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Tuesday 26 October 2010

Inconclusive: Mon Oct 25, 2010 Corrie Episode Review



Written by Chris Fewtrell, directed by Durno Johnston

Well, our blogger seapenguin has gotten her wish: Eddie’s back!  The slimy cad that he is, he sees that someone has left flowers on the stoop of Underworld, and of course heOct-25-2010-Underworld-Flowers steals them.  Eddie gives a beaming and surprised Anna the bouquet of flowers.  Of course, a delighted Anna fries up some sausages for a well-deserved Eddie.  When Anna opens up the flowers she finds an envelope containing a card.  As she blushes, Eddie reels.  Anna opens the envelope to find a card that says “rest in peace.”  CLEARLY not the sentiment she was hoping for.  Anna figures he’s driven past a cemetery and swiped them, accuses him of being a grave robber and beats him with the bouquet. 

David is sulking this morning, since he believes he’s a condemned man.  Gail was going to do him a fry-up.  Yeah, that’ll settle his stomach.  Audrey arrives and Gail warns her about David’s mood.  Which, you’d think would be understandable?  Does anyone have to Oct-25-2010-Bitter-David remind Gail of the kind of gobbly-gook she resembled when she was on trial!?  Audrey figures that the medical evidence will “explain everything.”  Does anything that people claims “explains everything” ever explain everything?  David is upset about being epileptic and tries to make jokes about the possibility of him drowning in the bath.  Um, perhaps he should take showers from now on. 

At the hospital, it’s time for Graeme go to home.  Tina wants him to hurry up so that they don’t miss David’s trial.  But, Graeme seems hesitant about going.  Gee, I wonder why?  Graeme and Tina return to the street where they bump into Gail.  She tells them that David is hurt, ill and scared.  Tina believes the ill part, but that’s about it.  Gail tells Graeme that David is very sorry about what happened to Graeme and he didn’t mean it.  Audrey returns and tells Gail that they’ve sent David’s case to trial.  Until they’ve got a firm diagnosis they reckon it’s inconclusive.  In the meantime, they’ve bailed David to Audrey’s house as a condition.  He needs to keep away from Tina and Graeme which means he has to stay away from Coronation Street. Oct-25-2010-Becky-Steve

Becky plays mum to Max when Kylie’s playing away in Cyprus.  She doesn’t seem too bothered by it if you ask me, but Steve does.  You know, if anyone still cares what he thinks or how he feels.  Amy drew a picture of a crocodile in anticipation of their trip to the zoo and Becky asks if it’s Nana Deirdre.  Ha-ha.  Becky notices that the drawing is on the back of a piece of paper and races inside in a hurry confusing Steve.  It seems that the paper was a notice for social services next visit.  Which, is today.  GREAT.  Becky lies to social services saying that Kylie had just popped out but will be back for when they get here.  She panicked and didn’t know what else to say.  Steve wonders what she’s going to do, have Scottie beam Kylie up in the smoking shelter?!  Apparently, Kylie has pushed back this meeting with social services four times, so she can’t even reschedule.  Becky asks Claire for some advice on what to do, and Claire Oct-25-2010-Cheryl-Chris figures she could lie about Kylie being taken ill. Why don’t the just tell the truth and see what they can do about fostering Max instead?  Since Kylie’s so unfit and all.  Surely, family gets priority.  But, no, instead Becky decides to pretend she’s Kylie. 

Chris has the nerve to complain to Cheryl about how Maria turned him down since “someone” told her about his wife-beating ways.  How DARE that “someone” try to warn an innocent woman away from a batterer?  Lloyd threatens Cheryl (again) that if Lloyd warns women away from him again, he’ll have to look out for himself.  This man is all kinds of wrong.  This Cheryl actually tells Lloyd to “quit provoking” Chris.  He was only warning his FRIEND Maria of this psycho.  That’s hardly with the number one intent of provoking Chris.  I can’t reallyOct-25-2010-Molly-Tyrone stand Cheryl or any of her lot to be honest. 

