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Saturday 16 October 2021

Corrie Blog Interviews The Alahan Twins! Will Aadi and Asha Survive a Car Crash on 'Horror Nation Street'?

As we head into Corrie Super Soap Week, aka ‘Horror Nation Street’, we know that a lead character will end up dead! With a horror car crash lined up, are one of the Alahan twins at risk? Having already had one teenage death this year, will Coronation Street make it two? As part of our latest Corrie Blog press day interviews, I joined a Corrie Zoom session to chat with Adam Hussain (AH) who plays Aadi, and Tanisha Gorey (TG), who plays Asha, to learn more about this weeks car crash;   

What is the current dynamic between Asha and Aadi in the lead up to the car accident? 

AH The dynamic is currently very strained! There is this sibling rivalry between the twins. I feel like Aadi has a lot of resentment for his Father. There have been moments where Dev undermined Aadi, like when he expected Asha to get better grades than him, and he proved him wrong. Certain moments have built up a layer of resentment!

Does Asha feel like she is a favourite twin?

TG Well, not a case of them just being brother and sister. Twins have a special bond. The sibling rivalry is there, and that is perfectly normal. Aadi has supported Asha in the past, fighting for her and wanting to see her happy again. Personally (and because of what Asha has been through), she does feel favoured by Dev. She is a bit of a brat and fails to see it from Aadi's position! His feelings do not come into play!

How important is a family unit to the Alahan Twins? 

TG They are a family unit but with intricate problems as well. They are solid, Dev is a single Dad with businesses to run, and the twins never make it easy for him! Mary does try to help solve problems and bring them together. When Dev sees the bigger picture, he does see them as a solidified family unit. 

How does Aadi feel about it all? 

AH They are twins, whatever happens. Most of the time Aadi cares about his sister. He is annoyed about all of the attention she receives. Asha is a Daddy’s girl and Aadi's ignored. It gets under his skin! 

Does Aadi feel made to stand on his own two feet by Dev? 

AH Yes, Dev has been using him a lot to run the shop, the shop management, and he feels like he is owed something for all of the hard work. Aadi sees nothing returned by Dev, and that annoys him!

This week we see Dev have to make a split decision following a car crash. He rescues Asha leaving Aadi trapped in the wreck. How does Aadi feel when he realises his Dad’s actions? 

AH Aadi is sitting right next to Dev in the car and asks his Dad to help him, but at that moment, Dev says 'Rescue Yourself!' and I think it's a tipping point of resentment in a literal form. Although Asha is unconscious and helpless - it’s still a defining moment

With Asha unconscious, How do you feel Asha would think, knowing Dev rescued her over her Brother? 

TG I feel like it would depend on when she found out? Maybe if she finds out in the Hospital, she would. Dev is only one person though, and she was unconscious. Aadi is awake - he’s just stuck. That’s where the balance may have to be. Asha literally can’t help herself!

What was it like filming the night shoots and the stunts? 

TG It was cold and wet! There were so many people there on set, I do love to chat with everyone. I was dreading it, told my boyfriend how I was feeling, but then underestimated just how dramatic I was being! 4 am, cold and wet, but it was something I will remember! 

There is a massive explosion after the crash. What was that like to film? 

TG It was on a country road, so everyone had to sneak into the woods, so we couldn't be seen in the shot. It was so loud! I've never seen anything like that before! You don't know what to expect. The stunts were amazing to watch - the team did a brilliant job! It was loads of things I’d never seen before - even a drone camera. I felt like a celebrity! Loads of cool gadgets!

What was your favourite part, Adam? 

AH - Watching the lorry crash into the back of the car. The stunt was a good scene and so intense! The back of the car comes off - it was a great moment. Joining Corrie has been so much bigger than I imagined it would ever be - very educational & fun!

Do you think Dev’s decision will change the family dynamic? 

TG Yes. It’s just the three of them as this unit. I think this car crash could change the family dynamics!


Will Dev save one twin but lose another, or will this crash reunite the warring siblings? How can Dev carry on if he loses a child? I think Horror Nation St will have long-standing repercussions for certain Weatherfield residents,  but we've no idea who will survive!! Scary stuff!  

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Anonymous said...

I like how all the press releases are trying so valiantly to maintain some semblance of jeopardy over whether all three Alahans will survive, despite the fact that the same press releases are simulaneously revealing that of course they will, there's a whole storyline already being teased about Aadi's resentment over his dad saving Asha instead of him! Can't play out that storyline if one of them is dead...


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