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Friday 15 October 2010

Flash the Cash: Thu Oct 14, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Oct 14 2010

Written by Carmel Morgan, directed by Noreen Kershaw

Fiz sets to work at dissuading Julie from pursuing a relationship with Brian, for hers and Johns own selfish fraudulent reasons.  Julie is a smitten kitten though, and Fiz even tries to lie and tells Julie that there were rumours that Brian slept with a pupil and Julie snipes back figuring that’s why he and John get along so well.  Zing!   Oct 14 2010 Julie

John asks Brian to come by the bookies so he can talk to him about Julie.  John tries to convince Brian to cancel his date with Julie since it’s too risky for he and Fiz since Julie works with Fiz.  John is NOT cancelling this date with Julie since it’s the best offer he’s had in quite some time.  He wanted to take Julie out to flash the cash!  John insists and uses the safety of his wife and unborn child.  Brian agrees to cancel, but I’m not sure I believe he will. 

Later, John tells Fiz about how the date is off and she’s relieved since her blood pressure can’t cope.  John’s putting his unborn baby’s safety in jeopardy with all his secrets and lies!  Fiz rings Julie later wondering how she is and offering that she can meet them in the Rovers.  They find from Betty that Julie was in there earlier all dolled up ready to go out on a date.  In a flash, John decides to drag Fiz to the spot that Brian and Julie’s date is on to, well, do what? 

 Oct 14 2010 JohnMeanwhile, Brian treats a dolled up Marilyn-style Julie to a posh fusion restaurant that DEFINITELY isn’t anywhere close to Coronation Street.  I think Brian’s a perfectly wonderful date and it’s a shame that the duplicitous-duo feel they have to run in and break it up.  Speak of the devil, the Stapes arrive to spoil the fusion seated at the next table.  Some secrets come out about the Stapes trying to split the two up again, but it doesn’t work.  John does something even more stupid and answers Brian’s phone.  It’s his ex-wife and he tells her that Brian’s on a date with a blond and what restaurant they’re at.  Oh MAN!  Poor Julie’s night just gets worse as Margaret shows up and Brian tries to back peddle.  Julie runs away in tears saying that she knew Brian was too good to be true when Margaret tells her to get a eye test and some self-esteem lessons!  She then throws Brian’s mobile phone into his wine. 

Back at the Stapes there some more rampant knocking at the door (never a good sign at the Stapes) and it’s Brian.  He tells them how Margaret has kicked him out since some slimy waiter answered his phone while he was in the loo.  He’s got suitcase in hand, so the Stapes tell him that Oct 14 2010 Claire

Claire complains that their estate agent isn’t bringing them in any buyers.  Ashley figures it’s a bad economy and a bad time of year to sell.  He’s right on both accounts.  Claire is adamant though and she’s moving!  Who cares? Pack them bags, red!

Molly and Tyrone are fluttering over Jack and he tells them not to push him into a corner, he’s very happy there with them three and a life full of memories.  Jack is spreading smiles lately as he’s already given the Dobbs some dosh, Sally some cabaret tickets, Tyrone a lap-Oct 14 2010 Betty dancing afternoon, Betty a thanks for her hotpot morsels and now it seems he’s anonymously donated a new roof for Emily’s church.  A guardian angel indeed.  Molly tells Jack that she can’t imagine life without him.  You know, me either. 

Graeme convinces David to come over later and have some cans with him and put together a cabinet, since Tina will be out.  David hesitantly agrees.  The boys get easily frustrated with the plywood pop-and-screw IKEA cabinet and Graeme figures they need a tool kit.  Yeah, tool kits don’t work on particle board furniture.  David anxiously tries to get out of there, but Graeme convinces him to stay and help.  Unfortunately, Tina arrives and demands to know what David is doing there and yells at him to get out, which he does promptly.Oct 14 2010 Graeme   Graeme figures that Tina was angry because David and Graeme were using her father’s tools.  Tina goes along with it and apologizes to Graeme for overreacting.  Graeme assumes that Tina wants to finish with him because she’s been so down and cold lately.  He begs Tina to know what’s going on in her head.  She starts tearing up and Graeme assumes that she’s still in love with David.  Tina tells Graeme all about what happened the other night when David forced himself on her.  Graeme is furious hearing what Tina had to say and is having trouble bottling it.  Graeme wants to kill David and rages.  Tina says that this is all about Graeme’s ego and tries to defend David now.  She says that Graeme is frightening her right now, and wants to just leave it since she doesn’t want him getting hurt.  Tina figures the best revenge is to freeze David out of their lives.


- Jack sharing a hot-pot and memories with Betty in the Rovers.  Smiles. 

- All the lovely “spread the love” things that Jack is doing with his last monies. 

- Betty pointing out how Julie always makes the effort to dress up!  I’m glad someone mentioned it, Julie always looks spectacular!  Another fantastic dress tonight, I might add.


- Julie comparing her and Brian’s meeting to when Sex and the City’s Mr. Big and Carrie met for the first time!  Fiz was right, Brian is NO Mr. Big!  I mean, he’s got a clicky hip!

- John argues that Brian is putting his unborn baby’s health in danger, but he’s the one doing that with all the lies!  Poor Fiz and her high blood pressure!  Good thing there’s a good doctor in town now. ;-)

- Graeme to Tina: “You’ve been on such a downer lately and I’ve never seen you so…cold.”  Is he NEW here?!

- Tina tell Graeme about what David did and then getting mad at him when he wants to beat David.  What did she expect would happen?


Sea Penguin said...

Brian is a brilliant character, I'm loving all this!

Looney Baloon said...

I like Brian as well, one of those silly characters we need to lighten the mood. Wish he could have had more of a romance with Julie, she is such a great character, she needs a storyline!!!

Rachel said...

I was v upset that we aren't going to get more Brian and Julie (Brulie?) but glad he's staying at the Battersby-Stapes! Anything that discombobulates John is fine by me.

Billy Niblick said...

This may well be not the right place to confess this, but Julie Carp also induces in me quite unsettling rigidity in the trouser department.

Anonymous said...

@ Billy Niblick - Haha, that's somewhat inappropriate, but hilarious. She's hot!

- Yoork


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