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Monday 11 October 2021

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 30th April and 2nd May 1999

Mike was wandering around the factory being ratty, pressured by the one-two punch of a wife with cancer and a lover with a blackmail threat.  Fortunately the first part was sorted, as Alma's tests came back clear, and they were immensely relieved.  Mike also paid Julia Stone the £10,000 she demanded, taking the negatives off her and burning them.  Remember the days when getting rid of the negatives meant that your dodgy photos were gone forever?  Ah, happy times.  Nita was the target of both Spider and Steve's affections as they went out clubbing for her birthday.  The clubbing scenes were filmed with bouncing handheld cameras and banging music because I think someone at Granada had been watching This Life.  Spider was outclassed by Steve laying on the charm and he realised that though he was mad for her, Nita would never see him as anything more than a friend.  When the Street's youngsters returned from their night out they discovered Sally's van was on fire with all her stock inside.  She got Kevin's help with the the insurance claim but it didn't cover the entire loss.  She wondered to Sharon who'd be so malicious to set fire to her van and try to ruin her life.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 3rd and 5th May 1999

Vera went out for the day with Tricia Armstrong leaving Jack and Eunice alone together in the B&B (which is now a set rather than a location by the way, as it becomes a more permanent part of the show).  She immediately hurled herself at Jack and he ended up in agonising pain.  He was rushed to hospital and it turned out to be angina.  Jack worried about his future.  Ravi insisted that Vik spend more time working in the shop, meaning he had to stand up Leanne.  She went off with Tom the hairdresser instead, but soon let Vik back in the following night, enjoying keeping both blokes dangling.  However, when she got drunk with Vik at a party, he tried to take advantage, and Ashley had to chuck him out.  Tyrone reappeared and Kevin took him on as an apprentice.  Yay!  Sally enlisted the help of a fellow stallholder, Danny, to find new stock for the market.  He ferried her around and the two of them went out for a pint afterwards.  But she received a blast from the past in the post - a postcard from Greg Kelly, asking how her business was going.  She realised he was the one who'd set fire to the van.  It turned out he wasn't just trying to ruin Sally, as he consulted with his literal partner in crime - Julia.  They contacted Mike and said they had copies of the negatives and would need another ten grand.  He was forced to admit to Deirdre that he was being blackmailed.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 7th and 9th May 1999

Leanne's hangover stopped her from turning into work.  Rita prevented Sharon from sacking her but gave her a stern "now listen lady" speech.  Leanne tried harder, but the till jammed and she shoved Ken's paper money in the paper book - then promptly forgot about it.  This will be important later.  Fred confessed to Natalie that it was spring and his sap was rising - boke - and now his divorce was in motion, he wanted to get closer to Audrey.  They went out to lunch but she confessed she only wanted to be his friend.  Mike told Julia he wouldn't pay up so, to add on the pressure, Greg sent her to his flat.  He lost his temper when he saw Julia there and sent her packing.  She went back to Greg and said she didn't think Mike would pay up.  He refused to give in and, when she called him obsessed, he threatened her.  She fled without any share of the ten thousand pounds.  And Jack was living in fear of Eunice coming on to him again and causing more chest pains so he suggested to Vera that they should move out.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 10th and 12th May 1999

Ken got a reminder for his paper bill and complained to Sharon that he'd actually paid it.  She accused Leanne of robbing the money, causing her to storm out of the shop.  Rita then discovered the £20 in the paper book, but by that time, Leanne had taken on the barmaid vacancy at the Rovers so she told Sharon to stuff her job.  In the meantime she asked Gail to keep quiet about her being under 18 and therefore technically unable to work in a pub.  Julia went to Mike and told him that Greg was behind the blackmail.  She told him where he lived and Greg panicked when he saw Mike outside.  He called him and threatened to tell Alma about his indiscretion unless he got more money, and Mike sadly admitted he'd probably have to pay it.  Fred continued to try to woo Audrey and cooked her a meal.  He confessed to a dark secret: he had a son.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 14th and 16th May 1999

Jack insisted on going back to work in the Rovers because he was afraid of losing his job.  Natalie didn't realise that he was in agonising pain because Vera was helping him cover it up by carrying up crates from the cellar on his behalf.  Audrey tried to find out more from Fred about his son but he wouldn't say anything.  Instead she interrogated Ashley about his family, much to his curiosity.  Greg arranged to meet Mike at Underworld so that he could get his blood money.  Mike agreed while he organised a (rather handsome) thug, but Greg was ahead of him, and instead of going to the factory he got Sophie to let him into number 13.  He held the girls hostage and told Sally to go across the way to get his money.  Kevin saw her though, forcing her to return to the house, and when Rosie called out that Greg was in there with them, Kevin tried to break the door down.  It quickly became a hostage situation, with Greg holding the girls, and the police surrounding the house.  He got increasingly desperate, hurting Sally and ripping the phone from the wall.  His panicking made the girls scream and the police stormed the house.  As he tried to flee Sally cracked him over the head with a chair (although it looked like it had been edited for the delicate sensibilities of the ITV3 daytime audience) and he was carted off, never to be seen again.

Fortunately after this Sally and the girls lived happily ever after and never had any other traumas ever again.  At least that's what @merseytart suspects.

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