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Friday 29 October 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 29 October

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

In the caf√©, Cagney and Lacey Asha and Nina decide that they should try to find Stu and the incriminating rucksack again. They’re overheard by Sean, who takes a pause from shouting abuse down his mobile at some hapless customer service agent and offers to introduce them to a homeless ‘friend’ of his, Dudley, who might be able to help. This came as quite a shock to me, as I only remember him ever talking to Carol when he was destitute, and he dropped her like a hot brick as soon as he was on his feet again.

They’re taken to the homeless village but Stu is nowhere to be seen. Nina decides to rummage in his tent, which understandably angers Dudley who tells them to sling their hook. As they head home empty handed, they spot Stu and Nina tells him what happened to Seb and how the rucksack could prove Corey’s guilt. She’s very persuasive and Stu seems moved but still refuses to help. He leaves the girls to meet up with Corey and sell him the rucksack, having upped the price to £500.

Elsewhere Nick is struggling to know how to deal with Sam. The normally chatty little cherub seems to have been rendered mute by the shock of his mum’s death. Leanne tries to persuade Nick to give Sam some space, but I would have thought that’s quite difficult in a one bed hotel room.

Back on the Street, Alya comforts Ryan who is convinced his DJ career is over, having had all his equipment wrecked on the night of the storm. Ryan mate if I were you, I’d be less worried about a turntable and a couple of amps and be totally bricking it over THE CURSE OF THE CONNOR MEN. I’m sure your ancestor Flannery Connor thought nothing of making a diabolical bargain with ancient powers from outside our realm in exchange for incredibly shiny hair but Paul, Liam, Aidan and now Johnny have all been claimed. Be afraid….

Anyway I digress, as Ryan heads to Speed Daal having accepted his waiting job back, he overhears Zeedan in the ginnel of doom being pressured by his dodgy father in law to launder more money at Speed Daal. Or something…I’ll be honest I neither know nor care how money laundering works expect for being fairly sure it doesn’t involve fabric softener. 

In other news, Curtis’s hair is falling out. He tells Emma it’s a side effect caused by stress. Desperate to help him, she asks Steve to lend her money from Oliver’s charity fund so that he can see a private consultant. Steve gently refuses, telling her it’s not right to use people’s donations for another cause.

In the corner shop Asha and Nina are feeling dejected, when Stu turns up and hands them the bloodied clothes from inside the rucksack, telling them he enjoyed conning Corey out of £500. Overjoyed, they take the clothes to the police station, where a cautious detective tells them to keep quiet about the find until forensics have examined them. But feeling hopeful again about the future, the girls decide to give the relationship another go. 

Meanwhile Corey is forced to admit to his dad that the bag contained a tracksuit with blood on it. Stefan is furious and tells him he’s failed. You can see how Corey turned out the way he did.

Finally, Tes comes round to Abi’s looking for the gun. She tells him it's gone missing but won’t believe that it’s the same gun Harvey used to shoot Natasha with. Tes doubts that there could be two guns on the same street, pointing out that it’s Weatherfield not Compton. I dunno, I reckon the death rate is probably comparable. Later, Jack seems quiet and worried for his future stepmum, so to cheer him up Abi offers to take him to buy ice cream (which feels weird given he’s about 6 ft 2 and looks like he left puberty behind about five years ago). As he grabs his jacket, we see that he has Abi’s confession letter from the night of the storm. So what’s the betting that it next turns up on her and Kev’s wedding day. Either that or Imran bursts through the doors just at the ‘any just cause or impediment’ bit. I know which scenario I’d prefer…

And that's it for this week. As it’s Halloween this weekend, any theories on how Ryan can escape THE CURSE OF THE CONNOR MEN can be suggested to me in the comments section or on twitter @mskelstar.

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I am remembering this right but isn't Ryan the switched at birth and not the blood son? I feel like I can remember Michelle whining "Ryyyan" from the off. If so he is a Connor in name only. Will that help?

Anonymous said...

You are right, Ali Neeson is the son with Connor blood.

Money laundering is, if I understood correctly, the banks will not accept large amount of cash without knowing its origins. So, they put money into the business and the banks will accept the cash. Therefore, they can be rich without anyone investigating them.

But, has to be wise with where to do it, definitely not at a fish n chips shop.

Kelly said...

Good point, he's not a real Connor is he. But has anyone checked on Dr Ali recently? Has he been sucked into the Hellmouth yet?

Anonymous said...

Only issue with yesterday episode is why didn't Corey run after Stu? He's a football player and I'd assume a quick runner. STU was within eyesight of him....that's the part thats bugged me.


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