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Saturday 9 October 2021

Joe Frost interview: Meet Corrie new man Leo

How would you describe Leo in your own words?

Leo is a salt of the earth bloke. He works hard and cares about people around him, he is very down to earth. 

How much did you know about the character of Leo when you auditioned for the role?

I didn’t know a massive amount. He’s brought in to do some structural work in The Platts garden, and quickly becomes wrapped up in what's going on on the street and meets more people, including Jenny, that way. I was interested in where he’s from and how this guy deals with the different personalities he meets on the Street.

What’s Leo’s first thoughts when he overhears that Jenny is now done with relationships?

He is a bit gutted but I don’t think he is too surprised as he has seen that Jenny has been pushing Leo to give his attention to Daisy. But Leo is the sort of bloke who knows what he wants and is a no-nonsense guy and he has decided that Jenny is who he thinks is for me. He just needs to find a way to make her feel the same. 

What is it about Jenny that he is drawn to?

Leo is a simple soul and pretty grounded, so he’s really attracted to Jenny’s more outgoing personality. Jenny is so confident and she goes after what she wants and he likes that. Leo is done with the younger girls that he has dated before who are unsure of what they want as he has been messed about a bit. He thinks someone like Jenny, who knows herself, could be a good match.

What makes Leo take the plunge and invite Jenny for a drink?

Leo thinks it’s an opportunity for Jenny to get to know him. He may be a bit younger but he has a wise head on his shoulders. He is a mature bloke and they could have a lot of fun together. 

At Bistro, is Leo bothered by the arrival of Johnny?

At first, he is not too aware of who Johnny is but then he picks up on the awkwardness. Quite quickly, Leo speaks to Jenny about it and she reassures him that their relationship has had it’s time and runs it’s course. Leo is aware that Jenny is going to have had long term relationships before so Leo is confident in himself and he does not feel threatened, he just wants to be respectful and for it not to be too awkward when her ex husband is in the room. 

Do you feel like Jenny and Leo are a good match?

Yes, I think so. Jenny has been through  a lot and had a lot of ups and downs, especially in her relationship with Johnny, and I think Leo is somebody who could be there for her. He could give Jenny some rela grounding and be her rock and I think for Leo, Jenny could give him the sort of relationship that he is after. 

Did you watch Coronation Street before you auditioned for the role? Are your family fans of the show?

I have done so since I was younger. My gran was a massive, massive Coronation Street fan and whatever acting job I did, she asked why I wasn’t on Corrie yet. Sadly she passed away a year ago and it was a year to the week that I got the job at Coronation Street. I think the stars aligned there. My family are big Corrie fans. 

As you watched the show when you were younger, what was it like walking on the cobbles for the first time?

It was pretty overwhelming! My first scene was with Helen Worth and Jack P Shepherd, in the Platts garden, who were brilliant. Jack is around the same age as me and growing up with Corrie on, I have seen him grow up as the same age as me. To do my first scene with him was pretty surreal. Especially with the Platt’s being such an iconic part of the street. Sally Ann Matthews and Charlotte Jordan really took me under their wing and gave me a brilliant crash course in Corrie. Everyone has been really helpful and there is such a family feel to the place and I think that’s what the public relate to when they watch it. It feels like a real community working there. I have never done anything like Coronation Street before but it is such a great company to come into.

Would you be friends with Leo?

Oh yes, absolutely, who wouldn't? He is very black and white and very honest with stuff and we all need mates like that who tell it like it is. 

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Philip said...

Is he going to be a regular character on the program? It's strange that alot of the newer regular male characters this year are all unrelated characters who are someone's boyfriend. Curtis, Phil, Danny, Ronnie and now Leo. In fact a lot of the characters on the Street all have many different last names.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie's related to Ed Bailey


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