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Thursday 28 October 2010

Anticipating Charlotte

I, for one, am looking forward to the upcoming weeks and the return of Charlotte "Busy on Sunday" Hoyle. Yes, she is apparently being killed off and that's a crying shame, but before that, we get more twists and turns and we get to see John squirm and lie even more. The late Colin Fishwick's mother has been mentioned and will turn up asking hard questions. Charlotte's mother is in the mix too. I wonder if she's as dippy as her daughter?

Charlotte is very likely the one that left the flowers at the factory. I should imagine her tenuous hold on reality is slipping rapidly due to the guilt. Collaborating with John's Big Secret isn't such a rush now, is it? She'll be back next week to deny she sent the flowers but I don't trust that. She's apparently going to pretend to have a stalker to get back in with John so it makes sense that she'd deny, deny, deny doesn't it? Looks like she hasn't given up on using what she knows to worm her way into John's bed and John is as lily-livered as they come so what are the chances he'll cheat on Fiz to keep Charlotte quiet in the long run? If she's being killed off, will he kill her on purpose or by accident? Will Charlotte stage her own death and make it look like John did it? That seems more likely if Stape is going to be a long time character as it seems currently. If he kills her on purpose, there is a shelf life to his character because it's against the Soap Laws for a murderer to get away with it.

And there's still the body under the factory floor to contend with. Even though it was not John's fault, that body can't remain there forever. Maybe damage from the tram crash will crack the factory floor and it will be discovered during repairs? this is all speculation but the truth has to come out sometime. All of John's lies and schemes have to blow up spectacularly and maybe that's going to happen on the night of the crash. Some people have suggested that John ends up being a hero for helping to rescue people trapped or injured in the aftermath and I can see that happening but he could also use the mayhem to disguise another dead body.

What we've seen so far is high farce and highly enjoyable, for me. It reminds me of a scene in the movie Sliding Doors where the best friend of the man who's got two women on the go is nearly in tears of joy after his mate explains the latest ludicrous twist in his life. Joy, because his life is highly improved by his friend causing him such amusement. He tells him "I must say, being friends with you certainly makes the wait for the next episode of "Seinfeld" much easier to bear." Seinfeld isn't coming back, but Charlotte is and John will soon be hoist with his own petard before long. I look forward to it!


Anonymous said...

Actually what I think would be quite fun, is if Colin never really died and somehow managed to crawl out of the hole at unerworld before it was filled ... and has been biding his time until now to seek revenge!

Probably not what's going to happen but I'd love to see the look on John's face if Colin showed up in the Rovers.

(back to lurking)

Tvor said...

Oh wouldn't that be awesome! hahahaha!

Tvor said...

You know, the more i think of it, that really would be a brilliant twist!

Sunny Jim said...

It wouldn't be the first resurrection in the factory. Sunny Jim was left for dead by Tony Gordon.

Tvor said...

Good point, and the factory *did* rise again out of the fire like a phoenix.

John McE said...

Can't wait for Charlotte's return - she's vey creepy, but it's great fun watching John squirm.

And I too wondered if Colin isn't really dead, and behind the flowers etc. The only reason why they probably wouldn't do this is that Jed Stone was similarly left for dead in the factory, but recovered. This might stop them from repeating the same idea so soon. Pity though.


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