually most love triangles are just plain boring, sick of characters getting paired up and then separated over and over again, its such a waste.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Agree with the comments above. This love triangle is the most boring story line in a long time. Sinead's got something about her, though; dare I say it, she's got character rather than conventional good looks whereas Katy is the opposite. Whatever happened to sparky Chesney? He's dull, drab and acts about 50 years old. I'd like to know whether these teen storylines actually attract younger viewers.

Anonymous said...

Boomerang Katie - get rid already! How many times has she said she's leaving 'for good' and then is back in his face again? I doubt any girl that looks like Katie would put up with that boring Chesney for long. He and Eileen should get together. Totally the same personality -and a pair of cry-babies to boot!


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