Sunday, 17 October 2010

Weekly awards, Oct 11 - 15

I've been on my holidays and only just caught up! Let's get right back into it, shall we?
Fashion Don't of the week: What on earth was Ryan wearing? All he needed with that white shirt, collar and CARDY was a bow tie!! I bet Norris has one or two to spare.

Fashionista award of the week:
Julie's fab pink halter dress with pink hearts!

I'm sure I've got the wrong end of the stick award: Gold Star: Emily reminiscing about her first time in a posh restaurant. Steve thinking she's talking about a lap dancing club.
Silver Star: Norris found out he jumped to the wrong conclusion about who was guilty about the identity theft.

I appear to have got the right end of the stick award: Gold Star: Graeme found out about David's attack on Tina. The dirt hits the fan and Graeme ended up broken on the cobbles.

I thought I was in the clear award: Gold Star: John Stape... it's all starting up again! John Who? Mr. Big?? and Fiz is getting fed up.

Liar Liar award: Oh heavens, even Fiz is lying and cooking up stories. Poor Julie is getting the short end of it all.

Nudge Nudge wink wink award: Flickering star: Brian winks at John so much it's like he's got a nervous tick!

Will someone hire this woman award: Gold Star: Gail needs to get a job and stop nosing on the neighbours through the salon blinds.

Heartbreaker award: Gold star: Finding out Jack only has weeks to live and seeing him swap memories with Betty, calling the baby "Puddleduck", making everyone happy anonymously, and all the rest.

Lines of the Week:
Brian "At least you know you've got someone to talk to! I always thought we were more than just colleagues you know" (John ..."Wha?")
Brian "Just one question... who's John?"
Graeme "I feel like i'm losing my entreprenerial mojo."
Norris "How many bananas do you think I weigh?" (a bunch? hah!)
Rosie "It's my origami day" Sian "I think she means tsunami"
Norris "Do you want me to grovel?" Rita "Do you know, I hadn't thought of that but I quite like the idea." Emily "*I'd* like to see you grovel!"
Graeme about David "Under that bitter and twisted veneer lies a very sensitive young man"
Fiz to John "I don't know about witnessing a murder, I think I'm about to commit one!" John "Looking on the bright side, at least he believed me!" (and that's a good thing?)
Brian's wife Margaret "Julie Luv, book yourself an eye test and self esteem lessons"

I seriously don't believe that Dev would spend a half hour sticking spoons to his face. This is the man who was dressed to the nines and was comparing himself to the plumage of the Bird of Paradise last week.

How did a little fire extinguisher put out a fire in the whole kitchen? And how did Rosie have the presence of mind to do it?


Cheryl said...

Ryan discovered a pair of scissors, I see... but now he looks like an OAP

Rachel said...

I went to a wedding on Saturday; one of the guests was called John Fishwick. I did laugh, but unfortunately the man was not a Corrie fan and didn't know what I was on about ;-(

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