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Monday 18 October 2021

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 17th and 19th May 1999

The police visited Mike to find out why Greg was after his money.  He span a tale about him wanting redundancy, but he didn't realise the cat was already out of the bag.  Sally told Kevin why Greg was there, and Kevin told Alison, and Alison told Linda, and Linda told Alma because she's horrible.  A hurt Alma went to Mike and he confessed everything about his dalliance with Julia.  He tried to defend himself, saying he was the victim because of the blackmail, but she couldn't bear to be near him.  She moved in with Audrey and told Mike he disgusted her.  Eunice had to go to Spain to see her sister, whose husband had died, and she asked Jack and Vera to buy her out of the B&B.  They confessed they didn't have the money and with their age and Jack's illness, there was no way they'd be able to get a mortgage.  It left them worried they'd soon be homeless.  Nita took Curly out to lunch and asked him about vacancies at Freshco.  She felt frustrated in the Corner Shop and wanted better opportunities.  Yes, she's been in the show for four months and she's already looking into a change of career; the producers must've realised that the Desai family weren't really working.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 21st and 23rd May 1999

Maxine told Ashley that Fred had a secret son.  It left him confused, and when he confronted Fred, he denied it.  He went to Audrey and told her how hurt he was that she'd revealed his secret.  Deirdre went to see Alma in the cafe to try and demonstrate she wasn't taking sides, and in the process, managed to admit that she'd known about his dalliance with Julia Stone.  Alma stormed out and told Mike she found his close relationship with Deirdre upsetting.  Meanwhile Mike discovered that the envelope of photos Greg had held over him was nothing more than torn up newspaper.  After a morning of enduring her weird Dad in the Corner Shop, Nita went to Curly with her CV to be a management trainee.  She told Ravi she was thinking of leaving.  Jack and Vera got Eunice to let them manage the B&B in her absence, even though they had no experience.  Jack meanwhile concealed that he was still getting chest pains.  

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 24th and 26th May 1999

It was holiday time for the Street's residents, as the Platts and the Websters went off to North Wales for a caravan holiday.  Janice was jealous of their trip so Les got a manky old mobile home from his mate and took her and a mortified Toyah away.  However, the van broke down - right outside the same holiday park Gail and Sally were in.  What are the chances, eh?  Martin was naturally disgusted that he had to share his leisure time with his nemesis, though Toyah was pleased to learn Owen the owner's son was a bit fit.  Mike hired a private detective to trace Julia Stone to get her to be a witness.  Deirdre also explained to the police about the blackmail, angering Ken, who didn't want her getting involved.  Ashley decided he didn't want to work with Fred any more because he was being taken advantage of.  He told Fred to get his son to help instead - and Fred confessed that he was Ashley's dad.  Fred explained that Ashley's real mother had run off and left him so he'd given the baby to his sister and brother-in-law to take care of.  Ashley was left reeling, thinking his whole life was a lie, but Maud consoled him and told him not to be too hard on his dad.  She told him that one day he might have children of his own, and it would be hard to be a father - little realising that Ashley would find himself bringing up another man's child in a few years time.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 28th and 30th May 1999

At the holiday park, Toyah mooned after Owen, but he seemed uninterested in her.  In reality he was attracted to someone else - Janice.  He landed a kiss on her, leaving her confused, but Les was too busy setting up a disco to notice.  Ashley's "mum" Beryl laid into Fred for ruining their lives.  She tried to tell Ashley it made no difference to her, but he turned on her, saying she was just his aunt and he didn't want to see her or Fred ever again.  It was too much for Fred, and he broke down, wanting Ashley to know how proud he was of his boy.  Ashley finally forgave him.  Elsewhere, Alma decided she could survive without Mike, Natalie became concerned about Jack's health, and Sally decided to swear off men.  Ha!

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 31st May and 2nd June 1999

Nita got the job at Freshco and announced she was leaving.  Vik was horrified as he realised he was now going to be stuck in the shop full-time, though Ravi was pleased.  The private detective couldn't find any trace of Julia and the police said without her there was no evidence of the blackmail.  Frustrated, Mike went to Alma and told her she had to decide whether she was leaving or staying.  Audrey encouraged her to leave him dangling.  Janice was confused about Owen's kiss and told him to stay away.  However, it coincided with Les being especially neanderthal, and so she found herself wandering off to see him.  Les was too busy with his DJing to notice.  He plugged his microphone into the wrong socket and received a massive electric shock.  Martin saw what was happening and saved him, much to his and the viewers' disgust.  Janice was left feeling guilty and told Owen it was a mistake and they should forget anything happened.  And at the Rovers, Betty was surprised with a party to celebrate her thirty years of service.  Not counting all those times she walked out in a huff.

Think of the universe where that electric shock killed Les Battersby.  What a wonderful place that would be.  Discuss this utopia with the author over on Twitter @merseytart.

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