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Thursday 21 October 2010

The Attempted Murder of Graeme Proctor: Mon Oct 18, 2010 Corrie Episode Review



Written by Mark Burt, directed by Pip Short

The police want to have a word with Ashley Peacock after the car crash occurred. Ashley is concerned with Graeme, but Claire is more concerned with house-hunting.  ClaireOct-18-2010-Claire-Yvonne says that all they have on Coronation Street is bad memories and she needs to escape.  Ashley’s mood doesn’t improve when Claire tells him that her mother is stopping by.  Claire’s mum tells Claire all about the cafe/delicatessen across the way.  She figures that she and her Ned will go into business on the cafe/delicatessen and she wants Ashley and Claire to come to Brittany with them.  Double good news, since Claire’s estate agent thinks they have a buyer!  Claire’s mum has managed to completely drown Claire in this fantasie-francaise.  Claire tells Ashley all about it, and his reaction is predictable: no way! 

In the hospital, the detectives come to question Tina, who’s keeping a bedside vigil in Graeme’s hospital suite.  The detective says he needs to bring her in for questioning.  Tina tells the detective that David was deliberate in hitting Graeme with his Gran’s car.  Tina tells Oct-18-2010-Tina-sobbing the detective all, and what the fight was about in tears.  Tina tells the detective how she’s lost so much because of David. Perhaps she should leave to Brittany with the Peacock’s in that case.  As she leaves, the detective asks her if she’s sure that David didn’t hurt her, to which she replies, “no more than usual.” 

Meanwhile, at home, David finds that Graeme is in stable condition and that he lied about being his brother in America to get the information.  David is frustrated at how he cannot remember anything that happened during the crash.  He insists to Gail that he doesn’t know anything, even though she tries to help him out and asks about the fight in the pub.  Audrey in Gail are in the corner shop later where Dev tells them all about how the fight happened in the Rovers.  Gail wants the truth and demands it from David later and she gets some version of it.  Just as Gail gets a story, the police arrive and arrest David for attempted murder. 

Becky’s in love with Max and treating him like her own son, when Kylie continues to screw things up by skipping off work at Roy’s all week.  Kylie pretends to be sick as aOct-18-2010-Becky-Max reason for being late to her shift.  She doesn’t show up on time, she hasn’t been coming into work all week and she didn’t call him to say she was sick.  Oh, then she steals a sweet bun for her son and doesn’t think she needs to pay for it.  Roy patiently warns her that if she continues, she’ll be sacked.  She should already be sacked with that attitude! 

Rosie couldn’t pull her belt top up any higher, so instead she just looks akin to a stuffed sausage.  Which, is perfect for her since she’s planning on seducing a builder into doing the kitchen at cost.  An over-organized Sophie is shocked that Rosie is planning on doing this, but isn’t really surprised I suppose.  Rosie reckons she’ll get a fifty percent discount, bare-minimum.  Bare minimum, indeed.  Sophie just Oct-18-2010-Leanne-happy tells Rosie to make sure that the builder doesn’t try to give her some dodgy wallpaper – it has to match.  Yeah, the OLD dodgy wallpaper?  Rosie answers the door, only to find that Owen has sent Jason.  Jason and Rosie flirt heavily as he finishes the kitchen. 

Leanne is business-woman supreme now that she’s got her bar project back on the table.  She and Nick seem to work quite well together, despite all all that has transpired between them over the years.  Must be that soap magic.  Leanne gives Nick the cost outlines for the open and he’s shocked.  Looks like someone is going to have to come up with the dosh and soon.  Nick visits Carla and asks for his share and threatens that he’ll sell to someone else if she doesn’t pay up and soon.  Meanwhile, Peter tries to continue his support of Carla and her alcoholism, but she brushes him off as per usual.  Carla assures him that she won’t start hitting the bottle again over the likes of Nick Tilsley.  Later, in Roy’s Leanne tells Ciaran that they’re after a chef if he’s interested, and he takes her up on her offer.  Looks like this bar is full-steam ahead!  That is, if Nick gets his funds. 


Written by Mark Burt, directed by Pip Short

Gail and Audrey are in upset again after David is taken away by the police – again.  In his coma, Tina tries to tell Graeme that David will be locked up for good after what sheOct-18-2010-David-trouble told him.  Tina gets confused when the nurse tells her that Graeme’s “brother from America” called asking about him.  David tries to tell his solicitor that he cannot remember what happened in the crash.  The solicitor tells David that this case is NOT looking good for him.  At the station, the police grill David and his solicitor can’t say much on his behalf.  Back at home, Gail thinks it’s actually a good idea to go talk to Tina.  Can this woman make matters worse, or what?  Tina tells Gail that she has no idea how she feels.  Gail asks Tina for the truth, and Tina gives it to her.  As much as Gail doesn’t want to believe it, she has to.  Tina tells Gail that David is capable of many things, but he hasn’t got rape in him.  But, attempted murder is another thing.  Tina tries to tell Gail how obsessed that David is.  David comes home later, and he figures he’s done for this time and he hopes Graeme doesn’t die.  Gail wants to know why David lied to her, but he claims that he didn’t.  Gail says she wants to believe in him, and he plays the “just like I believed in you” card and sarcastically says she’s the best.  Near tears, he gets up and goes to his room leaving Gail looking as guilted as every. 

