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Thursday 14 October 2021

Want You Back (From The Dead)

Halloween traditionally was a time to remember the departed, in particular the saints, before the actual celebration of their faith, life and death on November 1st. Over time and with the influence of various religions, cultures and cults the feast took on a more sinister meaning and now we revel in the possible return of the undead on October 31st whilst loading up on sugary treats and filling our homes with bizarre plastic decorations.

A couple of years ago, before the pandemic, I gave in after a lifetime of resisting and finally dressed up for a Halloween with my family. It’s also my birthday so it marks my turning another year older and being another year closer to my own death. Which is nice.

Anyway I chose to dress up as my favourite Star Trek character at this party so I excitedly donned a stretchy silver catsuit in the style of Borg goddess Seven of Nine and checked myself out in my sister’s full-length mirror. This Blog, written at the time, will explain why I had to take the costume off immediately, and why somebody in Weatherfield suffered a similar Halloween fate.

The spookiest time of year is almost upon us again and to avoid any costume nightmares I won’t be dressing up this year, but it looks like some of our Corrie favourites will be. There’s a huge storm, an explosion, more sinkhole drama and some dangerous and unpleasant people returning to the cobbles so it looks like an exciting few episodes await us at the end of the month. We may even be treated to a bit of death.

Coming soon (run)...

In keeping with the ‘return of the dead’ (or undead) theme, I was thinking who I’d like to see back on the cobbles at Halloween. The Sanderson sisters returned to cause havoc in the brilliant Hocus Pocus and Michael Myers still can’t stop coming back to terrorist people at this time of year in the ridiculously scary Halloween films. Corrie does go a bit mad with its storylines from time-to-time, admittedly not zombie-mad, but why not embrace the supernatural for a few episodes?

Ivy Brennan is an obvious choice for a Halloween comeback. Already deeply spiritual in life, Ivy’s Catholicism often caused friction within the family. She died when on a “religious retreat” and after her death Vera Duckworth claimed to have bumped into her ghost on Don’s landing. An exorcism soon followed. Ridiculous.

"I see dead seamstresses"

The most perfect Halloween return, for me, would come in the form of evil (and recently cremated) Pat Phelan. I can just see the horrified faces of all those that hated Pat as he appears out of the October darkness seeking revenge. Eileen, half terrified and half unsurprised he’s come back would have to kill him again. It would be brilliant.

Norris Cole once held a s√©ance after being convinced the Kabin was haunted. While it turned out not to be evil spirits but a bit of damp, perhaps he’s now floating about the place, trapped between two worlds, unable to leave Rita. Time for Gemma to get the candles back out and see how Nozza’s getting on since he crossed over?

I also have this image of Fred Elliot coming back from the dead like the Jacob Marley in a Christmas Carol but instead of chains he's got loads of strings of sausages holding him down. 

Fred. Dead.

Anyway it looks like the buildup to some the the Halloween and autumn/winter storylines has already begun. You can read more about what’s in store on the Blog HERE and on the Corrie website HERE.

Have a good one.


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C in Canada said...

I would love to see Elsie and Dennis Tanner haunt Eileen's :)

Anonymous said...

I think I'd love to have Jack and Vera haunting Tyrone, 'Ey up, what is this, you leaving Fiz for that tart?'

Anonymous said...

We can have the ghosts of Gail's husbands! There's Brian Tilsey, Richard Hillman, Joe McIntyre and Michael Rodwell.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): No, Ivy Brennan all the way...she would be perfect in so many ways!

Abercrombie said...

Calling the woman a tart in an affair smacks of blaming her and not the man. She at least was not in a relationship.I thought speech had evolved since Vera's days. More pc. But sadly not.


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