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Friday 1 October 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 1 October

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

Imran tells Toyah that he can’t meet her for lunch as he’s up to his eyes with work at the office. She decides to surprise him with a takeaway but finds out from Adam that he hasn’t been there all day. When she finally tracks him down to the Rovers beer garden he swears that he’s meeting a client…and definitely NOT Sabeen…oh no… way…don’t look behind you! Pro-tip Imran, if you’re up to something you shouldn’t be, maybe don’t pick a venue literally in your own backyard. Toyah knows he’s lying (she should take up poker) so he finally admits that he spent the night of Kelly’s trial at Sabeen’s but that nothing happened.  

Not a woman to give up easily, our Toyah then lures Sabeen to the Bistro and tries to call her bluff by saying that Imran has told her the truth and she just wants to hear her side of it (seriously Ms Battersby sign yourself up for the next Poker World Championship, Victoria Coren-Mitchell is quaking in her stilettos right now). Sabeen repeats Imran’s story that nothing happened and fleshes it out with the nice detail that he was so half-cut he couldn’t even get his shoes off. You can see why she wins all her cases.

Meanwhile at No. 8, the Platt’s have decided to stage an intervention, which involves confiscating Audrey's car keys until she gets an eye test. Audrey steadfastly refuses, claiming there’s nothing wrong with her sight. Come on now Aud you’re missing a trick here. How are they expecting you to get back to Grassmere Drive? There’s no room for you to stay in Chez Platt/Rodwell so let them have the keys and then demand you’re chauffeured home, then chauffeured to the chip shop, then chauffeured to the off-licence. Make sure you sit in the back like the Queen of Sheba and have Gail wear a little peaked cap which will give her the sort of hat hair it will take three rounds of shampooing to recover from. Unfortunately Mrs Roberts couldn’t hear my words of advice through the telly, so instead she just got Max to nick the keys back for her.    

In other car news,  Sally berates a local councillor, who is parking his car on the Street before catching a tram. When he ignores her, she tries to get Fergus the traffic warden to join her crusade, but he says he can’t ticket cars that aren’t illegally parked. Which does sort of beg the question, what he was doing there if he can’t issue tickets? 

In the caf√©, Nina tells a besotted Asha that she has got into the fashion course at college, but the good news is somewhat soured by hearing that Corey has been promoted to the Wethie County first team. Kevin, Nina and Asha agree that his County teammates should be made aware of the truth about him. Kevin asks James to have a discreet word with the manager. When that doesn’t work, he and Tim accost manager bloke outside the ground, but he’s having none of it and reminds them that Corey was acquitted in a court of law. Later, Stefan calls at the garage to warn Kev off and is only saved from getting a wrench round the head by Tim stepping in and telling Kev to forget about the fight for justice.  Bloody hell Tim you fold faster than a cheap deckchair.

Finally, Sabeen turns up at Imran’s office (for a busy lawyer she seems to spend an inordinate amount of time stalking her ex) to try to blackmail him into taking the Harvey Wotshisname case. She’s deduced that as he only stayed at her place for a short time but didn’t make it home to Toyah, he must have ended up in someone else’s bed? Place your bets on the lucky lady now – Abi, Laura? We will soon find out as it’s soap law that any one-night-stand has to result in a pregnancy. Maybe it was Alina Pop?!

And that’s it for this week. If you thought that the mention of No. 8’s sinkhole being immediately followed by a mention of Corey mean he’s going to end up in it, then tell me this any other bizarre conspiracy theories in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar. Though nothing about the moon landing being filmed in a carpark in Ruislip…everyone knows it was Croydon.

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dhvinyl said...

Kelly scores again! Highlight of my Corrie week so far.

Sharon boothroyd said...

Yes, for a busy barrister Sabeen seems to have an awful lot of spare time to meet Toyah in the bistro and try to get back with her ex.
That's a good idea for a plot line, for Imran to sleep with Laura and for her to become pregnant. As Toyah can't have kids and they are foster parents, it'll be yet more drama for the couple - and for Kelly too.
I can see him begging Laura to keep the baby (for him and Toyah to bring up) and her agreeing to it but wrangling as much money as she can out of him.
Then maybe selling the baby to someone else instead?
I thought Natasha had paid for the sink hole to be filled in? I remember her getting her the cheque book out.
I can't see why they've brought Fergus in as traffic warden. I wonder if he's going to be the character who is killed off?
Finally, sorry but I don't think the new Max can act any better than the old one and why don't we ever see Craig, Gary or Tim visiting Fay in prison?

coconno196 said...

Yawn yawn if Imran is having an affair/ one-night stand / instant pregnancy storyline. It's all been done before, so many times.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): The mystery woman would almost certainly be Abi--she and Imran were wandering around the same streets, both devastated, at the same time. They even spoke earlier in the evening. Doesn't need to result in pregnancy though--will just be inordinate amounts of drama and pain for Kevin and Toyah when they find out. Almost certainly after everything else is resolved--ie. Corey finally punished, Kelly freed, Abi back with Kevin. Things will finally seem to be set right...and then, bam! New revelation! That's how it works in soap land.
On a different topic--can't stand the new Max! The old Max was sweet and vulnerable. This one is so sly and nasty. It may be okay to change the actor but to change the whole personality is pretty distracting! Why not just have nice Max deal with problems of ADHD and school work? Why does he have to become so sneaky?

dhvinyl said...

Anonymous - I think you've cracked it! Thankfully Abi is now too old to procreate (and I'm wondering whether the quads will be seen again until they are walking!). David Platt and Steve McDonald are rare examples of pre-teens who turned into convincing adult characters , but, while I guess Max had to be replaced, the transformation into a mini-David is a mistake. We need more nice people!!

Anonymous said...

I hope the quads are walking by now. They're 2 this month

Sharon boothroyd said...

Yes maybe it is just the harsh personality change for the new max that's off kilter and not down to the skill of the actor. He can only play the role as written and directed. Abi too old to have a baby? How old is she? Early forties is not too late.

Charles said...

Sally Carman who plays Abi is 46, so while not impossible for her to get pregnant it's quite unlikely she'd carry a baby to term. I'm not sure realism comes into it though.

That being said, if Imran has cheated I think Laura is a more likely candidate than Abi. Not that it makes any sense or is in-character for Imran, I just think it's got more dramatic potential.

Chris h said...

The actress playing abi does not look 46 mind thats not too old to be up the duff in soapland, look at moira and laurel in emmerdale

dhvinyl said...

Chris- I’d rather not. One soap is quite enough for me!


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