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Saturday 30 October 2010

Coronation Street weekly awards, October 25 - 29

There's life in the old dog yet award: Cheeky star: Jack the Lad.

Heart was in the right place award: Gold Star: Well, at least Eddie was trying even if he didn't bother to read the card with the flowers before giving them to Anna. "Rest in Peace" indeed.

Heart was in the wrong place award: Gold Star: Ashley's heart attack turned into heartburn but he pretended otherwise so he wouldn't have to move to France. Right motivation, wrong method.

Have you lost your tiny mind award: Gold star: Kylie plans to move to Cyprus with her kid for a man who doesn't even speak English and then offered to sell Max to Becky and Steve for 20 grand. Greedy cow.
Silver star: Why would Norris even consider a weekend away with Mary after the last time? 

I'm a good boy, I am award: Whining star: Chris threatened Lloyd for telling Maria he's a violent man. Irony, much?

Mystery of the week: Who's sending the flowers to the factory? Guesses on a postcard. John's certainly freaking out - but we know why.

Fashion accessory of the week: Becky's ear-rings.

Lines of the week:

Audrey: "It's bitter out there" Gail: "Not much better in here. Mind the eggshells"
Graeme: "It was watching Carry On Nurse on a Sunday afternoon that I realised I'd become a man" and "Some things are worth pulling stitches for"
Jack: "Never got RTerry christened. Look how he turned out? If he tried it now, he'd get third degree burns" (And has anyone actually told Terry about Jack? and I hope Jack has an iron clad will made up.)
Graeme: "All marriages have bad patches." Ashley: "Well this one's had enough patches to make a quilt"
Claire: "I see you found your way home" Ashley: "I just followed the trail of storm clouds"
Becky to Kylie: "If I'd known you were coming I'd have baked a cake. Or changed the locks."


Adriana Stropalopodus said...

Most unbelievable character award: Dimitri. Almost all Greek Cypriots would speak English as a second language and with most Brits flocking to the bars in Aya Napa he wouldnt get very far with the lack of English that we are supposed to believe he has. Do the scriptwriters think we find it funny to have a foreigner mocked in this way? Get yourselves into the 21st century.

Rachel said...

Talking of the 21st century, why is it OK to have Jack slapping Michelle's backside just because he has a terminal illness? Would it be ok for him to punch someone in the face because he's going to die soon?

The Garden Pixie said...

Actually Rachel, I thought the same thing when Jack smacked Michelle in the backside. That could be construed as sexual assault and Jack could have been carted off to the police station. I didnt think men still got away with behaving in this appalling way and I surprised that the normally mouthy Michelle didnt kick off!

Sea Penguin said...

I agree re. Jack's backside slap. I didn't think it was appropriate. Also, I reckon Jack's led a pretty full life when it comes to "the ladies" - I don't think slapping a woman's bottom and going to a lap-dancing club would be on his list of "ooh - racey things I must do before I pop me clogs" - he'll have done it all a hundred times before and good flaming luck to him.

Kylie O'Reilly said...

Graeme: "All marriages have bad patches." Ashley: "Well this one's had BAD enough patches to make AN UGLY quilt"


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