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Friday 22 October 2010

What About Max?: Thu Oct 21, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Damon Rochefort, directed by Pip Short

Graeme continues to lie unconscious in hospital with Tina dutifully at his side wondering if he’ll ever awaken.  Tina is delighted as Graeme does awake when she moistens his  lips with water on a Q-tip.  Tina calls the nurse in and he says that it’s great that Graeme is sleeping naturally without sedatives and that he should be healing up and it’ll take some time, but he is healing.  He tells Tina to go home and get some proper rest.  Graeme wants to know here he is and what happened, and she says it was David.  Oct-21-2010-Graeme-awake

It’s a quiet morning at the Platts when Gail just wants to know from David what happened.  David insists that he doesn’t remember anything and wonders if he wants her to make something up.  David snaps at his mum yelling that he doesn’t remember anything.  Gail reminds him that the police have a good motive, but he still insists that it wasn’t like that.  David realizes that his mother doesn’t  believe a word he’s saying.

David shows up at Graeme’s hospital room to a predictably angry Tina who asks what the hell he’s doing there.  She figures he’s there to finish off the job and put a pillow over his face.  David tells Graeme that he’d never hurt him and he doesn’t know what happened – Oct-21-2010-David-Gran-hughonest.  Graeme says that he’s played some pretty nasty tricks in his time and shame on him for letting him get away with them for so long.  He says he’s going down for this but not just for him but for everyone he’s ever hurt.  David is gobsmacked at hearing his best friend say these words.  Does anyone feel sorry for him? 

Audrey tells Gail later that she should stick by David since he did for her all those months later.  Gail is siding with Tina, but Audrey thinks that Tina’s had it in for David.  David insists that he didn’t want to hurt Graeme, since he’s one of the only people that cares about him.  Audrey wonders if David has had a breakdown.  She and Gail are shocked to see David with a packed bag wanting to flee Weatherfield.  Audrey reminds him that this isn’t “The Fugitive” and wonders where he’ll go.  Perhaps he’ll take Joe’s old maps.  Gail reminds David that he just has to face this.  David cries and breaks down that he just doesn’t remember anything and sobs in his Gran’s arms.  Later, the police grill David about running down Graeme but once again, he insists he doesn’t remember.  David is officially charged with attempted murder.  Oct-21-2010-Claire-Ashley-sale

Claire is still chipping away at her “Little Englander” husband by teaching their sons French.  Ashley thinks that Claire’s insensitive towards Graeme and all she can think about his France while he’s lying up in hospital.  Claire is royally perturbed as she finds Ashley taking down their “for sale” sign in the front of their home.  Looks like Ashley’s fighting back in the battle of Weatherfield vs. Brittany.  Ashley says he’s taken the house off the market. 

Steve can’t stop complaining about Kylie and now he’s on the fact that she’s always got nightsin  out when they’re stuck watching her Oct-21-2010-Becky-Steve-snog son.  This is what you wanted, isn’t it?  Another child?  How soon do we forget that they also have another child – Amy – that they’d have to care for as well stopping them from painting the town a shade of red.  Steve reckons that the more Becky does for Kylie, the more she’ll take advantage.  Becky is shocked to see Kylie at breakfast, and Kylie says she’s got her hangovers beat now with a non-lethal combo of lager and tequila.  That doesn’t sound right, does it?  Kylie tells Becky and Steve that an old mate of hers has invited her to go on holiday.  Becky finally says “What about Max?”  Steve isn’t happy when Becky says she’s going into town to get Max some new shoes. This kid probably has more clothes than Paris Hilton’s dog at this point!  Steve and Becky warn Kylie about abandoning Max for two weeks on holiday, but Kylie informs them that Max is going with her since her mate Cassie is also bringing her two children.  Wow, this sounds like a horrible idea. 

Was anyone forgetting about Jay-Ro?  Jason’s still mending the Webster’s kitchen under Rosie’s supervision.  Rosie is all smiles and screams when she gets a call that she has aOct-21-2010-Rosie-Jason-model modelling gig since some other slapper model drops out.  She tries to get a cab, but it’ll be forty minutes.  It’s a modelling emergency after all!  Jason asks her why she just doesn’t google another cab firm, and Rosie says because she has to be there in half an hour.  I guess the only thing that Rosie can google under half an hour is men’s eyes!  Jason tells her to calm down, but she says that it’s lingerie modelling and they’re paying loads.  Jason heard the word “lingerie” and immediately drove her.

