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Wednesday 20 October 2010

Coronation Street Weekly Update, October 18, 2010

This week the update comes a few days later than normal as it’s been fighting off a bad cold and was laid low by the sneezes. But it’s now on the mend and so, without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

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Jack ‘half-man, half-hotpot’ Duckworth tastes his last hotpot at the Rovers with a wry smile on his face. No one knows it’s his last hotpot of course, and Betty thinks Jack’s just being soft in the head when he praises his lunch in the pub. But then, she doesn’t know what we know. Jack’s dying and he’s trying to make the most of life before he goes. And if Jack wants a final hot pot then that’s what Jack’ll have.

Over at the Stape’s, confusion still reigns as Brian hangs around, trying to remember to call his mucker Colin, John. And John keeps reminding him to do so while Fiz keeps reminding John how dangerous it is to have Brian around. So neither John nor Fiz are too happy to hear that Brian and Julie are out on a date as this could mean Brian’s hanging around a bit longer. They do their best to split up the happy couple, reminding Julie that Brian’s still married and ringing Brian’s wife to let her know he’s on the prowl with a certain Miss Carp of the parish.
Brian and Julie would have made a wonderful couple, Julie had even named their kids (Lottie and Pedro in case you’re interested) but their romance is cut cruelly short by John and Fiz’s interference although Brian still hangs around the Stape household like a bad smell and hides in a cupboard. It’s all been farcical, comedy stuff which I think is just what John needs when he’s murdered someone and buried their body in the foundations of a knicker factory after rolling them up in Fiz’s best rug.

Sally and Kevin celebrate their wedding anniversary with a trip to Madrid. And I can’t say I blame them one bit, having been there for the first time ever earlier this year. It’s magic, is Madrid. While they’re away, Rosie sets the kitchen on fire then ropes in Jason Grimshaw to fix it up before her folks return, all the time batting her cleavage at Jason.

She was wearing something, I’m sure, was Rosie, I’m just not sure what it was. It sort of covered where it touched and some of her chest was covered with something, leaving nothing much to the imagination. Which is perfect for Jason as he doesn’t like to think too hard, it hurts his toes.
In the Rovers, Graeme attacks David when he finds out what he almost did to Tina. Such is Graeme’s rage it rattles David no end and he storms off in Audrey’s car later, nicking the keys from the salon without Audrey’s say so. As the car drives back to the cobbles later, Graeme’s crossing the road and the car drives straight towards him and runs him down flat. Cue Graeme in hospital, Tina in tears, Gail in denial and David confused, insisting he can’t remember anything about the crash, not one bit. That still doesn’t stop him from being arrested on suspicion of attempted murder although he’s later released on bail.

At Underworld, Nick demands his one hundred and thirty thousand pounds from Carla for his share of the factory. Carla gives him five thousand pounds less than he asks for, she’s no mug but he is and he takes the money and runs to his solicitor to get his hands on the deeds of the new bar. Leanne fills it up with fixtures and fittings and fit fellas when she offers Ciaran a job as their chef.

And finally, Claire’s mum wants Claire and Ashley to move to France and start a new life running a B&B and selling artisan sausages. Claire’s keen but Ashley’s not and tells her where she can stick her sausages, artisan or not. However, as we all know that Claire keeps Ashley’s meat-balls in her handbag, it’ll not be too long before it’s au revoir Ashley.

And that's just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Carmel Morgan, Jan McVerry, Jayne Hollinson and Mark Burt.

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Anonymous said...

Loved the sincere little look Betty gave Jack while they chatted over the hot pot!


The Garden Pixie said...

So is Cieran not taking the "top job" in Glasgow now? I presume not. His acting hasnt got any better, he just grins. Will be a good match for Tracy when she returns.


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