Claire and her mum try to convince Ashley further to move to France, but he’s giving some resistance.  I don’t know why we bother with all this song and dance when we Oct-18-2010-Jason-shirtless know that Ashley has no say in anything in this marriage. 

Becky accuses Kylie of ruining her job at Roy’s on purpose and that she’s ashamed of her.  Becky tells Kylie that she’s going to have to beg for her job back or she can clean the loos in the Rovers.  Kylie apologizes to Roy under duress by Becky and she gets her job back.  Only because Roy is such a great man.  Becky and Steve argue over how to deal with Kylie and Steve thinks she should put her foot down, but Becky wants to be a good sister. 

I don’t think the kitchen at the Webster’s has been so steamy since the last time Sally made broccoli.  Jason takes off his top to work bare-chested since he claimed that it was quite hot in there.  Isn’t that a health and safety violation?  Perhaps he just felt over-dressed in Rosie’s presence.  Rosie has theOct-18-2010-Carla-tired nerve to criticize Jason’s physique and claims that he’s vain.  That’s the kettle calling the kitchen black.  Someone must have turned on the air at the Websters because both Jason and Rosie are fully shirted up in the next scenes.  Rosie says that Jason has to take back the wallpaper and get the proper match.  He submits to her demands, but only because he’s a professional. 

Well, Wonder Woman has done it.  Carla has come up with the cash for Nick.  She’s not given him the complete value, but she says that she hasn’t got it today.  So it’s his choice – take it or leave it.  He of course, has no choice but to take it.  Who knows where Carla got the cash from, but she doesn’t look as happy as she seemed about it.  Carla’s avoiding the booze at the bar, and gets snappy when Leanne wants to know how she got her hands on the money so quick.  Carla’s clearly stressed and apologizes to Leanne, as Michelle wonders if she’s alright.  Carla tells the ladies that she re-mortgaged her flat a few weeks back and Leanne wants to know if she’s joking.  Carla figures it’ll all settle down in a few months again. 


- I noticed Becky’s new haircut, and it’s lovely.  Oct-18-2010-Steve-Becky-games

- Steve to Max, “Sorry, your auntie Becky doesn’t do the whole style thing.”  Erm…kettle, pot, black. 

- After Rosie explains her titillating discount theory to Sophie, Sophie: “And who says feminism is dead?” 

- When Nick tells Peter that his lady is whipping him into shape and Peter says that he wouldn’t be the first one.  Actually, wasn’t he? 

- David: “When we got back to Tina’s she let me up…”  Audrey: “Ooooh, I’m dreadin’ this already.” 

- Rosie to Jason: “If loving yourself was a country, you’d be Africa.”….WHAT?

- Becky and Steve playing video games together like a couple of teenagers!


- Is anyone enjoying this David-hits-Graeme storyline?  I’m not.  I’m tired of these David-trouble-Tina-cries stories.

- I couldn’t be happier to see the back of those Peacocks.  Off to France, the lot of ya! 

- Rosie’s top?!  I realize this might be in the “highlights” section for some, but I spent the entire episode hoping she wouldn’t attempt to reach up high for anything!

- I cannot stand Dev lately!  First, he’s David’s best friend in the Rovers, then he’s accusing David of killing Graeme. He’s such a useless fairweather character!

- Kylie calling Roy “Ray?”  What on earth?  And her poor treatment of him? 


Anonymous said...

I don't mind seeing the backs of the Websters -- the lot of 'em. The Peacocks, I'm turning around and tolerating them - I'll be sorry to see them go. The writers just needed to do a slightly better job with scenes in the butcher shop, with Claire and her kids... could be far more interestin than scenes inside an autoshop.

The Garden Pixie said...

Clare cant go soon enough for me, she is being her ultra bossy annoying self again. That pink top of Rosie's was a bit risque for teatime, you could almost see her nipples! And I hope the end of the road for Kylie is in sight, her appalling behaviour is getting too much to accept now.

Sea Penguin said...

I can't be bothered with the David/Graeme/Tine triangle either. I just like David & Graeme bantering as mates. I find Kylie just unpleasant and really don't enjoy this Max storyline at all.

Rachel said...

Have to disagree - thought Graeme, Tina and David's acting was brilliant (especially in the final Gail/David scene) and love Rosie and Jason (Rason? Josie?) together. I do wish the Peacocks would just GO though.

Kate said...

Kylie's behaviour is awful. It's quite painful to watch how ungrateful and self-centered she is!


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