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Monday 11 October 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 11th October

The question from last week is not why I didn't do my usual Monday ep review (apologies) but is Daisy really "a ten"? I would say she was more of an eight: she's pretty, but quite short and her pout is a bit trouty, but I'm not her target audience so I asked the nearest heterosexual cis-male (him indoors) and he said she was nice but not in the same league as.....I expected him to say Carla, Alya, Maria, even Alina Pop (!) but it turns out that his fave female is Abi. Being a gobby-ish, blonde-ish Doncastrian as well, I solipsistically took this as a compliment to myself. (I would assign a number to all the male characters as well, but it would be sexist and objectifying and besides, I'm saving that for my annual round-up in December).

Anyway, following Kevin's ansaphone message (which Abi seemed to be able to listen to whilst he was leaving it), the girl herself returns with an apology and a declaration of love and a non-socially distanced hug with our Kev. She pops out to meet Tez again to pick "something" up. This turns out to be - gasp - a gun, which she hides in a biscuit tin at number 13. Unaware that his partner has turned gangsta, Kev arranges a welcome home lunch, but Abi tells him and Jack that she won't be around for too much longer to Jack's disappointment and Debbie's anger.

As an aside, recently we've seen Summer and Max return from the ITV forgotten storylines cupboard with new heads, isn't it about time Jack was re-cast?

Toyah tells Imran that Weatherfield social services want them to foster a four year old, Elsie. Evil Queen Sabeen suggests that he use this as an excuse to talk to Our Reet about fostering, particularly about Sharon Gaskell/Bentley for her case. Imran is at a low, real rock-bottom, so much so that he turns to Adam for help. As Barlow Jnr would rival Saul Goodman for the title of dodgiest lawyer, and Imran swears it won't harm the business, Adam advises Immers to go along with Sabeen's demands in order to save his relationship with Ms Battersby. Imran then interrogates Rita in the pub and ends up nicking her phone, which unfortunately starts ringing, so he has to return it.

Presumably the new Covid rules mean that the salon (adieu Alina Pop's Pop-Up) can be filmed in once again as Natasha talks about buying it. (Does this mean that she'll no longer be going to London every time it's useful for the storyline? I do worry about Natasha's health and I flinch every time she goes near a car. Given her flitting in and out, it feels like she is in real danger of being killed off so that Sam can go live with Lick (Nick and Leanne)). Dev is interested in this development and presumably in 'Tasha as well. He does a lot of mansplaining about how he's mentored many a young start-up and she tells him where to go. Could this be the meet-cute that leads to Devtasha? Did they ever have a scene together in the previous times? 

Leo the sinkhole man who seems to do absolutely no work on the sinkhole (look, mate, the Platts haven't been able to use their garden for over a year. No wonder Max has turned into a little b**tard) but instead hangs around the pub chatting up Jenny - except Daisy thinks he is actually chatting her up. She learns the truth when she reads the card in the floral arrangement.

There's also some stuff about the money laundering, but this is Weatherfield, not the Ozarks, so I'm not going to go into all that, except to say that Naveed is back! Yay!

See you back here this time next week for Horror Nation Week!

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