Molly and Tyrone are happy that Jack has more time to spend with Baby Jack.  Tyrone sadly says he wishes things were different.  Molly says that they should probably bring the christening forward, since…well.  Tyrone says that he wants Jack there so he’ll give the vicar a ring.  It’s all set – they can move the christening forward.  Jack insists that he wants to pay for a top spread out at the Rovers.  Tyrone and Molly insist they can’t take his money.  I agree with Jack – what’s he going to do with it?  Does anyone wonder if his SON Terry knows about how sick he is?  Well, I suppose he’d only come back to try and take his father’s money in that case.  Nevermind I mentioned anything! 


Written by Damon Rochefort, directed by Durno Johnston

Becky is in the middle of her scam, pretending to be Kylie, for the social worker.  The situation just gets worse when Steve tries to crack some jokes.  Oh, boy.  How will this one end?  The social worker asks how things are going with Max and then notes the lovely smell coming from the kitchen and that she’s not had lunch yet.  Well, this one knows how to oil it!  Well, after the social worker has her hot pot, Oct-25-2010-Steve-Becky-scaredOwen barges in saying that Michelle let him through.  Becky and Steve are stunned into silence.  Is Owen going to blow their cover like he blew John’s the other week?!  Steve manages to get rid of Owen quickly.  The social workers asks if Becky is around, but they say she’s out shopping.  The social worker says she could hang on a bit longer for Becky to come back and requests biscuits now.  Becky has woken Max up and brought him down to see the social worker.  Great, cause kids are terrible liars.  They try to get Max out of the room before he can really say anything.  Max says that he’s hungry so Steve figures they really better get the tea on.  They try to hush the social worker out and they manage to do just that.  Before she leaves she says that she still will need to see Becky and that she’ll be in touch about rescheduling.  Well, there’s another hurdle ahead I suppose.  Steve gets angry at Becky for neglecting Amy and all. 

In the mystery of the stolen flowers, Anna tries to get to the bottom of it.  Eddie claims they were left on the steps of Underworld and so Anna goes over and asks Julie if she’d seen them there.  Julie is confused as to why some “rest in peace” flowers would be left there.  Julie brings the flowers in and the factory girls wonder who would leaveOct-25-2010-John-scared these flowers thinking they were left for Tony, of course.  Sally thinks that Tony was such a control freak she wouldn’t be shocked if he ordered those flowers to be sent before his blaze-of-glory as a sick joke.  She could write thrillers with those hypotheses.  They all are glad that Carla’s not there, since it’s the last thing she’d need. 

The factory girls take the flowers to the Rovers later and discuss more about what they could be all about.  They tell Michelle all about the flowers and how it might be a sick prank because of Tony.  Michelle asks the factory girls not to say anything to Carla about the flowers, perchance it might upset her.  They agree, then John arrives and asks what she’s on about.  John tries to keep calm as he realizes who the flowers might be for and that they’re not for Tony OR his accomplice.  Fiz tells him it’s weird, isn’t it?  John figures it’s a wrong delivery.  Hardly! 

Graeme convinces Tina to let him go down to the pub to have a drink.  They meet Ashley there who is still in cahoots with Claire over moving to France.  Ashley gets very dramatic about it all saying that his kids will forget English and all and he won’t be able to speak to them.  Graeme tells him that all marriages go through bad patches (what would he know?).  Ashley says that his and Claire’s marriage has so many bad patches it could make an ugly quilt!  Graeme and Tina end up having to carry a wasted Graeme home from the Rovers.  Really, great that Graeme’s injured and all.  They bring Ashley back to their flat to sober him up as Tina calls Claire to tell her what’s gone on.  Graeme and Tina watch True Blood with Ashley passed out between them on the sofa. 

Audrey takes a chance to moan about her life saying that at 70 she thought she’d be sunning it up, not playing “The Shawshank Redemption” with her grandson.  Oh please, she had her chance to sun it up.  David – once again – claims none of this is his fault.  After his tea at his Gran’s David goes up to his room to seek solace in video games.  What is a boy to do? 

Sally is in her kitchen cooking up tea and figures she can surely smell paint or glue or something.  She asks Sophie if she can’t smell it either but Sophie says it’s just garlic.  Oct-25-2010-Scary-Mary Molly pops by with Baby Jack and Sally is very happy to see him.  Molly tells her that the christening is definitely next Thursday.  Molly asks Sally how Madrid was and she says that it was lovely and they were well fed.  Sally asks Molly if she can’t smell paint and Molly says she can.  Uh-oh.  Kevin comes home to find Sophie cuddling baby Jack and she offers to have Kevin hold him.  Kevin gets a chance later to hold his son and says that he’s perfect.  Later, Kevin gets mad at Molly for “ambushing him” but Molly tells him to deal with it. Sophie tries to cover for Rosie but opening a bottle of nailpolish and hiding it on the window sill to guise as the paint scents. 

