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Friday 29 October 2010

Lost in Translation: Thu Oct 28, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by John Kerr, directed by Durno Johnston

It’s a quiet morning at the McDonald’s since Becky has been wringing her hands in the back room since early hours.  Poor little Max was having a nightmare.  Gee, I wonder Oct-28-2010-Steve-Becky-smoking why?  Becky doesn’t like how Kylie has been treating her son, understandably.  Steve says he’s got a football hiding somewhere (under his shirt) and he’ll find it and they can take the kids to the park together and have a kick about.  At the park, Steve and Becky play footy while Max and Amy look on in some kind of role-reversal.  I wonder if Amy’s got sandwiches and water bottles in her sack for break time?  Becky and Steve think it’s nice to go to the park and get some fresh air, while the both puff on their fags.  Steve reminds Becky that the social worker is going to come back, she can’t avoid it but Becky says she knows and doesn’t want to talk about it.  Amy tells her parents that Max can burp the alphabet.  How charming. 

Oct-28-2010-Kylie-Dmitri Back at the Rovers, a good looking gent comes into the Rovers and Michelle is all over him asking him what he wants to drink.  When the man doesn’t answer her, Kylie follows in saying he can’t speak any English since he’s Cyprian.  Kylie has met him on holiday and it seems he runs a bar in Ayia Napa.  Well, then what’s he doing here if he has a bar over there?  Kylie teaches Dmitri how to say “Hello” to Michelle.  Only, he asks her “how do you do IT” as opposed to “how do you do.”  Michelle shouldn’t be completely shocked.  Becky and Steve arrive back with Max and Becky seems shocked to see Kylie back early.  Kylie gives Max a present and tells Becky that they need to talk and Becky agrees.  With Max and Amy upstairs, Kylie tells Becky she’s really missed Max but Becky doesn’t believe her and tells her about the social worker’s visit.  In a heated conversation, Dmitri tries to input himself and is quickly outputted.  Becky does her signature “pour the beer over the head” to Kylie after Kylie brushes off the social worker’s visit.  Needless to say, Dmitri was SHOCKED! 

In the back, Becky confronts Kylie about robbing the cafe and trying to cop off with her husband.  She tries to reason everything but Becky’s not believing it this time.  Becky Oct-28-2010-Kylie-Beer-Headwants to know why she’s back early and she says she’s come to say goodbye since she’s leaving.  A sigh of relief hushes through the street.  Becky tells Kylie she can’t just leave since social services won’t let her, but Kylie says they'll have to find her first and she’s leaving for Cyprus now.  Kylie figures that Ayia Napa is great for kids, since Max can play on the beach.  She is such an unfit mother.  Becky is in tears as Kylie takes Max away from her.  Why doesn’t she call the police on Kylie?  Steve tells Becky to let them go, but Becky can do no such thing.  She runs after Kylie and hugs her and begs her not to leave.  Becky tells Kylie that she loves Max so much that it hurts.  She begs Kylie to leave Max with her in complete desperation but Kylie is stunned and tells Max to get in the cab and Becky that Oct-28-2010-Claire-Ashley-kiss she’s sorry.  Kylie and Max leave in the cab with Becky crying on the cobbles with only Steve left to console her.

Ashley arrives home after his drunken stupor the night before and Claire says she feels sorry for Graeme and Tina for having to take him in.  Claire tells Ashley that she and the boys are going to her mum’s to talk about the move to France.  Ashley thought that his feelings meant something to her, clearly he was mistaken.  Joshua doesn’t like it when mummy and daddy fight.  Oh, you poor dear, mummyOct-28-2010-Ashley-Chest-Pains cares about your feelings just as much as she does your old man’s.  Later, Claire goes to see Ashley at work.  Ashley is missing Graeme and Claire tells him she hasn’t go to her mum’s.  She was thinking about what he said this morning and they’ll talk over some beef later on.  At home later, Claire prepares a nice French meal for Ashley.  She proposes that they go on holiday to France, but Ashley drops his fork at the mention of the “F-word.”  Claire tells him she still wants to go to France and he was hoping she’d changed her mind.  Ashley goes off on one, then starts to clutch his chest in pain.  He’s still in pain minutes later and Claire goes to get help.  She finds Eddie Windass and tells him and his cab to sit put.  Ashley returns Oct-28-2010-David-cooped home from the hospital and tells Claire that he’s got angina and medication for it.  Claire is in sobs and says they can’t move to another country when he’s unfit.  Ashley has a guilty looking smile on his face later.  What measures has he gone to now? 

