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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Suranne Jones' Corrie connections

JW Lees Brewery in Manchester have brewed up a very special Coronation Street ale for the soap's 50th anniversary. We're big fans of the beer here on the blog, indeed, there's a bottle or two in our kitchen! Anyway, JW Lees have started an advertising billboard campaign using an image of Suranne Jones as Corrie's Karen McDonald.  JW Lees especially wanted to use an image of Karen as there’s a link to the brewery. Suranne Jones, who played Karen for four years in the show, has a long family history with JW Lees Brewery. Her dad Chris has worked as an engineer at the Brewery for over 25 years.

Suranne’s granddad also used to work at the Brewery for over 50 years as the bottling manager then in later years as the caretaker. Bobby Knox used to live in a house within the brewery site, but since he passed away in 1992, it was then that JW Lees decided to turn the building into an on-site bar to allow visitors to sample the range of beers the Brewery produces. This facility was refurbished in June 2008, and re-named as Knox’s Cottage in honour of Bobby. The guest of honour who officially opened Knox’s Cottage was none other than Coronation Street actress Suranne Jones, so it all fits in well.

JW Lees have been brewing Coronation Street premium ale since April 2009, and it’s now available in draught and in 500ml bottles. For more info, visit

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bbhilda said...

I sampled the Coronation Street ale (all evening) at our party at the Castlefield last May, and was very impressed with it - and I am not usually a beer drinker! What was even better than the taste though was the fact that I didn't have a trace of a hangover next day! ;-)


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