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Saturday 9 October 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 8 October 2021

Of these two which is the dodgiest?  Kev on a call out (for which he took his car with no tools rather than his well equipped van) who has been following Tez around for the morning before taking photos of him up to no good.  If you ask me it is Kev who looks unhinged and liable to do some real harm.  As we know Kev is technologically challenged so it is no surprise when Tez hears Kev take photos (using his phone) of him and a holdall full of plastic bags of white powder(!).  Tez gently"insists that Kev deletes the photos. Tez then admits he has seen Abi but denies any further contact with her.  Tez spins a sob story and Kev deletes the photo.  Kev seems to buy the story.  He later leaves a message on Abi's phone which we also see her hearing, telling her how much he loves her.  He is also tells her that he has now reported her missing to the police and he hopes they will bring her home.

Heavens to Murgatroyd Daniel, how do you expect the children to whom you are teaching English to talk correctly when you speak to them like that?  He suggests to Max that staring out the window is not good pupil behaviour but Max counters that his future is pretty bleak, David mows people's heads and Shona wipes down tables in a caf√© - hardly needs an English GCSE for such exotic employment.  Later Daniel approves Summer's personal statement and then has a brainwave and suggests that if she mentored young Max she might have more chance getting through Max's far from thick skull and it would look good on her university application.  Summer gives Max a physics lesson and at least he engages in the discussion.

And we are reminded of the origin of the Speed Dahl name as Zeedan sets up a half price curry van outside the Viaduct Bistro.  He agrees to desist as they agree an uneasy truce between the two establishments (seriously does anyone believe that Nick and Leanne would be interested in running a curry house?).  

Talking of dodgy characters there is a real crop this week with the monster above turning out to be Zeedan's father in law who would rather like the £50k which Zeedan has stolen from him over the last 18 months returned by the close of play tonight.  Inevitably Zeedan does not feel he can take the money back from the Speed Dahl account and Hashim Elamin (above) is not amused.  Now can we consider the facts?  Zeedan was being worked hard in Hashim's restaurant kitchens as a chef without pay.  Chefs do not handle cash.  So how did Zeedan defraud Hashim?  Also for much of the last 18 months the restaurants have either been closed or not doing much business.  18 months is about 500 (working days if open) so Zeedan was lifting £100 a day when most places these days refuse to take cash.  Is it me or are there so many holes in this plot it resembles a colander or a sieve?  Needless to say the cuddly man makes it clear that Speed Dahl will now be part of his money laundering operation.  Well that might explain it - but even in a money laundering operation would you let a chef near the cash?  And unless you bank with NatWest if you pay in too much cash you get questioned - especially if you only take debit or credit cards.  Zeedan has little choice and he takes Hashim's deal.

Our final dodgy character is Leo Thompkins, the sink hole fixer, whom Jenny is striving to setup with Daisy.  Daisy wants an intellectual (and monied) Daniel so avoids all of Jenny's attempts to get them together and decides she is tired and wants her bed at the end of a beer tasting session (during which Jenny drinks chardonnay).  Leo also departs (above).  Now I reckon that if she opened her eyes Jenny could have a toyboy very easily judging by his animation talking to Jenny.

Written by:  David Proud and Susan Oudot
Directed by:  Ian Bevitt


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