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Saturday 2 October 2021

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 12th and 14th April 1999

Kevin was pilloried by all the women in his life for disappearing.  Natalie told him off for wrecking the business, Alison was upset he didn't immediately contact her and dumped him, and Sally told him he needed to rebuild his bridges with the girls.  He won Sally over by swapping her share of the garage for number 13.  When he reopened the garage, Kevin discovered that someone had been sleeping there and with Curly's help, he discovered it was Tyrone.  Leanne was feeling under pressure as Les and Gail were both kind to her following her "miscarriage".  She cracked and told them that Nicky had pressured her into an abortion.  She was comforted by Janice and Toyah though Nicky was mad keen to put it all behind them and move to Canada.  After their row, Leanne went to the college to talk to him, and discovered that his tutor knew all about it.  Nicky admitted he'd been confiding in her and Leanne felt even more isolated.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 16th and 18th April 1999

Roy and Hayley's wedding preparations continued apace.  He was pressganged into having a stag do and got absolutely hammered - on two pints.  Hayley fretted about getting her dress ready, and excitedly talked to her fellow workers and neighbours about the plans.  Roy's mother, on the other hand, didn't want to come, and for 2021 viewers, we all know why.  Curly realised that Tyrone was sleeping rough and let him stay on the sofa at number 7.  It meant that he got embroiled in Kevin's romantic shenanigans, as he won Alison round with a home-cooked meal.  Gail's birthday drinks were ruined when Les arrived in the pub, having discovered that Nicky pushed Leanne into the abortion.  Nicky got all weepy and hysterical and terrible and admitted he'd quit college as well.  He told Leanne they should go to Canada immediately.  Mike went off on his business trip to London i.e. a dirty weekend with Julia Stone.  She wined and dined and seduced him, but next morning she was desperate to get rid, and said she had to break off the weekend for work.  Once he was gone, she began clearing all her possessions from the flat...

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 19th and 21st April 1999

Leanne and Nicky realised their marriage was over.  She didn't want to go to Canada with him so he bought a one-way ticket for himself and left for a new job of writhing around naked in plastic boxes.  Mike tried to call Julia, but her mobile wasn't working and her company had never heard of her.  Hayley got upset because she thought nobody was giving her a hen party, but they surprised her with a party at the Battersby's.  Les came back to the aftermath and was disgusted that "perv" had been in his home.  He was even angrier when Janice revealed he'd paid for it; she'd sold his rare records so she could pay back Leanne and fund the hen party.  A vengeful Les decided to wreck the wedding.  He locked Toyah in her room so she couldn't go, forcing her to escape out the window with Spider, then he called the Wethy Gazette to tell them that "two blokes" were getting married.  He hoped to be compensated for his info but as usual he couldn't stop his mouth from running off and they worked out where the wedding was.  A journalist turned up at the church, asking pointed questions - because this was of course against the Church's rules - and they were forced to cancel the wedding.  (Incidentally the reporter was played by Ian Kershaw, better known today as a writer on the show... and Mr Julie Hesmondhalgh.  Yes, he ruined his own wife's wedding).

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 23rd and 25th April 1999

Martin told all the guests at the church that Les had wrecked the big day.  A despondent Hayley gave up hope on any happiness.  However, Alma got her downstairs to the cafe from the flat, and she discovered all their friends were there waiting for her.  Jessica performed the ceremony there and then, and Hayley revealed she'd changed her surname to "Cropper".  As with everything involving Roy and Hayley, it was adorable.  Mike received a special delivery: photographs of him at it with Julia.  To avoid being blackmailed, he decided to tell Alma everything - only for her to tearfully confess she had found a lump on her breast.  She admitted there was a family history of cancer and Mike shelved the blackmail photos to console her.  Gail was upset that Nicky had left without saying goodbye, but Leanne decided to move on with her life.  She wanted to carry on as normal and told the Platts they didn't need to pretend to like her any more.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 26th and 28th April 1999

Julia Stone got in touch with Mike to tell him her terms: £10,000 for the negatives to the mucky photos.  He was upset that he'd wrecked his marriage for one night of middling sex, especially as Alma was referred to the specialist breast clinic.  Leanne made plans for the future, asking to stay with Ashley then going out on the razz with Toyah and Sharon.  At Freshco's, Aiden the area manager arrived, only for Tyrone to accidentally ram his car with a trolley.  Curly pretended he was just a local scally and told Tyrone he couldn't work at the shop any more in case Aiden saw him.  Tyrone left number 7, upset, and Curly worried that he was going to end up on the streets again.  And Spider had a meal with Nita, who was a fellow vegetarian, and they talked about their dreams of travelling.  However, when he took her out for a drink, she told him she only wanted him as a friend.

If someone has access to a time machine, please contact @merseytart via Twitter, as he'd like to go back to 1999 and thump Les Battersby.

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