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Monday 25 October 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 22 October 2021

It has been a mighty week on and largely under the cobbles as some of the running stories reach a conclusion, so I have taken a slightly different approach to the Friday episodes to celebrate some of the good.

I feel we need to start by celebrating Leanne's (Jane Danson) return to herself.  She has had the most horrendous year with those horrors needing little repetition here, but fired up by knowing that "she", in the form of Natasha Blakeman wearing the same costume (Morticia Addams of the Addams Family) has been shot by Harvey, drug peddling boss of Weatherfield, finally finding her mojo (and Harvey), sitting in Nick's very, very old Rover.  Harvey thinks that Leanne should be dead (which would be true of Natasha if the idiot actually knew how to use a gun. We all know that a single shot only kills when delivered by Commander Bond, or as in the latest film, the equally deadly Paloma. Leanne starts revving the Rover's engine and she says (above): "I'm not scared of you.  I watched my little boy die.  Compared to that, all this...".  Leanne engages drive and heads straight for a strategically placed skip; she recalls that Oliver liked the front seat and that the passenger side airbag is still disabled.  The consequence is a badly damaged windscreen (below) and a headache for Harvey:

Hopefully he will also be found guilty of a jailbreak and get an even longer sentence!

Now given that Harvey dropped through a hole in the ground and went with the flow to be flushed out canal side quite safely and able to pick up a gun why didn't Jenny and Johnny go the same way?

So all hail to Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) and his magnificent departure.  The team had over recent weeks reminded us of his better times - the relationship with Jenny; the factory and of course revealing Carla was his daughter.  Tonight he lowered himself into the Platt hole to follow Jenny whom he could not leave to drown.  They had the chance to settle their differences, kiss and (above) Johnny just about managed to tell Jenny he loved her for a second time before succumbing to the cold and the continuing water, not having enough strength to catch the rope a second time as Shona sought to execute an amazing rescue.

Farewell Johnny.  A hero's end rather than succumbing to the downsides of MS which rarely seemed to trouble you.

At the very end Shona and Jenny emerge onto the Street - with Jenny's face breaking the bad news to Carla about her father.

Also in hospital is Aadi Alahan who pretends he is asleep during Dev and Asha's initial beside visit.  When Dev returns closely followed by Summer we find that Aadi is not seriously injured; he lies to Dev saying he remembers nothing but to Summer he makes it clear that Dev saved his little princess first (above).  I sense that the Alahan family dynamics are going to be a very different place henceforth.

Another hero this evening (again) was Mr Royston Cropper (David Neilson).  Corey and Abi were taken to the police station and the former has been alleging that prior to their rescue by Roy on Wednesday that Abi had been pointing a gun at him and threatening to kill him.  Nina lent on Roy not to tell the police the truth but Roy says he cannot lie.  He does tell the police that he did not feel that Abi ever had any intention of killing Corey and backs that up when talking to Abi later (above).  She had every opportunity to terminate Corey - but she had never pulled the trigger and both were alive and there was no evidence of any murder attempt - which means that Abi is first told that Kevin is OK and that she is being released.

Kev is not seriously hurt and is soon discharged from hospital from where Abi collects him.  Abi is desperate to get the letter she wrote for Kevin and which is now irrelevant as Corey has not been shot.  However the letter is no longer in the kitchen or in the wheelie bin (above).  So where is it?  After once Kevin gets her to stop looking we have this mystery shot of what appears to be a couple of down and outs sleeping in the alley.

At their feet is a zipped bag with the initials "WC" - Weatherfield County perhaps, property of Corey Brent perhaps?  Containing blood soaked clothing?  Washed up from the canal?

Written by Emily Gascoyne & Owen Lloyd-Fox

Directed by: George C Siougas, Suri Krishnamma, Pip Short, Brett Fallis


All original work on Coronation Street Blog is covered by a Creative Commons License

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Anonymous said...

Turns out that the one shot is quite deadly in the end.


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