At the shoot, Jason wonders why there’s a green screen.  Rosie has to point out that they’re going to photoshop a spaceship background in with some mad aliens.  Because aliens and space travel really sells lingerie…?    Rosie has to tell Jason to stay away and stop Oct-21-2010-Jason-Rosie-Snog touching things.  Jason picks up some jockey briefs and wonders what kind of bloke would wear those.  Rosie tells him to stop fingering the merchandise since he looks like a pervert.  She’d know!  The photographer is in a tizzy since the male model has had a better offer and isn’t coming and they’ll have to cancel.  Rosie insists they can’t since this job will pay for a handbag.  Priorities, people.  Rosie thinks quick on her stilettos and throws Jason in as the male model.  All the sudden, when she needs it be, Jason is totally “buff” and the reining Mr. Gay Weatherfield.  Jason can’t believe he’s doing this and figures that the pants he’s modelling barely cover the basics.  Erm, how much basics has he got?  What some people will do for two hundred quid.  Jason quickly gets comfortable behind the camera, and er, Rosie.  Later, Jason drops Rosie off and tells her he’ll be back tomorrow morning.  Rosie gives him her come-hither look and Jason understands quickly and the two kiss up against Kevin’s media centre before proceeding to rip one another’s scant clothing off andOct-21-2010-Carla-Michelle toppling to the floor.  You’ll just have to use your imagination for the rest, folks.

Carla takes the time to go down to the Rovers to fiddle with a bottle of water and to moan on about her business woes (and men woes) to Michelle.  As though the two spiders between Michelle’s ears know anything about what she’s going on about.  Michelle tells Carla about some t-shirt that Ryan wanted back in the day that was velcro and came with letters that you could stick on to make different phrases.  Wow, don’t wash that more than once.  Carla reckons that it’s a good idea.  Yeah, cause it was someone else’s.  Well, Stokes loved the idea and he’s buying it.  Carla is very pleased with Michelle and invites her to work for her. 


- Yay, for Graeme waking up!  We all knew he’d be fine, but I’m still happy he’s on the mend!

- Rosie, on the phone to Eileen in the cab office: “I need a cab.  It’s a modelling emergency.  *pause* Hello?  Hello?” 

- Steve to Becky: “You’re a fool.”  Becky as she takes his wallet: “No, I ain’t.” 

- Gail to David: “Where have you been, I’ve been worried!”  David: “What that I’ve been out knicking cars and mowing down bus queues in my dinner hour.”  Audrey: “You alright sweetheart?”  That Audrey. 

- Rosie talking about “Flash” the photographer: “He’s amazing, he’s given a lot of other girls their first leg up.”  Jason: “Yeah, I bet.” 

- “In space, no one can hear you scream.”  That’s all.  Just thought it beared repeating. 

- I did kind of feel bad for David when he was sobbing in his Gran’s arms with his knapsack packed ready to run away from home. 


- Gail dealing with “David and the truth” again.  Why can’t she just take a spectators seat this time ‘round.  I know he’s guilted her for standing by her at her trial, but she’s done this so many times with him already.  Plus, I can’t stand that shallow whispering she does around him. 

- That rotten Kylie for taking advantage.  Although, is anyone shocked?  No, not me.  I’m not even interested to be honest. 

- Since when were Michelle and Carla bezzie mates?  Did I miss something? Way to force a new storyline. 

- Rosie getting upset that an entire photoshoot will be cancelled since that means she won’t get a hand bag.  What. an. idiot. 

- Could Jason have looked anymore uncomfortable at that photoshoot? 


Rachel said...

I loved Rosie and Jason, they're made for each other. Re: those velcro letter t-shirts - they were fashionable about 5 years ago!

The Garden Pixie said...

How contrived was the Michcarla partnership? Only five minutes ago Carla was saying the exact same thing to Trevor, come and work for me and look how that turned out! Michelle certainly wears some nice clothes for someone on "a few pence above the minimum wage" as well!!

Tvor said...

It does seem a bit unfair that Gail isn't taking David's side when she defended him and made excuses for him against everything and everyone in every past thing he's done, even when he pushed her down the stairs.

Anonymous said...

Any idea where I could get my hands on a white shirt similar to the one that David Platt wore on his recent visit to court? (Dazzling white shirt with black buttons)


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