Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sneak Preview of next week's Corrie, November 1 - 5

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 1 to Friday 5 November

Kevin finds out he’s the dad, John’s paranoid over mystery stalker, Sophie’s 16th party gets out of hand, Ciaran and Michelle leave the Rovers and Becky and Steve pay £20k for Max.
The full weekly preview, with loads of pictures, is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?
Catch up with the Coronation Street weekly updates.


seapenguin said...

The £20K story sounds flaming horrendous, sorry.

Tracy said...

Who played the drag king at Sophie Webster's party?

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