Monday, 25 October 2010

Eddie Windass's dressing-gown - the prototype?

I blogged this one before, way back not long after I started contributing to this blog - and was pretty much "pooh-poohed" possibly because I didn't make much of a job of it. But never one to be daunted I'm having another crack at it.
(Plus, to be honest - any excuse will do to get this photo out.)
Surely the costume designers at Coronation Street must have had Lance (Eric Stoltz) out of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction in mind when they dreamt up Eddie Windass's dressing-gown (in some dreadful drunken stupor).
The similarities can't be ignored. Similar style. Similar colour. Similar level of general disgustingness. Both men are barelegged *swoon* (sorry - it's me age) and wearing (you can't see Lance's feet in the photo, but trust me) utterly hideous ankle socks.
I like this casual look on Eddie. Much preferable to the dapper red polo neck and drip dry gent's "slacks" of recent episodes.
Seriously - Eddie Windass is just about my favourite ever Corrie "male" - where the flaming heck is he? It's dull on the Street without him - get him back on!

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Sallly said...

Here in Canada, Christmas has just happened on Corrie. The Websters were sitting around in their dressing gowns - I thought Kevin looked dreadful in his!!

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