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Friday 1 October 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 29th September 7.30 & 8.30

Even PC Craig Tinker would be hard-pressed to believe that Kelly killed Seb, rather than Corey! However unbelievable that may be, it has undoubtedly ranked up the drama, giving the Hate Crime story this completely new strand. Tonight, Corrie wrapped up the first part of the story as Kelly faced sentencing, ultimately receiving a life term with a minimum of 15 years. Although Corey and Abi were not in court, Kev, Debbie, Gary, and Toyah took seats to witness the event. It's a tough sentence, but I think this conviction only serves to drive the plot forward? 

Kelly will be free soon, somehow, but not before Imran has a crisis of his own doing! Kev’s punch (outside of court) probably only added injury to insult for the overworked solicitor. Sabeen may have been his saviour, taking him to the hospital, but surely she was just keeping him sweet for the Harvey Gaskill case? Otherwise, she would blackmail him into it? And that’s if he slept with Sabeen, the night that Kelly was convicted? Gary saw Imran in town that night, but we viewers didn't see that, nor did we see Imran get romantic with Sabeen, so I wonder if Toyah's suspicion will be proven incorrect? As for Kevin, his frustrations are sure to continue. Abi has fled to Doncaster, and it looks like Corey has made it to Weatherfield County first team! 

Audrey’s taken Norris’ posthumous joke to heart, hasn't she! Feeling guilt over the hair-dying malarkey, Gail & Sarah organise Audrey a belated Birthday Bash at the Bistro. Audrey’s sudden sobriety has to be a sign of something wrong? Aud's had a gin in every episode since the 70s!! Seriously though, our Audrey has been in the show a long-time, so I wonder if tonight was a gag about her age, or is it a serious story about a woman reaching her twilight years?! Audrey driving into Rita’s car will surely reprise the Coronation Street parking subplot storyline. Agie was on the sidelines but not Sally, so I expect her clipboard and power suit cannot be too far away! Also, why are Streetcars not involved in this parking permit storyline?

Anyway, Corrie has had a lot of youth storylines on the street this year, so I think this Rita / Audrey feud could be balancing things out before the year ends. Talking of nights drawing in, Debbie has had some leaflets printed for the Horrornation Street ™ * Halloween event that Debbie and Nick are organising at the old brewery building. Ooh, spooky! Maybe the snooker hall 'ghost' will make a reappearance? 

This is my last post for September 2021.  I reckon with these recent stories, October is going to be full of even more drama. Can't wait! 

Elsewhere in tonight's episodes: Nina has designs on Asha, and Daniel makes amends with Max! 

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Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): How does someone as small and light as Kelly manage to knock a big strong guy like Seb over and then kick him to death? Unless he was incapacitated with drugs or alcohol, surely that would be close to physically impossible for her? On top of that Corey claims he was unable to stop her? And on top of that one of the two victims states she saw Corey kicking him, not Kelly? It would have been much more plausible for them both to have been found guilty because there seems little doubt that Kelly could not have done it without assistance. I know it's done for dramatic effect--to have Corey walk scot-free--but really to have a jury ignore the evidence of their own eyes (little Kelly and hulking footballer Corey) and find him innocent and her guilty is just too silly. And surely Corey would have been charged with something, even if found innocent of murder, since he was complicit in a cover up, ie. an accessory after the fact, and hid evidence. He's not going to walk off totally free.

coconno196 said...

Audrey is being unreasonable. Most folk need reading glasses from middle age. She's done well to get to 81 without them and there's no shame in having an eye test. Unless this is a build-up to dementia but they covered that with Mike Baldwin.

C in Canada said...

I agree 100% with anonymous above - it's ridiculous to believe the decision the jury came to.

Also, To not have Corey, who disposed of evidence, got his gf to give him a false alibi, and was there at the time, not get charged with either an accessory, or perverting the cause of justice is equally ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Spoiler alert! Kelly didn't do it!


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