In lesser news, Mary is very upset about all of the competition prizes that she and Norris have been losing lately.  What on earth would she do with a grille and rotisserie?  Mary dreams about a lost holiday where she would have been sipping on a dubonnet and recharging her batteries.  What exactly does she do that expends said batteries?  Norris suggests she needs a break, but she thinks that he’s wearing himself down to a stump in there and perhaps he needs a break.  No, he was always that stumpy.  Mary insists they go away for a weekend, but Norris insists that won’t be a good idea – considering last time!  With the looming threat of Mary working for him, Norris pumps out his best apology to Tina in hopes of getting her back to work in the Kabin.  Tina sees the tight spot he’s in and takes her chance to demand a raise and a flexible schedule and she gets it. 


- Audrey: “Good morning, dear.  It’s bitter out there.”  Gail: “Not much different in here [with David].  Mind the egg-shells.”  OUCH! Oct-25-2010-Nana-Deirdre

- Anna is very nice to show Gail some compassion with what she’s going through with David.  Especially after all of the tension that David has caused her family. 

- Amy: “Look at my drawing Becky.”  Becky: “Oh, is that Nana Deirdre?” Amy: “No, its a crocodile like at the zoo.”  (It was clearly a crocodile) Ha-ha.  

- Anna opening the card that her “flowers from Eddie” came with, anticipating a love note and finding “rest in peace.”  Ha-Ha. 

- The looks on Steve’s face were PRICELESS as Becky pretended to be Kylie in front of the social worker.  It was worth watching these scenes just for those gurns! 

- Mary to Norris:  “You need a break, and a younger pair of hands to support you behind…the counter.” 

- Sophie: “Mum, that’s an old wives tale.”  Sally: “Yeah, well I’m an old wife.” 


- Who steals flowers?!

- David is afraid that having epilepsy will mean that his life is over.  Um, no actually, prison for attempted murder means your life is over. 

- Graeme’s barely out of hospital, and Tina’s hurrying him up to get to David’s trial so she can exact her vengeance.  If anyone’s more bitter than David, it’s her.

- Cheryl telling Lloyd to stop “provoking” Chris when he tried to warn Maria of him.  She clearly only cares about her own well-being.  


Sea Penguin said...

Loved Audrey's Shawshank redemption line!

Sea Penguin said...

Fainted when I saw eddie, so, update is great as I missed much of the rest of it ;)

Anonymous said...

There was some great dialogue between Claire and Ashley last night - can't remember it now, but it had me laughing out loud. I will be sad to see them go.

gadgee said...

Claire: Apparently if you cross a one-humped camel with a two-humped camel, you get a camel with one big hump.
Ash: I know how it feels!

They were good last night, but mostly they just irritate me these days and I'll be glad to see the back of the Peacocks.
Very good episodes overall I thought. I feel really sorry for David. Steve and Becky with the social worker was great, and I loved Becky's line about Amy's drawing of a crocodile.
And I agree about Anna - she's a lovely lady.

Unknown said...

Laughed out loud when Ashely was singing the dah-dah-dah-dah part of"I Love You Baby" as he was helped down the street and then it cut to the same part of the song playing in the Rovers.

The Garden Pixie said...

Sorry gadgee but Ashley and Clare were dire in my opinion, forgot what a shrew she is and how glad I will be to see the back of her, shame Ashley isnt allowed to stay though when she goes to France - Au Revior!

The Garden Pixie said...

Oops sorry gadgee it was Anonmymous above I didnt agree with, havent got my spex on!

Anonymous said...

I remember Carla saying that 'I'm an old wife' line on Cheers years ago. I can still see her face saying it too. Sheesh, I'm getting old!

Sea Penguin said...

Another old one that made me smile was Owen saying, does Rose Kennedy have a black dress - I remember Michael Douglas saying it in a really world weary way in some film or other


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