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Friday 15 October 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 15 October

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review. 

Jenny has spent a night of passion with Leo and he’s spotted leaving by Beth who immediately blabs about it at the factory. She’s overheard by Johnny who decides that he wants to move on. Over a pint with Carla, he tells her that he needs to look forward and live his life. Jeez Johnny, talk about signing your death warrant for next week. You might just as well have told the audience you were only a few days away from retirement or shown a picture of your sweetheart who you’re definitely going to marry after this last dangerous mission.   

Over at the caf√©, Nina and Roy find out from the local paper that Corey is getting a transfer to a German club. Nina despairs that he will ever get justice, but Roy tells her there’s still a chance his dumped blood-stained clothing will be found. 

As they tidy up, they find a notebook with details of Corey’s training regime and, like a vampiric Miss Marple, Nina quickly deduces that it belongs to Abi. She swooshes around to No.13 in her cape  and within minutes she’s got Abi to admit that that she’s planning to shoot Corey. Quick work Nina. Did you use hypnotism like Christopher Lee? Nina tries to talk her out of it saying that it won’t prove that Corey is guilty, it’ll just make him into a martyr. But when Abi is unconvinced, she tells her she has until tonight to get rid of the gun or she will tell the police.

In other news, lovely Aadi suggests he and Dev go on a low-fi boys fishing holiday. Dev boasts to Mary about how caring his son is, but it’s all immediately forgotten when Princess Asha comes in in a strop.  Before you can say ‘and away’ the fishing is out the window and Dev has changed the plans completely to accommodate his favourite child’s requests. If Aadi survives Corrie Death Week he’s going to need some serious therapy. 

Meanwhile, Audrey tells Gail she will pay for the sinkhole repairs so that Natasha can go ahead and buy the salon.

Over at Toyah and Imran’s flat, Toyah is refusing to forgive the suave solicitor despite him donning an apron to make breakfast for their new foster child Elsie. Something which would have made me temporarily forget my own name, let alone any indiscretions.

As Toyah sits in the caf√© with a face like a slapped arse, Simon comes in and let’s slip that he gave Imran his work phone so that he could uncover information about Sharon. When Imran is distracted, she steals his phone and forwards all Sabeen’s blackmail messages to her boss. Sabeen is accused of misconduct and stood down from all her cases, Then, because she’s a terrible human being, she visits Harvey and tells him that Toyah has jeopardised his appeal. Harvey vows to have his revenge on the Battersby sisters.

Imran warns Toyah that her actions have put them all in danger, but she tells him it’s over between them and that she wants him to move our once their fostering of Elsie is over. I will join the orderly queue of ladies willing to take him in. 

Finally, Nina relents and tells Abi that while she won’t try to stop her and she has faith that she will do the right thing. Abi says that Corey will get what he deserves.

And that’s it for this week. Place your bets now on who gets bumped off next week. I’m going for Corey, Harvey and Johnny, bit of safe choice so I probably won’t make my stake back. Give me your best predictions in the comments page or on twitter @mskelstar.

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Anonymous said...

I think Natasha. Like Johnny she had several deep and wistful moments talking about her future etc.
I'm hoping for daisy but probably won't get that lucky

dhvinyl said...

I'd really like it to be Gary, but then I am still hoping he will be locked up forever for the murder of Kelly's (?) dad. On another topic, I have become obsessed with the small number of sets now available, and how they are dressed. Imran and our Toyah's place is extraordinary. You come in through the door, smack into what looks like a breakfast bar, squeeze past the washing machine, round another breakfast bar...and just look at the walls. There's a tree in one corner, the most revolting wallpaper I have ever seen (who even has wallpaper these days?), and so much stuff it's virtually impossible to move. Then an enormous fairy castle is erected by Toyah which magically disappears into the bedroom of the so far silent new fosteree. Perhaps the poor child has to sleep in it. Then there's Dev's shop. Who would ever go there? There's been strawberries and raspberries sitting in the same place, not even arranged properly, for weeks! Yesterday - in part one they had an offer on Fray Bentos tinned pies, loads of them. By part two all bar one had gone. And don't talk to me about where the bread is. Roy's Rolls continues to be a health hazard and...I could go on!!

Sharon boothroyd said...

Yep, the deaths in horror week are probably Corey and Harvey but it was hinted that a long- standing character was going to be killed off.
Are these 2 long standing? Maybe Sharon Bentley is - I don't know.
I can't see why they'd kill Aadi off when they've gone to the trouble of recently re-casting the part.
Maybe it's Dev? He's been in Corrie for a long while - but other hand, I think he's one of Corrie's treasures.
I'd like Mary or Gail to go. Neither of them are given any storylines and their presence simply props up others.
It was pretty tedious with Toyah and Imran last night.
I thought Toyah worked in the factory and had been promoted over Michael Bailey?
The couple seem to take as much time off work as they like in order to stay at home and constantly bicker.
How many LTR's is Toyah going to have? They can use the 'I can't have kids so I'm going to do something drastic' plot so many times!

Anonymous said...

Jimmi Harkishin has been talking about the aftermath with Aadi after of the crash, so he won't be killed off.
Mary and Gail don't seem to be central to this week's storyline, so it won't be them. It won't be Corey, how else will the truth come out and Kelly be freed from prison?


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