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Thursday 7 October 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 6th October 7.30 & 8.30 pm

Sally’s parking permit plans are going quite well, and I would hope this is the beginning of her return to a Mayor of Weatherfield role? The last time that happened, she ended up jailed, over a bizarre embezzlement charge but this time I'd hope things may be a little different! Tonight, Sally's wedding anniversary celebrations are sidelined by a letter from the council, and she ignores Tim for a meeting with Fergus. The Traffic Warden then joins them at the Bistro for their anniversary dinner. I did enjoy Tim and his jokes tonight! As a married man myself, I'm saving a few of those! Also, can we add Fergus to the cast full-time? I like him a lot. He seems to have that book-ish nerdy charm of Corrie classic Male characters such as Roy, Norris, and Brian.

Meanwhile, Sally tells Kevin she's heard nothing from Abi either. With Abi still suspected to be in Doncaster, Kevin is not taking her absconding very well. He leaves her a begging voicemail until Jack tracks down her Cousin via the internet. With no luck down that avenue, Kevin reports her as missing to the (uninterested) police. Finding £2K gone from his account, Kev is suddenly inspired to try and track Abi down and meets up with Seb’s Dad in the Dog & Gun (!) Finding out about the murder, the dodgy Dad seems subdued, telling Kev he has no idea where Abi is. Later, Seb's Dad takes a call from Abi!? What is she planning?

Corey scoring one in a mid-week midday match (a friendly, I imagine) adds more fuel for Nina and her firey feelings of vengeance. Can the goth take down the murdering footballer? I do hope so. Corrie folklore denotes that a bad boy never lasts. That said, I wouldn’t like to see Nina jailed, so I was glad when Roy cooled off the revved-up revenge idea. Could counselling work for Nina? I'd love to see Toyah do it and then set up her own office next to Imran!

Daniel's teaching life has been full pelt recently. Aside from being a single Dad, and schooling Summer Spellman, Ken reminds his son that he should still make time for romance, but will it be with Daisy? The two have got closer recently, but Daniel thinks he is out of his depth due to her obvious beauty(!) He isn’t of course and Ken is right, but can Daniel spot her malicious streak before it’s too late? Maybe he shan't have to, as a new suitor is thrown into the mix when a new character, Leo, arrives at The Rovers asking to fix Gail's sinkhole. Johnny Connor also pops in for a pint, and his spark with Jenny still seems ignited. Later, after Adi finds her plagiarised personal statement, Summer admits the truth to Daniel, and her demeanour is suddenly somewhat sunnier. I'm sure Summer fancies Daniel?

Elsewhere in Corrie tonight; The Bistro V Speed Daal curry battle hots up! Debbie delights in subterfuge bringing grumpy Zee back with a vengeance. Micheal and James discuss the police apology and (bizarrely) foreign football teams with Steve Mcdonald - who is also back for a pint. He must have come with Johnny because we viewers haven't seen either of them for ages! 

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