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Friday 22 October 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 20th October 7.30 & 8.30 pm

It’s not that Debbie couldn’t organise a booze-up in a brewery, but with it being super soap week, she’s timed this Horror Nation Street Halloween event all wrong! The scarier, the better seems to have been this week's remit and tonight things are getting dramatically worse in Weatherfield. David Platt’s sinkhole has spread across the back of the street; sinkholes are appearing right, left, and centre, and that weather takes a turn for the worse. Some of it works, and some of it does not, but for tonight's episode review, let's say it works as a dramatic tool. Although some of it was a bit Scooby-Doo, and not Coronation Street (in its traditional sense), as a fan of CGI, mild peril, and B-movie Horror films, I enjoyed it. It was surreal to finally watch the episodes (after attending the online press days), and as Carla Connor so eloquently put it; ‘it’s all going off - init!'.Wise words from the streets raven-haired prophet! I note Carla wasn't in fancy dress - she’s far too classy for that caper. 

Anyway, of all the Weatherfield residents facing danger and death (by the end of the night's episodes), I’m glad Carla was safe, and with Peter Barlow otherwise engaged, Roy Cropper was tonight’s local hero stepping into the breach to rescue Abi. This was after the face-off, of course, where Corey admitted killing Seb, yet Abi still didn't shoot him! Did she spend £2K on a gun to not even misfire or attempt to shoot him? All of that build-up, and she's reduced to an emotional mess by Corey’s confession!! The woman is unhinged and that is her whole character arc, but I guess we will see what happens next. That build-up could be seen as a let-down, but of course, it was a good excuse for another one of Roy Cropper’s legendary life-affirming speeches. He’s really come to the fore of late and I'm surprised Nina wasn’t more involved in the dramatics, somehow. I guess she’s only just done with the flashback stuff, so she needs a rest! 

Although perilously close to the sinkhole danger zone, Abi, Roy, and Corey are safe - the police are soon on the scene. You’d think, and with that cop shop being just around the corner, the police would have been at the event anyway! Where was Craig Tinker? It appears Leanne is also safe, having survived Harvey’s return and subsequent turmoil. At one point, I did think that Simon or Toyah would be murdered at the Bistro?! Maybe that strand was a red herring also. Or was it? It looks like Abi left the gun down the drain and that sinkhole (surely, an award nomination from inside soap magazine) has thrown it back up, and the gun is soon perilously close to being in Harvey's (still alive) hands. With a few residents unscathed from the sinkhole and free of danger, the ground decided to swallow up Jenny Bradley. Surely Jenny can't die? I'm still raw from Norris's funeral!

Although I did enjoy Carla’s earlier quip, my favourite line of this episode was with Summer when she said that ‘Bits of scenery started falling’, before she and Amy escaped to The Rovers. A tad understated from a brainbox like her - I thought it was funny. Also, how come Summer wasn’t immediately notified of Aadi's life-threatening car crash condition, either? And is Kevin going to be okay? We didn’t see anything of him in this episode. I guess that’s due Friday, which must surely be the accident aftermath, or do we have more to come?  

PS - I thought the Brewery was grade-2 listed or of protected status which is why Ray couldn’t knock down that side of the street in the first place? Is it now going to be knocked down after all? 

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