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Tuesday 19 October 2021

Sam Retford interview: Curtis faces heart crisis

Emma and Curtis have been together for some time now, she is clearly head over heels for him, do you think he genuinely feels the same about her? 

Yes I do, I think he’s quite besotted with Emma and I think he’s found a family with her as well. His feelings for her are definitely genuine.

Does he ever worry about the upset Emma is going through by being so emotionally attached to someone with his illness?

I think Curtis is very present with his feelings and he enjoys the love that they have with each other day to day. I don’t think he worries too much about the future and he tries to convince Emma to do the same, to try and appreciate the now and live in the moment.

Did he enjoy getting involved in the aftermath of the storm/sinkhole drama? Emma was very impressed with his heroics.

It was a chance for him to show that he’s still capable, even with his condition, and also give him a chance to act on all of this stuff he’s learnt at medical school as well so for him it was pretty epic and he certainly capitalised on the attention from Emma. Emma brings it up a lot and I think he quite likes that, although at times it does embarrass him a bit and he tries to be quite humble with it. 

Emma’s clearly worried by his health and how hard he’s working, she asks Steve for some money for private healthcare, how do you think Curtis would feel about that?

I don’t think he’d be massively pleased because I don’t think he wants to come across as a burden with his condition. I think he has that kind of toxic masculinity in the back of his head where he wants to do it all on his own but also I think part of him lacks experience of paternal or maternal care so part of him is just surprised and confused that so many people want to help him. 

Would you like to see some of his family come into the show and find out a bit more about Curtis’ past?

Ooh yes that would be really interesting, to see him with his mum or his dad would be really interesting as we haven’t seen much about his past or upbringing as yet.

Would you like to see Curtis and Emma live happily ever after?

I think they are very well suited to each other and I think they could definitely make the most of the time they have with each other, however long that may be. 

Are you enjoying your time on the show?

Incredibly so, absolutely, it’s been such a nice family to be a part of. Everyone has made me feel really welcome and I’ve been able to just slot in, it’s a great show to work on.

Who do you particularly enjoy working with and is there anyone you’d like to work with more?

I love working with Ali, she’s a fantastic actress and she makes long days go really quickly, she’s a great team partner to have. I’d love to work more with Jimmi Harkishin because he’s hysterical, he’s just fantastic.

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