Over at Tina and Graeme’s, Tina thinks she quite likes looking after Graeme and maybe she should be a nurse.  Graeme thinks that maybe she should get a nurses outfit.  What you mean, scrubs?  Ha-ha.  Tina reminds Graeme to just take it easy.  That shouldn’t be much of a problem.  At least it wouldn’t be for me.  Later in the Rovers, Audrey buys Tina a drink and insists that David is hurting too.  As though Tina really cares.  Honest, I think David is innocent this time and Tina is bitter.  But, how can she not hate David after all that’s transpired since she met him? 

David is getting used to being cooped up at Audrey’s house.  He’s afraid to leave the home for fear he might have a seizure again and black out while a bunch of dog-walkers are staring at him.  David wants to see Graeme but Audrey warns him against doing so and reminds him to follow the solicitor’s advice. 


- Steve and Becky playing footy in the park like a couple of kids while Max and Amy stand by watching their hi-jinks. Oct-28-2010-Michelle-Slap

- At the park, Becky: “It’s nice this, getting out and getting some fresh air.”  Steve: “Yes, we should do this more often.”  *Both proceed to lift a cigarette to their mouths.” 

- Eddie, donating money: “I’d rather my money go to a good cause, rather than to one-legged transsexual orang-utans.”  Michelle:  “Oh, we’re collecting for them next week.” 

- Claire and Ashley kissing in the butcher’s shop.  It was cute.

- Did anyone notice Eddie Windass blatantly staring and overhearing the conversation between Kylie and Becky in the pub?  Ha-ha.  What a bizarre man.  

- Jack Duckworth slapping Michelle’s behind and her thinking it was poor Dmitri as she had her back turned.  Ha-ha, this was epic. 


- I KNEW Steve snored in his sleep!

- Does anyone else find it strange how identical Claire and Ashley’s boys are?  Especially when they’re not even biological – actors OR characters.  it must be the haircuts. 

- Claire plays the ice-queen wife routine quite well.  Good riddance!

- Looks like Tina’s back on the fake-n-bake tan after she’s not a shut-in anymore.  Ech. 

- Tina figures she should have been a nurse.  She’d be the last sour face I’d like to see at my hospital bed! 

- Is anyone else tired of Michelle’s plus one’s (fake boobs) in their face?  I know I am.  But Jack Duckworth sure isn’t. 

- Kylie bringing her new bf back from Greece.  What is with people bringing holiday loves back from Greece?  (Kirk and Julie)  Or planning to go with their loves to Greece.  (Audrey and Lewis).  Is Greece SO romantic, or what? 


Danny-K said...

That scene where Becky is in floods of tears, slowly sinking to her knees with everything drained from here, begging Kylie and in the process, totally humiliating herself, was quite powerful and unexpectedly moving.

Kudos to Kylie for handling it well, thanking Becky for looking after Max and not being vindictive as she could have been with a: "Well you should have thought of that before throwing a glass of beer over me!" Which is why I say -

Kylie leaving the street?
- NOoooooooooo!!!

No matter what she does, you just can't bring yourself to hate her in the way you can, say, Tracy for instance, can you?

Llifon said...

I think the actors who play Josh and Freddie are actually brothers. They both share the surname Beresford.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Greece can be extremely romantic... So can Cyprus. I would, however, be extremely surprised if anyone owning a bar on the island is incapable of saying at least the basics in English!

Loved the "fresh air" comment and simultaneous drag on the fags.

Didn't like Becky's breakdown at the end of the episode. A bit over the top.

Anonymous said...

and here in Canada, Becky and Steve are having a huge fight coz Becky 'doesn't like kids', doesnt want more, Steve can look after Amy, etc...

and isnt Greece fairly inexpensive?

Anonymous said...

It is a new kid playing Freddie isn't it?

Becky's bit almost made me cry :(

LOVED the fresh air bit

Anonymous said...

Have the writers of coranation st, gone completely nuts, everything seems to be Becky this and Becky that, and the stupid cow couldn't act to save her life, do you not think its time you dropped her ,( and her tart sister ) and got rid of that silly storyline,its way too far fetched who in their right mind would believe such a load of tripe,

The Garden Pixie said...

I agree that Becky is way over the top and almost comical its so over acted with darling Max, who she seems to be getting rather unhealthyly obsesssive about. She is so goddam rough as well. As for Kylie, I think she is someone you love to hate and the actress portrays her well and agree that she is not hateful but I think if she is going to be in our faces all the time like her "sister" she is soon going to become dislikeable and extremely irritating.

Rocky said...

Freddie and josh are brothers in real life. There twins who play freddie who are joshs real brothers.

rashid1891 said...

There twins who play freddie who are joshs real brothers.
i like it good vidio


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